Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I Wore: Cozy and Quick

Working my way through all my lovely picks in my Gwynnie Bee virtual closet!  It is still off and on chilly here in the PNW (mostly chilly lately, even when there is sun), so I was happy this cardigan arrived when it did.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Cozy and Casual in Sejour Cardigan via Gwynnie Bee , Lane Bryant tee, Torrid jeggings, Avenue boots.

This is the first item from Sejour that I have tried.  This cardigan is a 3X.  I usually size down when trying on or purchasing cardigans because they tend to stretch out a bit as you wear them.  This is an "open front" cardigan, so there are no buttons.  The material was not super soft, but not too scratchy either.  I feel that is important to note because the silver threads are the sparkly kind that tend to be really itchy.

I enjoyed that the sleeves weren't full, but longer than 3/4 length.  The length of the cardigan was way longer than I realized, but I actually really liked it that way.  Overall, the fit was great; it is a cozy sweater; and I like the front pockets.

I kept the look casual for errand-running with jeggings, tall boots, and a simple black t-shirt.  What do you think?

DivineMrsDiva.com - Cozy and Casual in Sejour Cardigan via Gwynnie Bee , Lane Bryant tee, Torrid jeggings, Avenue boots.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Cozy and Casual in Sejour Cardigan via Gwynnie Bee , Lane Bryant tee, Torrid jeggings, Avenue boots.
Sejour Sparkly Wave Open Front Cardigan - via Gwynnie Bee
Slub V-Neck Tee - Lane Bryant
Skinny Sophia Jegging - Torrid
Sydney Lace Back Boots - Avenue
Chain necklace - Maurices (Similar, Similar, Similar)

DivineMrsDiva.com - Cozy and Casual in Sejour Cardigan via Gwynnie Bee , Lane Bryant tee, Torrid jeggings, Avenue boots.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Q & A Monday: ABC's of Me

Hey y'all!!  I hate that I didn't get to post much last week.  It has been pretty busy around here lately.  I have a lot of posts to work on and things to share, but getting down to business has not worked out as planned.  I look forward to this week being way more productive on the blog end.

This weekend was super busy too.  We started our day early on Saturday.  I colored my hair, got dressed, and we headed out to the Stumptown Comics Fest at the convention center in Portland.  It is always a fun event checking out the artwork, comics, and such.  Sean and I always find funky artwork we adore.  After nerding out, we made our way to Lane Bryant because I had my Reward Bucks to spend.  I was kind of bummed the maxi dresses didn't work out, but I found a great skirt! Saturday ended on a fun note when we played our monthly Bunco game with our friends/family.  I even won $10 for coming in 3rd place that night! 

We slept in on Sunday, had a late breakfast, and made a plan of attack for driving by houses that are on sale.  We finally made the decision to start house hunting a couple weeks ago, so this is all new, mostly exciting, and completely overwhelming to me.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

ABC's of Me
Here’s how it works…you’ll choose topics about yourself, your likes, dislikes, etc.  according to each letter in the alphabet, and share a little with us. 

A)  As I type this, I am watching All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.  Gary Busey is insane.

B)  I love Bunco nights with my friends and family.  I'm so glad we are doing it because it means I get to see them all once a month for sure.  It is truly a highlight of any month.

C)  My spirit animal is probably a sparkly, fat chihuahua with wings.

D)  My oldest furkid is almost 16 and a half.  Other than being mostly blind and deaf, he is in amazing shape.  I hope we have a lot of years with him yet.

E)  I need to work on eliminating some of my clothing from my dressing room.  It is very hard for me to throw things away.

F)  I own over 15 feather boas.

G) I forgot we needed to get groceries this weekend, so I have nothing for lunches this week.  Oy vey!

H)  I am looking forward to my haircut next weekend.  My bangs are getting super long.

I)  The husband and I are going to see Iron Man 3 next weekend to celebrate our friend's birthday.

J)  Return of the Jedi has been my favorite Star Wars movie since I was a very small child.

K)  Knowledge is power.  I wish people focused more on what they know and less on what they want to look like.  Being intelligent is a good quality and very attractive.

L)  My father-in-law passed away from leukemia 9 months ago.  I hope Sean and I can do something now and then to give to charity in honor of his dad.

