Thursday, December 21, 2017

What I Wore: Festival of Trees 2017

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the the JCPenney Boutique+ Plaid Button-Front Top and Torrid Griswold Christmas Graphic Tee, with doggy Santa photos and a look at this year’s Festival of Trees event. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #JCPenney #JCP #JCPStyle #Boutique+ #Griswold #ChristmasVacation #AvaandViv #Reebok #Chihuahuas #FestivalofTreesPDX #PDX #festivaloftreesportland #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #plussizecasual

Happy Holidays!!

One of our yearly traditions is to meet up at the Festival of Trees with our friend Nigel.  This year we were joined by his boyfriend and had a great time looking at all the decorated trees and wreaths, and critiquing them as if we were a Simon Cowell-type judge.

We had a really busy morning running to the Pet Portraits with Santa event (photos below) put on by the local humane society, where we adopted both Finn and Dobby.  Then we hit up the Festival of Trees and ran errands.  I wanted to be comfy and Christmasy, so I'm sharing and reviewing my casual "running around" outfit for such an occasion.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What I Wore: Cozy Comedy

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Ribbed Lace-Up Hacci Top from Lane Bryant and Comfortiva Cascade Boots.  Plus, she tells the story of the awesome front row experience she had at a recent Chris Hardwick comedy show. - #LaneBryant #LaneStyle #Comfortiva #ChrisHardwick #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style

I hope you all are surviving the holiday countdown!  In today's post, I am sharing this look that I wore out on a date night with Sean.  We saw Chris Hardwick at the local comedy club and went out to dinner.  It was such a fun night and the best comedy club experience we have had to date!  I will share what happened to us during the show at the end of the post.

Before we get to that though, I am reviewing this sweater from Lane Bryant and boots by Comfortiva.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

City Chic London Look Parka Review + Oregon ZooLights Visit

City Chic London Look Parka Review + Oregon ZooLights 2017 - #CityChic #CCWorldofCurves #plussizecoat #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #holiday #oregonzoo #orzoo #zoolights #zoolights2017

It has been rather trying to get into a happy, "Christmasy" mood lately.  I've recently talked a bit about my anxiety and depression.  Wrestling with that this time of year makes an endless cycle of emotions that keep me from enjoying things.  I've been in a much better head space as of late and been able to be more in-the-moment and enjoy activities new and old.

I've wanted to visit our local zoo's ZooLights festivities for a few years now.  We were going to attend a 21+ night there, but tickets sold out fast.  Instead, we decided to head out to the zoo the Monday after Thanksgiving, with my mother-in-law along for the ride.  In today's post, I'm reviewing this new City Chic coat that helped keep me warm, and taking you through the zoo to see animals and lights!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Favorite Things: A Gift Guide

My Favorite Things: A Gift Guide, featuring Hailey’s picks in hair care, skincare, makeup, home goods, health and wellness, and more!  - #giftguide #stockingstuffers #favoritethings #giftideas #makeup #curlyhair #RoyalLocks #Etsyfinds #skincare #Quin #Outlander

When the holidays roll around, I always have grand plans for multiple gift-giving idea posts.  I long to do different ones for each personality type, a post for pets, a post for the men in your life, a post just for you.  But then I get overwhelmed and run out of time and don't get any of it done.

So this year, I'm going a different route.  Taking inspiration from Miss Oprah, I am presenting you with a list of some of my favorite things.  Rest assured, my list will not include $200 bird houses.  I definitely support buying gifts for yourself 100%, but I also wanted to include items you could gift to someone else.   I talk about makeup, skincare, hair care, home goods, and more.  Let's get started!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Thyroid Cancer Update: Another Year Out!

Thyroid Cancer Update: Another Year Out! - #thyroidcancer #thyca #thyroidcancerawareness #thyroid #hashimotos

I'm trying to do these updates yearly now, unless I feel inspired by events to check in sooner.  As it has been a while, you can check out all my thyroid cancer updates, including  the whole diagnosis, surgery, and radiation process.

In today's post, I'm going over another year of tests and results, and how I'm feeling in the process.

What I Wore: Friendsgiving

In today's post, Hailey reviews the Floral Print Kimono Sleeve Babydoll Tee from Torrid and Dunes Patty Booties from Zulily. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #LaneBryantStyle #Zulily  #Dunes #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great week.  Sean and I went over to his mom's house for dinner, boys in tow.  It was a nice, quiet night with way too much food for the three of us. But the leftovers were super tasty!

Today's blog post is all about the outfit I wore for Friendsgiving.  A few of the pieces are totally new to me, which means I am happy to share new reviews with all of you!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shopping Discount Sites: Zulily & ThredUp

In today’s post, Hailey is talking about shopping discount sites Zulily and ThredUp, with some online shopping secrets on how to get the most bang for your buck!  - #Zulily #ThredUp #onlineshopping #Ebates #shopping #deals #ZulilyFind #SecondhandFirst

I'm an avid shopper, but I hate paying full price for anything.  I will go out of my way to find the best deals I possibly can.  I've long utilized sites like Ebates and Honey to help me get the most bang for my buck.  If these sites are new to you, I will be talking about them below.  Most of us are budget-conscious individuals who are looking for great deals on great items, so I thought I would share my experience with a couple of discount sites.

I've been shopping at Zulily since 2012, but ThredUp is a site I starting utilizing this year. In today's post, I'm giving you the pros and cons of each site experience and talking about the kinds of items you can find at each one.  Today's outfit features items from both of these sites!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What I Wore: Fall Layers

In today’s post, Hailey reviews a variety of apparel and accessories for a layered fall look! (St. John’s Bay Brushed Twill Button Front Shirt from JCPenney, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Rolled Skinny Jean, Cobb Hill Zahara Flat) - #JCP #JCPStyle #JCPenney #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #CobbHill #Target #Merona #CharmingCharlie #EmilyMcDowell #esty #etsyfind #charmholder #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #fall #spring #vest

Fall is finally upon us!  I have mixed emotions about this.  Summer was so hot and oppressive and seemingly long (because of the heat, I am sure) that all I wanted was for it to be fall.  But I wanted it to be MY perfect version of fall (55, sunny but chilly, crisp and cool enough to wear my fall clothes), and not reality's version of fall (45, raining endlessly so you can never do fun outdoorsy fall things).  Such is life in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm glad the plants are finally being watered, but I feel very stifled in all these clothes I have to wear now.

