Thursday, August 27, 2015

What I Wore: Casual Black & White + Propet Annika Sandal Review

What I Wore: Casual Black & White + Propet Annika Sandal Review -  #Propet #sandals #shoereview #redshoes

Shoe shopping has become increasingly more difficult as I have gotten older.  It isn't from a lack of seeing shoes I LOVE, but rather from a lack of being as nonchalant about what I put on my feet as I was when I was younger.  Back in my teens, it was all about quantity over quality.  I wanted to be fashionable on a very small budget, so I bought as many shoes as I could for as cheap as I could find them.  But cheap shoes typically lack cushioning and support, resulting in your feet (and possibly other parts of your body, like your hips, knees, spine, etc) paying for it later.  While I don't have any major issues, as I have grown older I can no longer tolerate uncomfortable, unsupportive shoes.  I've started a mission to replace my hurtful pairs with upgraded versions.

Propet USA sent me a few pairs of shoes to test out and review.  They specialize in hard-to-fit feet and feet in need of special care.  Propet offers a large selection of widths and sizes, as well as styles specifically designed to address foot ailments and pain.  You can read my review of the Lizzette sandal; and read on for my take on this snazzy red sandal.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wear It Now, Wear It Later: Floral

 Wear It Now, Wear It Later: Floral -  #fallfashion #psootd #styleblogger #fallstyle #floral #floralprint #falltrends #plussizefashion #ootd #fashionblogger

Florals are a pattern staple used through every season in any piece of clothing.  I used to be completely adverse to florals because the dresses my mom would buy (usually from Sears) or make for me had giant floral prints way more suited for your grandma's favorite couch.  Big, bib-like white doily collars were also involved.  It was not pretty, y'all.  I'm definitely not anti-floral now, but I do find that it is a pattern I don't have too much of in my closet.

We all know florals are pushed more during the spring and summer, but don't shy away from rocking your floral all year long.  Getting the most out of a piece of clothing is key to getting the most out of the money you put into it.  For today's post, I've teamed up with my blogging buddies again (Janeane of Designing From My Closet, Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, and Nina of Curvy Mod) to show you that your florals don't need to be tucked away for the winter.  With just a few layering pieces, you can turn a summer ready dress into a fall perfect one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In The Fitting Room: Target (Fall 2015 Ava & Viv)

In The Dressing Room: Target (Fall 2015 Ava & Viv) -
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Hello again my friends!! Welcome to a new week!  I had a busy weekend, which I am sure I will post about eventually.  It was all fun stuff - a haircut, a summer party, a bbq, lots of errands, some dressing room trips, and precious little time to relax .  But I do feel somewhat invigorated and ready to get more posts out than I have lately.

A week ago, I ventured to my local Target to try on the new Ava & Viv collection for fall.  As usual, I was disappointed in the limited selection available in store and the lack of clothing in my size.  None of the Targets near me seem to have much when I go in person.  Other downsides to this trip: 1) The prickly dressing room attendant had me hang up my items on a rack so she could count them with her hands, which I found odd; and 2) The temperature of the dressing room area was so incredibly hot that I was sweating in no time and couldn't really wait to leave.  It was stifling in there!  I still managed to snatch up a small handful of items and try them on for you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fall Trends with Yours Clothing

Fall Trends with Yours Clothing - #YoursClothing #FallTrends #plusblogger #styleblogger #plussize #psootd #Propet #fallfashion

Fall is approaching, though it seems to be traveling at the pace of a tortoise.  I've quite enjoyed seeing all the new fall fashion and trends popping up all over the internet.  As it is still in the 90s here this week, I long for the cooler weather that makes items like fun jackets, patterned scarves, jeans and tall boots, all perfectly acceptable sartorial options.

Until such a time, my awesome blogger buddies and I have teamed up to show you four fall trends inspired by Yours Clothing.  Janeane takes on Cozy Boho, Liz dons Modern Victorian, Nina tackles Military, and I delve into Cold Shoulder.

Friday, August 14, 2015

What I Wore: Teal and Stripes

Hailey is wearing the NIC+ZOE Misty Stripes Top via Gwynnie Bee, Style&Co Roll Cuff Capris from Macy's, and Fitflops Rokkit Sandals. - #GwynnieBee #ShareMeGB #Style&Co #Fitflops #psootd #plusblogger #plussize #styleblogger #plusfashion

The weekend is finally upon us!  I'm going to a birthday party tonight and delighted my weekend will be a bit low key, running errands and doing projects around the house.  In today's post, I talk about  new-to-me brand NIC+ZOE.  This striped sweater is from the Boston-based company via Gwynnie Bee.  Inspired by life, travel, design and textiles, the brand offers knitwear and tailored essentials geared towards the busy woman.