M)  May is CRAZY BUSY.  My birthday is on Mother's Day and since my mom-in-law is out of town on a fabulous vacation, I don't have to share my day with anyone. :-) (Sometimes I like to be selfish that way. lol)

N)  Only two and a half months left until my NKOTB concerts!  I still need Vancouver, B.C tickets.

O)  I LOVE to organize.  I will organize and label just about anything and enjoy every minute of it.  Don't let me go into The Container Store.  I totally spazz out from all the amazing organization!

P)  My Michael Jackson Pandora station was so on point this weekend.  It was playing the perfect mix of 80s and 90s pop, oldies, Motown, and such. It usually isn't such perfection.

Q)  I had to ponder Q for a while.  I came up with two answers that display the extremes of my brain.  lol  The good version: I hope to decorate our future home with some quirky artwork.  The bad version: My mom used to beat me with a horse quirt.  (A quirt is a stiff whip with a leather loop at the end.)

R)  I really want to take a road trip with Sean some time.  I have seen a lot of the US in my travels as a kid (we moved around a lot), but I think it would be fun to go with Sean and for him to see a lot of the country as well.

S)  It was so gloriously sunny yesterday.  I put my SPF mineral foundation on my face but forgot my chest, so my chest is slightly pink and warm.

T)  I have 3 tattoos and ideas for at least 4 more. 

U)  Ulta is driving me insane.  It is the only store in my area that carries the specific hair color I love the most.  For the last 3 months, they have not had it in stock so I have had to use something different (which I hate to do).  I've used this opportunity to try some other brands and colors, but I want my favorite one back!!

V)  My husband and I love to play video games together.  Right now we are in the middle of Lego Lord of the Rings, among many others.  He plays Skyrim on the Xbox 360 and I play it on my computer.  I LOVE Skyrim!

W)  I can't believe we are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in a month!  Time flies!

X)  I was never into Xavier Roberts and the whole Cabbage Patch craze.

Y)  Regular yellow mustard is my least favorite of all mustards.  My favorites are honey mustard, sweet hot mustard, and horseradish mustard.  And the German restaurant in town has a great ginger mustard for pretzel and sausage dipping.

Z)  Zillow is a house-hunting website we have been using lately to track down houses in our preferred neighborhoods.  It is pretty helpful for starting out and getting an overview of prices and such.

Now get to it and post your answers!  Link up with Kenlie and let me know you are participating.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top

It is time for another "What I Didn't Wear".  If you missed the first post in this series, check it out here

I want to reiterate that this feature is not about being negative to my body, anyone else's body, or any brand of clothing.  I simply want to show you the flipside of all the fun outfit posts, by being up front about the things that don't work and why.

One of the things I find valuable about using Gwynnie Bee's service is that I get to try on different brands and sizes and styles that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to try.  Showing you how certain items fit my body type/size will hopefully help you get an idea of the sizing and brands as well.

What I didn't wear is the Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top.

What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top - DivineMrsDiva.com

I love the colors and patterns of the Vince Camuto clothing line.  There are some really great pieces that I would love to own.  Sizing only goes up to a 3X and right now I am a 26/28, but I thought I would try it anyway.

So first, I will tell you about what I didn't like.  It was too tight.  I am not personally comfortable with this level of body hugging and especially in this particular style.  I also felt it was a wee bit short on me. (For reference, I am 5'9".)   The arms were very form-fitting, even though the material is stretchy and comfortable.  Meaning, I didn't feel like I was stuffed into a sausage casing, but I am just not personally comfortable with things being this tight on me.

Now let's talk about the things I enjoyed:
The color is fantastic! It is a really bright, aqua blue that is so vibrant and pretty in person.  I also liked the pattern; I thought it was really fun.  The material (which wasn't a cotton knit but a polyester/spandex blend) was smooth, stretchy, and comfortable.  I was surprised that I liked the asymmetric neckline and hem.  It lends a fun and unexpected detail to an otherwise simple top.  I think this top is made well.  Plus, it kind of made my butt look awesome.

What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top - DivineMrsDiva.com

So there you have it.  If you are a true size 3X, and maybe even a 2X, this will probably be perfect on you.  Of course, all bodies are different, so take that into account and just try stuff on!  You never know unless you try.  Other Vince Camuto items can be found on Gwynnie Bee, at Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's.

Have you worn this top or tried some other Vince Camuto items?  What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Q & A Monday: Inside My Head

Hey, y'all!!