With the rain, I also have a really hard time taking outfit photos in a timely manner.  I try to work around the weather and have been scouting for some covered areas, but it may not always work that way.  I'll do my best.  Anyway, before the rain set in, we had an awesome, sunny fall day in which I was able to layer in a totally cute way that didn't make me feel stifled.  I love this look, so I am excited to finally share it with you!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Road Trip: The Redwoods & Avenue of the Giants

It’s road trip time!  Today, Hailey takes you along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California to check out the glorious Redwoods! – #travel #vacation #plussizetravel #roadtrip #california #northerncalifornia #redwoods #avenueofthegiants #crescentbeachmotel #loletacheesefactory

The next destination on our road trip was the California Redwoods!!  We had two full days to explore and commune with the trees, which wasn't nearly enough time.  But we did manage to see as much as we could and make the most of our time there.  You can check out our first couple days of the trip here.

I've said before how special this trip was to us.  When you travel, it teaches you so much about your traveling companion and yourself.  There was a peace and contentment just exploring new surroundings with Sean.  There was a comfort that I knew was there already, but traveling together accentuated the feeling of belonging I have with this other person.  I was always scared of silence, of not talking or listening or having music on or entertaining someone.  This trip taught me to sit back a little and just be in the quiet.  We were surprisingly comfortable and happy in the silence, just looking at the sights; and we still knew what the other was thinking and feeling.  I didn't need to entertain or be "on" all the time.  This trip just reiterated how happy and solid our marriage is and how in tune we feel with each other.

That alone would have been special enough, but then we met the mighty Redwoods.  There is an energy and wisdom to the trees that is hard to convey with words.  Everything around us felt so special and magical and mysterious.  I never feel like an adventurous person until we go on adventures and I leave wanting more.  So join me on this trek down the Avenue of the Giants!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Penny Peplum Top

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Penny Peplum Top from Kiyonna, with mini reviews of these Melissa McCarthy straight leg jeans and Comfortiva oxfords! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #Comfortiva #Catherines #peplum #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #fall #spring #summer #floral #oxfords

While the sun is few and far between these days, I like being able to take advantage of the days when it is nice.  For today's post, I was able to bask in the sunset of one such day while I pranced around in my latest Kiyonna pick.

Today is all about reviewing the Penny Peplum Top from Kiyonna, a versatile choice with a great color palette.  I've also added reviews of these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 jeans and Comfortiva oxfords. Enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Road Trip: Bend, Oregon & Crater Lake

It’s road trip time!  Today, Hailey takes you along for the ride through Oregon to Bend and Crater Lake! – #travel #vacation #plussizetravel #roadtrip #oregon #bendoregon #bendor #bend #highdesertmuseum #curbbq #deschutesbrewery #craterlake #craterlakeoregon #craterlakeor

I've always loved road trips.  As a kid, it was fun to sit in the backseat, listen to music on my cassette Walkman, and eat tasty road trip foods - like peanuts in my Coke.  Of course, when my family took road trips it was usually because we were moving back and forth across the country - which upset me greatly.  But it was the only chance I had to take some kind of vacation and to see other sights.  I saw so much more of the United States than my peers because of our constant moving.  Having been to various landmarks and places that would come up in school classes, I felt more worldly than the people around me.  Fun fact: I was the only person in my high school Geography class who could spell Massachusetts correctly.  Once you know this was a class full of 12th graders, that becomes a super sad fact.  I digress.

After having cancer and going through the treatment plan, Sean and I decided life was too short not to do more traveling.  Truth is, we had been putting it off for lots of reasons: we wanted to buy a house, we had lots of responsibilities, my brother died, Sean's dad was diagnosed with leukemia and died a year later, our precious furkids were getting elderly and passing away, and there was a lot of family drama we had to navigate wherein I essentially lost my mom and brother.  We were beyond stressed and wanted a break.  Our first vacation since our 2008 honeymoon was a trip to Las Vegas in 2014.  We planned the trip around a concert I was attending with a friend and had a great time!  It was so much fun to experience new things together.

After that trip we wanted to make sure we started traveling more regularly, even if it was only little weekend trips here and there.  One of the places on our Travel Wish List was Northern California and the glorious Redwood trees.  It seems like life is a never-ending game of catch-up sometimes.  I've been busting my butt trying to get all these vacation photos edited and I am still nowhere near being done.  While this road trip was two years ago, I still feel it is definitely worthy of a share.  It was a really special trip for the both of us.  In the coming weeks, I will be posting our journey through Oregon and California to share with all of you.  (This was pre-GOOD camera, so now our excuse is we have to go back to get better photos!)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What I Wore: It's Officially Fall!

In today’s post, Hailey’s pulling out some oldies but goodies and donning never-been-worn clearance finds for an easy fall outfit! - #Torrid #LaneBryant #ModCloth #Avenue #CharmingCharlie #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #fall

Well, I brought out my boots, so you know what that means - it's officially fall!!  I cannot tell you how happy I am to have crisp fall air and changing leaves.  Of course, in the Pacific Northwest this usually means rain until June, but we've had some bouts of sunny days here and there.  Overall, the weather has been rather ideal - cool air and sun or clouds with only the occasional rain.  As the rain sets in, it gets harder and harder for me to take decent outfit photos.  I've been taking advantage of the dry weekends this month by shooting various outfits.

Today's post is a look at the outfit that I wore to the Cirque du Soleil show.  It was a comfortable and cute ensemble (duh!) that helped me transition into the fall weather.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What I Wore: 20 Year Reunion

Dressing for comfort and ease doesn’t have to be boring.  Hailey combines the Kiyonna Kelsey Flounce Top and Eloquii Pleated Skirt for an effortless ensemble! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaCurves #KiyonnaStyle #Eloquii #XOQ #plaid #CharmingCharlie #Crocs #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style

Well, it has been a tough week for anyone with a heart.  I've found myself more prone to panic attacks this week, so I've tried to take it easy and go easy on myself.  I often find that I beat myself up about getting posts out by this time or that time.  Frankly, there are lots of reasons I have taken to blogging less this year.  And while I would like to put out posts more often, I need to make sure that I take care of me in the process.  I hope all of you are taking care of you.