This is also the first time I am wearing my new teal capris on the blog.  I picked them up on one of my trips to Macy's, which is becoming one of my favorite places to shop lately.  Check out the rest of the post for my reviews....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I Wore: Black and Ivory Summer Floral

Hailey is wearing the Lucie Lu 3/4 Knot Front Dress in Bouquet from Gwynnie Bee. - #GwynnieBee #LucieLu #ShareMeGB #styleblogger #plusblogger #psootd #ootd #outfit #plussize #plusfashion

What was supposed to be a quiet August of house-cleaning and project productivity has turned into quite the busy month.  Non-blogging life has kept me pretty distracted lately.  Sean and I spent all day Sunday cleaning the bedroom and reorganizing to move in a giant TV armoire that his mom gave to us.  I am so, so happy with how everything looks now.  I look forward to sharing photos with all of you when we have a few more decor items put up.

Today's post features a lovely black and ivory floral number from Lucie Lu via Gwynnie Bee.  This print felt very vintage country to me.  With it being on the shorter side, I felt like a sexy country girl frolicking in the outdoors.  Read on for my review...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Makeup Stash: New Colourpop Lip Sheers and Blush Swatches

 Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Blush Swatches: Birthday Suit, Prenup; Lippie Stix Sheer Swatches: Crunch, Juice Bar, Safari, Whip, Peacocky. - #Colourpop #SuperShockCheek #Blush #LippieStixSheer #Makeup #Beauty #Swatch

As you know, I am a Colourpop fan.  They continue to provide quality products that perform very well (and at an awesome price point - $5 to $8!).  In the last month or so, they have introduced their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Lippie Stix in a Sheer formula.  The Ultra Matte Lip products sold out before I could get my paws on them, so I snatched up some of the sheers when they came around.  Makeup-wise, the sheers are more my style as they are balmy lip products with great pigmentation.  If you missed my previous Colourpop posts, I presented swatches and a more in-depth review, and a huge swatchfest of all forty-one products I owned at the time.  Continue reading for a look at the latest additions to my Colourpop collection....

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What I Wore: Bodycon Styles from Eloquii and Karen Kane

Hailey is wearing the Eloquii Kaleidoscope Bodycon Dress and Karen Kane Metallic Knit Dress, both via Gwynnie Bee. - #GwynnieBee #plussize #bodycon #psootd #styleblogger #fashionblogger

While I've tried bodycon styles before (like this leopard print Kiyonna dress or this ASOS Curve dress), it isn't a style I wear often.  Mainly, I don't wear them because wearing Spanx is annoying, especially in the summer.  If/when I wear a bodycon look, I like to include shapewear that smooths out my lumps and bumps as much as possible; That is just my preferred aesthetic with this silhouette.  I love trying new-to-me brands through Gwynnie Bee, but can't be in control of exactly what they send from my virtual closet.  I've recently received these two bodycon looks in my GB packages and wanted to share, even though I refused to add Spanx when photographing these looks in the summer heat. lol

Monday, August 3, 2015

Art of the Mix: Peasant Top and Dip-Dyed Jean

Hailey is wearing Catherines Monique Peasant Top and True Stretch Jean from the Art of the Mix collection. - #catherines #styleambassador

Even though it doesn't feel like it yet, fall is approaching.   After this crazy hot summer we've had, I am quite looking forward to cozy sweaters, leggings and jeans, scarves, and hot cocoa.  More importantly, retailers are busting out their fall trends and introducing new colors, prints, and looks for the season.  I have been excitedly watching my favorite stores to see what spins they put on upcoming fall fashion.  Catherines is introducing their Art of the Mix collection, dedicated to clean lines, boho details, tunics, ponchos, animal print, and a gorgeous dose of red.

Catherines Art of the Mix Collection 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blog Updates: Aesthetics, Affiliates, and Cookies! Oh my!

I've made some changes to the blog recently and wanted to fill y'all in on everything, what it means, and what's to come.  Some changes have been made according to new laws and some are just aesthetically pleasing to me or act as ways for me to make some money.  These changes will not affect my personal policy of being honest about items I review, nor should they have a negative affect on your participation on the blog.

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