Welcome back from your (hopefully) wonderful weekend!  My Saturday was spent at a joint birthday party for my aunt and I. (My birthday is still not for a few weeks.)  My cousin hosted the party with the other women in my stepdad's family.  We ate tasty food, chatted, and opened gifts.  It was very fun!

My allergies started whipping my butt, so by Saturday night my voice was trying to leave me.  I stayed home Sunday to rest and work on house chores, while I sent the husband off to the grocery store and other errands.

I was very distracted by all the happenings in Boston last week that I barely made time for the blog.  I hope to distract myself with more blog things this week as I have a lot of saved up stuff to share with you.

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Inside My Head

I like…being a homebody, but I also enjoy spending time with the people who are important to me and who love me.

I don’t like…lobster or crab.  Sometimes I will eat things that have crab in it, but never on its own.

I love…the way my husband looks at me.  It makes me feel loved, warm, snuggly, appreciated, happy, beautiful, and perfectly at home.  He's the best person I've ever met.

I dream of…a world where people break out in song and dance down the street.

I wonder…if we'll find a house to buy in the time period we want to find it in. I know nothing about buying a house, so I am having to give myself a crash course.

I know…I still have a lot of work to do on myself.

I went…to Ulta this weekend and they STILL don't have my normal hair color that I love.  I had to try yet another brand/shade as I wait for my normal one to be restocked.

I think…too much sometimes.  I have to implement "Anti-Stew Zones" so I do not stew on issues/problems/people.

I plan…on getting up earlier and earlier each week.  It just doesn't always work out that way.

I regret…not speaking my mind sooner in life.

I do…love to play Skyrim!

I drink…water and coffee in a normal day. lol 

I wish…I had a benefactor with endless means that could fund all of my wishes.

I am…a smart, strong, flawed, emotionally beat-up, loving, funny woman.

I am not…able to blow bubblegum bubbles or whistle.  I did finally learn how to snap my fingers though. lol

I need…tickets for NKOTB in Vancouver, B.C.  Time is running out!

I hope…to go to the beach this summer.  I need a few days away.

I want…a teleportation device to make traveling fast and easy!

I sometimes…get mad that I wasn't born into a family of quality people.  I've had to sever ties with those that refuse to treat me with love and that is a very hurtful thing to go through.

I always…sing along with songs on the radio and insert my own lyrics about chihuahuas.

I can…drink a lot of red wine without realizing it. lol

I cannot…tolerate the wearing of Crocs.

I avoid…conversations about religion or politics with family members because I usually have a completely opposite viewpoint.

I will…clean out my closet sometime in the next few months.

Now give it a go and don't forget to link up with Kenlie!  (Let me know you participated so I can read yours as well.)  Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Skirts

(Sorry for the delay this month.  Life has gotten in the way!  I hope to see all of your great skirted outfits!)

Welcome to the third installment of Sartorial Medley, a monthly fashion challenge hosted by myself and Aislynn of Couture for Curves.  (Did you miss the January or February or March fun?) We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  From now until the 25th, email me your photo and link to your blog post at diva@divinemrsdiva.com.

Now on to this month's theme: Skirts.

Sartorial Medley: Skirts - feat. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine's. DivineMrsDiva.com

I have a few new skirts that I wanted to wear for this month's Sartorial Medley.  Quite honestly, I wasn't sure what look I wanted to go for.  Eventually, I decided on a casual, playful look that would still allow me to wear leggings since it has been pretty chilly lately.

The skirt is a little bit loose now and longer than the proportion I wanted with the leggings, so I pulled it up a little bit.  Also, these LB tees are kind of long (which is usually great), but I needed the proportions to be just right.  So i did what i never do - I tucked in my shirt! lol  I added a coordinating light-weight scarf for extra color and glittery flats for fun and comfort.

Don't forget to take some pictures of you in your favorite skirt and email them to me to include in mine and Aislynn's posts!

Sartorial Medley: Skirts - feat. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine's. DivineMrsDiva.com Slub V-Neck Tee - Lane Bryant
Knit Flippy Skirt - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Fashion Bug (Similar)
Shoes - Fashion Bug, I think.  I have had them a long time.
Scarf - Catherine's (a few years ago. They have great light-weight scarves.)