Today's post is a look at the outfit I wore to Sean's recent 20 year high school reunion.  At the 10 year, I was super uncomfortable and felt out of place.  This year my focus was on wearing an outfit that made me feel comfortable, confident, and cute. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Stop and Stare Ruched Dress

Hailey reviews the Kiyonna Stop and Stare Ruched Dress, a bodycon dream perfect for conjuring extra confidence, sass, and sex appeal! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaCurves #KiyonnaStyle #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #fall #weddingguest #bodycon #style

I often encourage you all to step out of your comfort zones from time to time and challenge yourselves to try something new, or something you are wary of.  Usually that pertains to fashion, although I think it is important to try new things in many aspects of our lives.  I practice what I preach, pushing myself to tackle things that I find a bit intimidating.  This practice teaches me more about my style likes and dislikes, but I often learn more about myself in the process.  I've never stepped out of my comfort zone and come away with nothing.  Life is an adventure.  Learning about yourself and trying something new is part of the fun!

Today's post is a review of Kiyonna's Stop and Stare Ruched Dress.  It has been a while since I wore a more bodycon style, so I wanted to push myself to test it out again.  The latest Stop and Stare offering is a gorgeous pink and purple floral pattern called Midnight Bouquet.  It made me feel classy, sassy, feminine, and frisky!  Read on for my review.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Colourpop Swatchfest Update {Pressed Powder Shadows, Spring 2017, Concealers, Highlighters, Crystal Collection, Blotted Lips, and More!)

A Colourpop Swatchfest for 2017, including the Pressed Powder Shadows, Spring Monochrome Collection, No Filter Concealers, Pressed Powder Highlighters, Crystal Collection, Blotted Lips, Ultra Blotted Lips, and more!! - #Colourpop #makeup #colourpopcosmetics #swatch #swatches #colourpopswatches #beauty

In today's post, I am giving you a HUGE swatchfest of the various collections and items I have bought from Colourpop this year.  This post covers the Pressed Powder Shadows (minus the fall ones which are on their way to me), the Spring Monochrome collections, Summer, Concealers, Pressed Powder Highlighters, Blotted and Ultra Blotted Lips, collabs with Alexis Ren/Sonya Esman/ILuvSarahii, the 5 Million items, and a few other things thrown in!

You can check out my previous swatchfests for the brand here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

At Home Fitting Room: Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Denim Edition

In today's post Hailey reviews a variety of shorts and jeans from the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 brand. - #LaneBryant #LaneBryantStyle #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing #fittingroom

This year I have become a HUGE fan of the denim offerings from Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 brand.  Back in March, I purchased my first item from the brand - a pair of boyfriend capris.  I reviewed them on the blog and found I could have sized down in the boyfriend silhouette.  Still, I loved the feel of them and didn't wait too long to snatch up a pair of dark wash shorts during a Lane Bryant sale.  I have worn those all summer long!  I was so smitten with the Bermuda shorts, I ended up grabbing more pairs of shorts and moved on to collecting some jeans from the brand during big sales.

In today's post, I'm reviewing the various denim items I have from the brand and giving you a comparison of each.  Some differ in style and length, as well as wash.  I always find it hard to know what any particular item from the Melissa McCarthy line will look like on a body because the website photos are usually just the item by itself, either on a mannequin or flat.  I hope this post helps you see the potential of the items and brand.  I really look forward to trying out other apparel items and styles soon!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

At Home Fitting Room: Lane Bryant, Torrid, City Chic, Eloquii, Hips and Curves, Modcloth, Loralette, Zulily

In today's post Hailey reviews a variety of clothing from recent purchases.  Brands include Lane Bryant, Torrid, City Chic, Eloquii, Hips and Curves, ModCloth, Loralette, Zulily. - #LaneBryant #LaneBryantStyle #Torrid #TorridInsider #CityChic #Eloquii #XOQ  #HipsandCurves #Modcloth #Loralette  #Zulily #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing #fittingroom

After a productive holiday weekend of crossing off half of my to-do list, a felt a bit more confident in tackling things this week.  The fires in the Columbia River Gorge have brought a lot of haze, smoke, and ash raining from the sky to my neck of the woods.  Thinking of the devastation right down the road, combined with worrying for friends and family in Texas and in the path of Hurricane Irma, has my anxiety peaking again.  I hope you all are safe.

I've been trying to keep my mind busy by working and preparing my outfits for this weekend's local comic con.  I've decided my three days of looks will consist of a casual geek ensemble (when I meet Weird Al and Katee Sackhoff, who also had thyroid cancer btw), Han Solo cosplay, and a warm weather friendly Claire Fraser cosplay to celebrate the premiere of Season 3!!!

In today's post I am bringing you another At Home Fitting Room because, well, I love deals and I love to shop.  Most of the twenty-three items reviewed in the post are from my usual go-to brands and are still available.  While there are some everyday clothes in the grouping, I also have some pajamas, lingerie, and activewear thrown in.  I've also included my ModCloth Stylish Surprise purchases and my attempt at trying the Avenue sister brand, Loralette.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What I Wore: Blossoming + Stoller Wine Club Picnic

 Hailey reviews the Floral Print Strappy Cold Shoulder Top from Torrid, and shares her experience at the Stoller Wine Club Picnic! - #Torrid #TorridInsider #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #MelissaMcCarthy #Crocs #Stoller #StollerWinery #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style #plussizeshorts

I've been obsessed with all things Torrid as of late.  Well, really it has been quite some time.  Torrid keeps coming out with cute, fashionable, trendy pieces for a variety of tastes and body shapes.  I consistently find things I love and want and need to buy there.

I recently bought a jacket online that was perfectly fitted to my body, but I wanted something a little looser fitting.  When I returned the jacket (which I did buy a size larger and it is exactly what I wanted), I took some time to look through the store and try a few things on.  I rarely get an opportunity to visit a store these days.   One of the employees was a gorgeous redhead wearing the top in this post.  I found it in my size and had to have it!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Winnie Wrap Dress

Hailey reviews the Winnie Wrap Dress from Kiyonna, a classic style made flirtier with ruffles and a split sleeve! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #fall #style

In today's post, we're talking about the Winnie Wrap Dress from Kiyonna.  The wrap dress is a classic style and silhouette and a great wardrobe staple.  Kiyonna always excels at this style and adds other details - like ruffles, rouching, cold shoulders, and fun prints - to take it up a notch.  Wrap styles are versatile pieces that can work for every occasion, dressed up or dressed down.

I styled this dress as a look I would wear to a wedding or shower, with wedges and a beaded clutch.  I fought the windy weather to take some photos out at Fort Vancouver, where my sister-in-law had her wedding.  Read on for my review of this lovely floral frock!

Friday, August 18, 2017

What I Wore: Tulach Ard!

Hailey reviews the Torrid Outlander Fraser Tartan Skirt, Zerdocean Lace Trim Mid Thigh Shorts, and introduces you to Sparkle Designs! - #Torrid #TorridInsider #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #CobbHill #SparkleDesigns #Outlander #zerdocean #nochubrub #undershorts #torridxoutlander #outlanderfashion #tartan #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style

As a complement to yesterday's post journaling my first adventure at the Portland Highland Games, today I am discussing the outfit I wore on such an occasion.  As mentioned multiple times here on the blog, I have become a huge fan of the show and book series that is Outlander.  When Torrid introduced their Outlander collection last fall, I bought the tartan coat, sweatshirt, and tartan dress (reviewed here).  While I thought the kilt was adorable, I felt it was probably way too short for me so I passed on it, only to be kind of mad at myself for doing so when it sold out super fast.

Fast forward to April of this year, they restocked the kilt and a few other items.  So I snatched up the kilt fast!  I finally had a chance to wear it last month to the Highland Games, and I couldn't be happier with it.  Read on for my review.  TULACH ARD (the war cry of Clan MacKenzie)!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Photo Journal: Portland Highland Games

 Today, Hailey offers a photo journal of her first time at the Portland Highland Games! –  #portland #pdx #portlandhighlandgames #highlandgames #phg #torrid

As you know, I am a huge fan of the television show (and book series) Outlander.  Sean has known he has Scottish ancestry for quite some time, but I found out about mine when we did an ancestry DNA test this year.  I have always loved cultural festivals and celebrations, so we really wanted to make sure to attend the Portland Highland Games.  We managed to fit it into what has become a way too busy summer, bringing my mother-in-law with us also.  It was a fun day!

In today's post, I am walking you through the festivities of the day and talking about my experience at my first ever Highland Games!  On Friday, I will be giving all the details on my outfit.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What I Wore: Armed For Summer

 In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Lane Bryant Lace Off-The-Shoulder Top and talks about making progress in baring arms for summer! - #LaneBryant #LaneStyle #Crocs #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #CharmingCharlie #plussizeshorts #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style

If you read yesterday's post, you know it is too friggin' hot for me this week.  It managed to get up to 104-ish today, which it will also be tomorrow when Sean and I head to doggy training class with the boys.  PEH.  I am super cranky about it.

I've mentioned this before but, in an effort to get over my fear of showing my arms, I decided to make this summer about working on exposing my upper arms more.  I vowed to myself to wear more sleeveless or shorter sleeve tops.  I'll talk a bit more about that later in the post, but today's outfit includes a sleeveless top that has helped me embrace this new positive goal.  I'm reviewing this bright off-the-shoulder piece from Lane Bryant below.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What I Wore: Simple Tees

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Lane Bryant V-Neck Cold-Shoulder Tee, a great basic tee for staying cute and cool in the summer heat. - #LaneBryant #LaneStyle #Crocs #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #CharmingCharlie #JCPenney #plussizeshorts #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style

I like the idea of summer, but not the execution.  I hate the heat.  Anything over 75 starts making me super cranky.  This week we have two days of 107 degree weather followed by two weeks of temps in the 90s.  (It is 97 so far today.)  It is all I can do to keep from just crying with how insanely hot that is.  AND we have dog training class on one of those 107 degree days.  It is just NOT supposed to be that hot here.  I want to strangle folks already.

So this week, in abhor-ation of this shittastic weather, I am bringing you two posts with three different looks that I have worn in the heat this summer.  Today's post is about a basic cold-shoulder, flutter-sleeved top I picked up recently.  It has been a great piece to dress up or down and makes me feel cute despite the sweat.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What I Wore: Fireworks

In today’s post, Hailey reviews her twist on a patriotic look in this summer perfect ensemble. (Lane Bryant Star Tank with Criss-Cross Back and Distressed Denim Bermuda Short)- #LaneBryant #LaneStyle #patriotic #shorts #plussizeshorts #FitFlops #BetseyJohnson #Torrid #TorridInsider #TieDye #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style

I've always viewed the Fourth of July as a very romantic holiday filled with excitement and anticipation.  As a single person for a majority of my life, I often fantasized about strawberry-flavored kisses under the fireworks in balmy summer breezes.  He would wrap his arms around me as we gazed at the bright showers of light overhead.   Happily, I finally found what I was looking for.

I still think the holiday has a romance about it, but these days we stay home with the furkids to keep them from stressing too much because of the noise.  In today's post, I'm showing you a casual ensemble I wore for running around town pre-Fourth of July.  This starry Lane Bryant tank and distressed denim short combo are perfect for a lightweight, no fuss look.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What I Wore: Summer Romance

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the ruffled and romantic Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress from Ashley Nell Tipton Boutique+ from JCPenney. - #AshleyNellTipton #designerashley #BoutiquePlus #JCPenney #JCP #JCPStyle #Comfortiva #NagasakoDesigns #CharmingCharlie #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #style

Happy Wednesday!
I hope you are all having a lovely week.  Over the weekend, Sean and I were joined by my mother-in-law and headed to our first Highland Games!  I'm looking forward to telling you about that adventure, even if it was way too hot for me to be outside.  This week, we start dog training classes with the boys.  I'm really excited to get them some better manners so they understand commands, but it does make my weeks more hectic.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

In today's post, I'm reviewing this Ashley Nell Tipton Boutique+ Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress I picked up from JCPenney.  I couldn't pass up the romantic ruffle and lace and vibrant coral color!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Celine Chiffon Maxi Skirt

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Celine Chiffon Maxi Skirt from Kiyonna, with an extra look at the Kiyonna Kelsey Flounce Top and a review of Easy Spirit Black Kaffi Leather Sandals.- #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #maxiskirt #EasySpirit #Zulily #CharmingCharlie #Colourpop #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #spring #fall #style

We're certainly in the midst of summer now!  I hope you are all staying cool and are busy with fun summer activities.  Sean and I finally had a chance to clean up and work on the office recently.  I installed a sit-to-stand desk attachment that I am excited about using.  I have been so busy and so tired as of late, so I spent last week trying to catch up on photographing outfits and items for upcoming blog posts and getting photos ready for blogging.  I'm hoping I can get back to posting two or three times a week again.  I never really did much of a house tour when we moved, so if you guys are interested in a house tour post, let me know.

In today's post, I'm reviewing the lovely Celine Chiffon Maxi Skirt from Kiyonna.  I donned my July review choice for an afternoon out to lunch with my stepdad and Sean over the holiday weekend.  We were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather where this skirt really shined. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What I Wore: Jammin' with the New Kids

 Summer Concert Style today!  Hailey is reviewing and comparing the Roll-Cuff Bermuda and Mini ‘M’ Pocket Shorts by Melissa McCarthy Seven7 & reviewing Torrid’s Multi Strap Swing Cami and Tie Dye Open Front Cadigan. - #Torrid #TorridStyle #TorridInsider #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #MelissaMcCarthy #plussizeshorts #shorts #charmingcharlie #tiedye #nkotb #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #style

I've been a New Kids On The Block fan for 29 years.  I was always out and proud about it, so I was picked on relentlessly for it - both at home and at school.  I credit the New Kids' inspiration and my experience as a Blockhead in helping me become a person of integrity.  I stand up for what I believe in and what I love, and I have the New Kids to thank for teaching me that at a very early age.

Despite my level of endless adoration, I was never allowed to go to a concert, much less a New Kids concert, when I was a kid.  So when the New Kids got back together in 2008, I vowed to go to every concert I could possibly get to in an effort to make up for lost time.  Sean and I even pushed our honeymoon back a week so I could attend the reunion shows in my area.  I've spent the last nine years livin' it up at twelve NKOTB concerts.  I've met and greeted the guys.  I've been sang to and winked at from the stage.  I've had amazing seats.  I've even watched their Coming Home DVD in a movie theater with the New Kids!  I've traveled to new cities, made new friends, and gotten closer to old ones.

All this to say, I continue to be extremely grateful to be able to have these experiences.  I'm grateful the guys got back together.  I am grateful that I can afford to go to the shows and travel.  I am grateful that my husband isn't an asshole (like a LOT of these other women's husbands are) and supports/admires/cares about my love for the New Kids.  It is such an important part of who I am.  And every concert things happen that make the 12-year-old in me feel so validated and excited and loved.  It's a good time.

I wasn't going to write an intro this long, but I got all emotional.  I recently attended my thirteenth and fourteenth New Kids concerts in Portland and Seattle.  I'm still editing concert pictures, but I thought we'd talk about what I wore first.  Today I'll be showing you my concert outfits and reviewing new-to-the-blog pieces from Melissa McCarthy Seven7 (shorts comparison!) and Torrid.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

What I Wore: Staying Cool and Confident This Summer

Staying cool and confident in the heat, Hailey is reviewing the Relaxed Off-The-Shoulder Top from Old Navy and Roll-Cuff Denim Bermuda Shorts by Melissa McCarthy Seven7, with a nod to the Puamana Earrings by Nagasako Designs.- #OldNavy #OldNavyStyle #OldNavyPlus #LaneBryant #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #MelissaMcCarthy #Trotters #nagasakodesigns #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #summer #style

Hey, y'all!!
I've mostly gotten over my gnarly cold I picked up over New Kids week.  Thankfully, Sean did not get it.  It's been a busy few weeks with going to Seattle, weekend errands, cleaning, hosting Bunco, cleaning some more, and hosting a belated birthday party for my friend Nigel and I today!  It has mostly been fun stuff, aside from the cleaning, but between the cold and my fight with anxiety I have been incredibly exhausted.  I know I often mention being tired more since my thyroid went bye-bye.  I keep expecting myself to be "normal" and expect to just buck up and get things done, but it doesn't really work that way.  I know the blog has suffered from my tiredness and anxiety and even depression.  Bouts of self-doubt related to those things are no joke.

I was able to get a lot of chores out of the way earlier in the week so I could focus on editing some photos and getting a post out.  In today's post, I am reviewing this Old Navy top and shorts from Melissa McCarthy's line, and talking about our celebratory 9th wedding anniversary outing.  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Birthday Weekend: Outfits, Adventures, and Sloths! Oh My!

 In today's post, Hailey walks us through her eventful and exciting birthday weekend with a look at what she wore, where she ate, and other fun activities – puzzle-solving with Escapism Portland, meeting Sloths at ZWCC, wine tasting in Hood River, visiting Multnomah Falls, feeding the homeless with Outlandia, and Portland Saturday Market. -  #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #avenue #avaandviv #teespring #outlander #outlandia #portland #pdx #multnomahfalls #hoodriver #cathedralridgewinery #zwcc #escapismportland

My birthday weekend turned out to be a wonderfully adventurous weekend full of surprises and new experiences!  Sean took my birthday off and had planned out a full day of fun.  I just had no idea what he was planning.  It taught me that I have the ability to just go with the flow, but I do have to be mindful about it.  In not knowing what adventure was up next I was forced not to worry about it, therefore keeping my anxiety away in a most refreshing way.

In today's post, I'm talking about all the activities of my exciting weekend and showing you what I wore in the process.  And FYI, there are a lot of photos in this post because I am covering the whole weekend and didn't want to break the post up.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Adriana Cardigan

 In today's post, Hailey reviews the Adriana Cardigan from Kiyonna, a perfect layering piece for breezy summer nights, travel, and transitioning into fall! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaPlusYou #Kiyonnastyle #Torrid #TorridInsider #Thesecurves #ModCloth #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #fall #spring #summer #style

Happy June!  I hope you are all doing well.  May has been an insanely busy, but very fun month full of love and surprises.  I turned 37 mid-May and celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary just last night.  I usually like when my summer slows down, but I'm looking forward to the events and parties we have planned this season - Bunco-hosting, a joint birthday party, comedy shows, the Highland Games, and MST3K Live!

For today's review, I chose the Adriana Cardigan from Kiyonna.  Before you go thinking I am crazy for wearing a cardigan in the summer, let me say that this lightweight cardigan is perfect for cooler summer evenings, layering for travel, and will transition into the fall very well.  It just started getting warm and sunny during the days here, but nights are still chilly enough for lightweight coverings.  As soon as the sun goes down, I need that extra layer.  Read on for my review of this cardi and fit tips on the rest of my outfit as well.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

At Home Fitting Room: Kiyonna, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Hips and Curves

In today's post Hailey reviews a variety of clothing from recent purchases.  Brands include Kiyonna, Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Hips and Curves. - #Kiyonna #LaneBryant #Torrid #TorridInsider #Hipsandcurves #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing #fittingroom

In part two of the latest round of At Home Fitting Room, I am bringing you some more spring purchases.  I'm trying to get these out as soon as I can while items are still available.  The weather is supposed to start heating up this weekend and, with a busier life schedule, I hope to be able to wear more pieces out and photograph my styling of them for you.  In the previous fitting room post I went over some new-to-me brands, but today's post is all about go-to brands for me - Kiyonna, Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Hips and Curves.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

At Home Fitting Room: Old Navy, Target, ModCloth, Avenue, Eloquii, Ashley Stewart, Appraising Pages, Teespring

In today's post Hailey reviews a variety of clothing from recent purchases.  Brands include Target, Old Navy, Eloquii, Avenue, ModCloth, Ashley Stewart, Teespring, and The Bookish Box. - #Target #TargetStyle #OldNavy #Eloquii #XOQ  #Avenue #Modcloth #ashleystewart  #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing #fittingroom #outlander #thebookishbox #appraisingpages #teespring #southernsassenachs

It is my birthday week!  Sean has a full day of surprises planned on Friday, so I will be sure to post on social media about the day.  I've been trying to figure out what to wear since I have no idea what we will be doing or where we will be going.  It has been a busy week of roller coaster emotions; and it's only Wednesday as I am typing this.  Today is the anniversary of my father's death, so I am just all over the place.

In today's post I am bringing you another At Home Fitting Room because, well, I love deals and I love to shop.  I've been branching out from my usual go-to stores a bit and trying different retailers to test sizing and fit.  Today's post definitely contains some hits and misses, so I hope to leave you with some valuable info.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 5, 2017

What I Wore: Purple Jeans, Styled Two Ways

Purple jeans as practical?  In today's post, Hailey reviews the Ice Dye Ankle Jegging from Slink Jeans, styling them two ways! - #SlinkJeans #Kiyonna #KiyonnaPlusYou #Kiyonnastyle #purplejeans #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #fall #spring #summer #style

I've been looking for a great pair of purple jeans for at least a couple years now.  During Black Friday last year, I purchased the Ice Dye Ankle Jeggings from Slink Jeans.  I first talked about them on the blog in this At Home Dressing Room post, but it has been too chilly for me to wear them practically.  Because they are ankle jeans, normal socks and sneakers wouldn't work for me.  Now that it is warming up, I've been able to start wearing them.  At first I thought purple was a bit impractical, but I have come to realize I have quite a bit that complements them well.

Today's blog post is a review of the jeans, my first purchase from Slink, and a couple of looks with them - one dressier, one casual.  I have also included little reviews of new-to-me shoes and jewelry at the end of this post.  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Elise Flutter Dress

In today's post, Hailey reviews the gorgeous and sexy Elise Flutter Dress from Kiyonna. Whether you are heading to a spring or summer wedding, going on a hot date, or just want to look fabulous because you are, the Elise is a wonderful option! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaPlusYou #Kiyonnastyle #fluttersleeves #weddingstyle #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #fall #spring #summer #winter #style #weddingguest

Spring is finally here!  Little buds are popping up on the trees in our yard, though it is still cold and rainy.  I will be so happy to welcome sun and breeze!  Wearing jeans and jackets feels so heavy and cumbersome since returning from Hawaii in January.  I want sundresses and maxi skirts and shorts and light tops.

Along with better weather, spring and summer bring prime wedding season; and today's outfit is a perfect wedding guest or event dress.  Even if you just want to look hot for date night or feel amazing for no particular occasion at all, I highly recommend Kiyonna's Elise Flutter Dress.  Read on for my review and all the details!

And through May 1st, Kiyonna is offering $15 off your order of $75 or more using the code TAXTREAT.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I Wore: ModCloth Stylish Surprise Review

  In today's post, Hailey reviews three items she bought during the ModCloth Stylish Surprise sale - the Sample 3370 Dress, the Vow to Wow Necklace in Light Pink, and the Full Steam Trailhead Jacket. - #Modcloth #StylishSurprise #ModClothStylishSurprise #weddingstyle #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #fall #spring #summer #style

Every once in a while (like maybe twice a year?), ModCloth has a Stylish Surprise sale.  During this limited quantity sale, they offer dresses for $20, apparel/separates for $15, shoes for $10, and jewelry for $5.  As the name implies, it is a mystery what you will receive.  Taking that risk can make me anxious, so I understand if it isn't your thing.  The 3X and 4X sizes sell out really fast, so if you want to get in on the next sale make sure you are following me on my Facebook page for a head's up!

In today's post, I'm going over the three items I bought in my most recent Stylish Surprise order.  You don't receive items that are meant to be a whole outfit, but I lucked out and thought my items made a cute ensemble.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What I Wore: Work Party Festive

In today's post, Hailey utilizes rarely worn pieces for a festive holidat party look!  A bright tartan Foxcroft blouse, sequin circle skirt from Lane Bryant, and Comfortiva Oxfords marry bold fashion and comfort.- #LaneBryant #Foxcroft #comfortiva #monetjewelry #Holidaystyle #sequins #sequinskirt #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #holiday #outfit #fall #winter #style

Right before we left for Maui, Sean's work had their annual holiday party (yes, in January. That is just what they do. haha).  It was a rare occasion where dressing up a bit was encouraged, so I put together a festive look with pieces that haven't gotten a lot of wear.  It was fun to mix things up a bit, which also resulted in tons of compliments from folks at the party.  I'm happy to finally share it with you because it contains some of my great loves - bright colors, sequins, and comfortable shoes! 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sephora Play! Beauty Box: January and February 2017

 Sephora Play! Beauty Bag (January and February 2017), featuring products by Tarte, Ouai, Drunk Elephant, Clinique, It Cosmetics, Tory Burch, Bite Beauty, Too Faced, Sephora Collection, Origins, and Tom Ford.-  #Sephora #SephoraPlay #beautybag #beautybox #subscription #beautysubscription #makeup #haircare #skincare #Clinique #bitebeauty #tarte #toofaced #itcosmetics #drunkelephant #ouai #review #swatch #toryburch #tomford #origins

Hello, my friends!  Today I'm bringing you a review and look at my January and February Sephora Play! boxes.  I know I am behind again in sharing these with you, so I will be back-dating past reviews for the end of last year.  Sephora Play! is another monthly subscription box with five samples of makeup, skincare, and/or haircare, and a fragrance sample.  The box is $10 a month.  The products are all items that Sephora carries, so they are easy to shop for if you decide you want a full-size product.  Each box comes with a fold out pamphlet with information on each product and tips on how to use it.  And if you visit a store and take in your PLAY! card sent with each box, you can earn 50 extra points with the purchase of a full-size item.

They currently have an on-going off again, on again Wait List.  You join the Wait List with your email address and will be notified via email when the list is open and you can sign up.  I have been really happy with this subscription so far.  Although I love each subscription I get for various reasons, right now I think Sephora is my favorite out of the three I am subscribed to (Birchbox, Ipsy, Sephora).

Let's get to reviewing!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Promenade Top

In today's post Hailey reviews the Promenade Top from Kiyonna, a soft knit top perfect for spring, summer, and travel! Hailey also reviews the Denim Crop by Melissa McCarthy and Dansko Belle Blue Madras Sneakers. - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #LaneBryant #MelissaMcCarthy #seven7 #tiedye #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #spring #summer #style

I'm always looking forward to seeing what styles Kiyonna (sizes 10-32) introduces for the spring and summer.  While they always bring classic silhouettes in pretty colors year round, with festive frocks and interesting details thrown in, I enjoy their use of patterns and color that pop up in the warmer months. 

I'm a long time fan of the Promenade Top, so I am really happy to be sharing a review of the new Indigo Tie Dye version, with a little review of these denim capris by Melissa McCarthy Seven7 and my new Dansko sneakers thrown in. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Favorite Travel Accessories and Sunscreen

My Favorite Travel Accessories and Sunscreen - #COOLA #Supergoop #sunscreen #travel #vacation #travelaccessories #whattopack

Today, in the first of many Maui-related posts, I am talking about some of my favorite travel accessories.  This list includes packing tools, makeup and beauty bags and containers, travel bags, hair tools, and a few miscellaneous items.  I'm also going over my favorite face and body "healthier" sunscreens that we took on our trip. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Outlander at Emerald City Comicon 2017

Outlander at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle Recap, with stops at The Whisky Bar and Blueacre Seafood. - #ECCC #ECCCOutlander #Outlander #samheughan #caitrionabalfe #seattle #thewhiskybar #blueacreseafood

I'm nursing a sickness I picked up at Comicon or that Sean possibly brought home from work.  Basically, I feel super run down, scratchy throat, stuffed nose, no focus.  I rarely get sick, so when I am it really kicks my butt and also makes me really mad.  But I'm trying to push through and get a few things done at least.

In today's post, I am recapping my whirlwind weekend in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon.  Sean and I went to the con on Friday, March 3rd, so I could participate in all the Outlander-related goodness.  I found out the lead actors of Outlander, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, were going to be at the con via a Facebook video a few days before we left for our vacation in January.  As I have become quite Outlander obsessed, I looked at Sean and said, " I have to go. I just have to."  Seattle is roughly three hours away, so it isn't like it is that far in the scheme of things.  We snatched up all the tickets we would need for the event and booked our hotel right away.  And then suddenly the day was here.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Kelsey Flounce Top

In today's post Hailey reviews the Kelsey Flounce Top from Kiyonna, a multi-way top that can be worn tied in front or as a tunic length piece!- #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #Eloquii #XOQ #denimskirt #crocs #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #winter #spring #summer #fall #style

Hello!!  I'm so happy to be back with an outfit post this week!  It has been a slow blog month as I transition back from vacation and work on getting organized, but I have so many things I am excited to share with y'all.  March should allow me more time to get to those things and post a bit more.  Thanks for your continued friendship!

In today's post, I'm reviewing the Kelsey Flounce Top from Kiyonna!  When it was time to make a decision about my next feature, I had to choose this top.  I loved the Sangria color and flirty ruffle; and I also knew exactly how I wanted to wear it with that cute casual tie front.  So get ready for spring fashion and read over my review of the Kelsey Flounce Top!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Savannah Trip Sightseeing: Dolphin Cruise, Hilton Head, Bonaventure Cemetery, Old Fort Jackson, Downtown

 In today's post, Hailey reminsces on her trip to Savannah, Georgia to visit her sister, and talks of the sightseeing adventures from the trip.- #Savannah #SavannahGA #travel #vacation #plussizetravel #dolphincruise #hiltonhead #alligatorsoul #downtownsavannah #oldfortjackson #bonaventurecemetery #wormsloeplantation

My third and final post about our trip to Savannah is finally here!  It seems life got extremely busy once we got back and hasn't really slowed down since.  My husband and I ventured to Savannah, Georgia for Thanksgiving 2015 and had a lovely time with my sister and her family.  I lived in Georgia for a bit in my mid-teens, but never really saw much of Savannah then.  Sean has barely been to the South until now.  We did go to Augusta, Georgia back in 2007 for my sister's wedding, but he mostly saw places I grew up and "met" my dad when we visited my dad's grave. 

This trip, I was happy we could sightsee together and look at some of the more historic locations, in addition to all the family fun we had.  (You can revisit my Savannah Outfits Post and Family and Sightseeing Post.)  While I lived in the South most of my life, so much of the scenery and vegetation and food was rare or totally new to Sean.  When we were planning possible activities for the trip, I wanted to make sure he saw whatever he wanted of this area while we were here.  As with any trip, there is never enough time for everything, which is why we have a Southern Coastal Road Trip on our future travel list.

Still, we managed to fit a lot of fun in!  We headed off with the family to dolphin watch in Hilton Head.  We visited Bonaventure Cemetery, the gate of Wormsloe Plantation, and Old Fort Jackson.  Then we headed back to Downtown Savannah for walking around, shopping, and dinner.  Enjoy!

(This is a picture heavy post, just FYI.)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Phone Loop Review: A Helpful Strap for Easier Phone Handling

 In today's post, Hailey is reviewing the Phone Loop, a strap for easier phone handling that adheres to the inside of your phone cover.  Get all the details on the blog! - #phoneloop #phoneloopreview #phoneaccessories #phonestrap

I try to be very choosy about what products and brands I do reviews for here on the blog.  I don't want items to be too random or totally not in line with what we talk about here, though I do like to try new things.  When the folks at Phone Loop reached out to me, I thought this handy little gadget was too fun to pass up.

In today's post, I'm reviewing the Phone Loop, a simple and convenient little gadget that attaches to your phone case to help you hold your phone easier.  I was sent a couple of the Phone Loops from the Quebec-based company and have been using them on my phone ever since.  For the past few months, I have tried both the grosgrain and satin strap styles.  Read on for my thoughts and experience with the Loop!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Plus Size Lingerie: Hips and Curves Bralettes, Lace Camisole, Corset and Skirt Set Review

In today's plus size lingerie post, Hailey reviews bralettes from Torrid and Hips and Curves, and includes reviews of the All Lace Camisole and Two Piece Velvet Corset and Skirt Set from Hips and Curves. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #hipsandcurves #plussizelingerie #lingerie #bralettes #plussizebralettes #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing

I'm back from vacation!  Sean and I had a wonderful second honeymoon in Maui. I look forward to sharing all the fun with you in future posts. (Though it will be a while because we took over 5,400 photos and I need time to edit and organize them.)  I am still posting photos from the holiday over on Instagram if you want to check them out.

For my first post back, I am reviewing various styles from Hips and Curves (sizes Large to 6X; Band sizes 36 to 48), a brand specializing in plus size lingerie.  I have talked about them on the blog before when I reviewed another bralette and panties and have also reviewed thigh high stockings from the brand as well.  These are all items I have bought on my own.  I am not sponsored by them or gifted anything, though I am using affiliate links in this post.

I have found it a rather difficult task to find other women with my same body shape reviewing these items, which is part of the reason I am enthusiastic about doing it.  Hips and Curves has quality items that are very cute and make me feel awesome!  If I can help another woman find that for herself, my work is done.  Enjoy the following review and let me know if you have tried anything from Hips and Curves.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

At Home Fitting Room: Target, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Slink Jeans, Addition Elle, Eloquii, ModCloth, SWAK

In today's post Hailey reviews a variety of clothing from recent purchases.  Brands include Target, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Slink Jeans, Addition Elle, Eloquii, ModCloth, SWAK Designs, Old Navy, and more.(  )- #Target #TargetStyle #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #Slinkjeans #additionelle #eloquii #XOQ #Modcloth #swakdesigns #oldnavy #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizeclothing #fittingroom

Hey, y'all!  Today I am bringing you an At Home Fitting Room post with a hodgepodge collection of clothing I have purchased since Black Friday.  A majority of it is still available online, so it seems like a great time to bring you a look and review of my shopping addiction.

Black Friday brings loads of deals, as you know.  I was looking for specific pieces for my upcoming vacation, but managed to snag some great deals on things I had on my Wish List and items from brands I haven't purchased from before.  This is always exciting for me because that means I get to share my new knowledge with you as well.  I actually went a little crazy shopping over the holidays, but I did get some amazing deals for my efforts.

Speaking of vacation, this will be my last post for a couple of weeks because I am heading off to Hawaii!  You can keep up with my adventures over on Instagram.  I'm writing this post with whiskey in hand and trying not to freak out about my mile-long To Do list.  Toiletries are packed, but clothing and shoes and accessories are not.  EEK!  So grab a cocktail and enjoy the latest edition of At Home Fitting Room!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Indie Flair Maxi Dress

In today's post Hailey reviews the Indie Flair Maxi Dress from Kiyonna, a versatile piece for every season!- #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #winter #spring #summer #fall #style #maxidress

I adore maxi dresses, but seldom remember to pull them out in the fall and winter.  I associate them so much with warm, breezy weather and forget to utilize their potential year round.  In today's post, I am rocking the maxi in winter and reviewing the Indie Flair Maxi Dress from Kiyonna.

We have had nothing but snow, wind, ice, and rain lately.  I hope all of you dealing with this wintery weather are staying safe and warm!  It has been annoyingly frustrating juggling our pre-vacation errands and prior scheduled engagements with all the snow and snow-related business closures.  We've stayed home and off the roads as much as possible.  And in this case, Amazon Prime is a friggin' must-have!  I've been able to purchase all of my last minute toiletries and travel items via Amazon without having to worry about braving the cold.  But I digress....

Crazy wind forced me to move inside for this shoot.  It was so cold out my bones were hurting and I started crying.  I have never done that before.  Still, we found a warm office building nearby so we didn't have to cancel our photo-taking plans.  Enjoy!

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