Sartorial Medley: Skirts - feat. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine's. DivineMrsDiva.com

Sartorial Medley: Skirts - feat. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine's. DivineMrsDiva.com

Sartorial Medley: Skirts

 photo SartorialMedleySkirtsAis.jpg
Aislynn of Couture for Curves
 photo SartorialMedleySkirtsKelly2.jpg
Kelly of Loopier By The Minute

Monday, April 15, 2013

Q & A Monday: Twenty Questions

Hey, y'all!!

I hope you are all back from a fun weekend.  We attended a fun game night with friends on Saturday, playing a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.  I ended up having a bottle too much a little bit too much wine.  Therefore, Sunday was a low-key day of recovery.  We had so many errands we were supposed to get done, so I was pretty mad at myself.  It was nice to get some more rest though.

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Twenty Questions

1. Share something that you enjoy doing when you’re alone. 
Dancing around the house with the music blaring or singing.

2. What do you plan to eat next?
We haven't gone grocery shopping, so I don't know.  Our typical lunch is not in the fridge.  I may just have celery and an avocado.

3. When did you first travel on a plane?  Where did you go?
I believe I was 6 or 8...somewhere in there....and I went to visit my Mamaw in Mississippi, traveling from Texas most likely.

4. Do you currently have a crush on someone?  If so, share a few of the reasons why.  
I have a crush on my husband always. He is pretty darn awesome. I also always honor my 25-year-long NKOTB crush.

5. List one thing that disgusts you that probably wouldn’t bother someone else. 
Tomato soup/V8/Bloody Marys.

6. If you could buy a new car tomorrow (and money was no object) what would you buy?
I'd buy a nice car that comes with a chauffeur.

7. Who was the first person who broke your heart? 
Besides my parents, probably my best friend from high school.

8. If you could spend the night with a celebrity tonight, who would it be? 
I am predisposed to say NKOTB, but I want to think of this question in a non-sexual way.  New Kids would be so fun to hang out with.  I guess I'd have to have a big party and invite all the fun, down-to-earth celebrities I can think of.

9. Are you a morning person or a night person? 
Definitely a night person.  I have better creative thoughts and feel more productive at night, but I am trying to become more of a morning person.  I am still in the beginning changes of tweaking my schedule.

10. What’s your favorite board game?
Hmmm...Well if you say "Table Top Game" instead, I can go with Cards Against Humanity. (If you don't know what it is, I talk about it here.)

11. Can you play an instrument? If so, what do you play? 
No, that is something I never got into.  I wish I played something though.

12. What is the last thing you ate? 
Toast with some cherry preserves and almonds.

13. Do you wear a watch?  
Not usually.  I generally just use my cell these days to keep time.

14. Do you go to church?
No.  My childhood experience of being forced to attend, while also learning about the hypocrisy of the people who claimed to be so "God-like", has turned me off of organized religion for good.

15. Do you ever wish on stars?

16.  Have you ever been on a motorcycle? 
Yes, my dad used to own one when I was little.  I rode on it a few times.  It was scary.

17. What is the last thing you purchased?
Some Etsy things for a birthday gift.

18. How big is your bed? 
King.  I LOVE having a huge bed.

19. What size shoe do you wear?

20. What are you looking forward to most in the coming week? 
Catching up on stuff at home, working on some creative stuff, and going to a joint birthday party on Saturday.

Now it is your turn! Happy Monday!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Diva In The Kitchen: Party Appetizers

We've been participating in monthly Bunco nights since December with our friends/family.  March was our month to host, which put us in charge of food and drinks for the night.  Dessert is a requirement, but the host also provides snacks as well.

I decided to skim through all my saved party food on Pinterest in search of some new, tasty recipes to try for Bunco night.  All of the appetizers were well-received, so I just had to share them with you.  In order to keep this post from being crazy long, I am simply linking the recipe back to where I found it with some additional notes on what I added or changed.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Cream Cheese-Olive Spread

First up is a Cream Cheese-Olive Spread.  The combination of flavors seems odd, but they all work together quite well.  Aside from using organic cream cheese, the following list is what I did differently:
  • Combined pimento-stuffed olives and blue cheese-stuffed olives in the spread
  • Added Italian seasoning, fresh ground pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder (about a tsp. of each)
 photo spacergreendots.png

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Smoked Salmon Rolls

Next up are these delicious Smoked Salmon Rolls.  These were almost all gone by the end of the night.  The horseradish with the smoked salmon is so very tasty.  I made a few changes to the original and have a few tips on executing this:

  • I added a little bit more horseradish 
  • Also added the juice of 1 lemon, a couple teaspoons of dried dill, onion powder and garlic powder to taste
  • The recipe calls for 400 grams of smoke salmon (which is 1 lb.) and 200 grams of cream cheese (which is 8 oz.)
  • The directions for putting this together are pretty accurate.  I wanted to add that it is a good idea to drizzle a little bit of olive oil on the plastic wrap and spread it all over before laying down your salmon slices.  This just helped me remove the wrap better once the roll set.
  • When laying out your slices, make sure you create a long rectangle.  Ours was about 28 inches by 8 inches. 
DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Smoked Salmon Rolls

 photo spacergreendots.png

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

The true belle of the ball were these Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches. These disappeared SO FAST! I was able to eat one right after they came out of the oven and that was it. lol  They were gone!   The flavors team up with the melted cheese and warm rolls in a delicious combination.  Here are my tips and changes:
  • For the ham, I used Black Forest and Rosemary Ham from Trader Joe's. 
  • I used whole grain mustard (mainly because I hate yellow mustard).  I love the flavor the whole grain brings to any recipe.
  • I didn't marinate the sandwiches in the topping at all.  A lot of the reviews talk about the sandwiches becoming soggy, which I was concerned about.  I drizzled the topping on and baked them immediately.
  • The tops of the rolls slide off as the cheese melts, so you may have to scooch the tops back on halfway through cooking and when you take them out of the oven.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

 photo spacergreendots.png

Other foods I served for the party:

Trader Joe's Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Pineapple Salsa

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Pineapple Salsa from Trader Joe's

DivineMrsDiva.com - Party Appetizers: Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

And a gratuitous photo of my lovely Gerbera daisies that the husband brought me that weekend:


Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Wore: Fantastically Floral

It is finally starting to feel spring-like around these parts.  We've had some beautiful samples of what a lovely spring day should be like, with sun, breeze, birds, and flowers.  In the Pacific Northwest, it is important to take advantage of these beautiful days because they don't come all that often.  I type this during a week straight of rain.  On one such lovely day, I got all spiffy for dinner out and a few fun errands.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

I have a lot of solid colored pieces from Kiyonna, so I opted to try this beautiful floral patterned top.  I am so glad I did!  The vibrant green and blue is just gorgeous.  The top itself is made of a stretchy polyester/spandex that is comfortable and flowing.  The bust isn't super low-cut and fit very well.

The pretty blue hue in the top is almost a purple shade.  It happened to be almost identical to the purple pencil skirt I bought from Lane Bryant about a month ago.  I was so excited to go all out on the color with this outfit.  The plus is that both of these pieces were so comfy, I felt like I was wearing pajamas.  They are just easy, great additions to any wardrobe.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

I added my leaf necklace to play on the floral pattern without drawing any attention away from it.  My silver necklaces were just too bright in the overall look.  Strappy sandal wedges completed this dressier look, though I also paired it with black sandal flats to run errands.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt Devon Dolman Sleeve Top - Kiyonna  (I am wearing a 4x (26/28), am 5'9".)
Blue/Purple Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt - Lane Bryant
Wedges - Payless
Leaves Necklace - In Pink

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Devon Dolman Sleeve Top, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt  Rocking Kiyonna on a run to Target for my NKOTB CD!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the top in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey, y'all! I am bringing you another product review that I received for free through BzzAgent.  I have had a great time trying and reviewing products from them for quite a while now.  It is free to sign up, so if this interests you, get to it!  I've tried and reviewed wine, a teeth-whitening kit, air freshners, and men's socks and boxers.  Obviously, the husband tried the last ones. lol

I was skeptical about trying the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge shampoo, conditioner, and the 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment.  While I use a few cheaper drugstore styling products along with my expensive ones, I don't usually skimp on shampoo and conditioner because they greatly affect my hair.  I have thick, naturally wavy/curly hair.  I color it at home monthly, so it tends to be coarse and dry when I am not conditioning it properly.

Since these products were free and I hadn't used drugstore shampoo and conditioner in a while, I decided to try it out.  Upon their arrival, I used the shampoo and 1-minute treatment.  They smell wonderful - fruity and kind of tropical, like a yummy drink with an umbrella in it.  The shampoo is a normal consistency that lathers up a lot.  After rinsing out the shampoo, I put the thicker, creamy 1-minute treatment in my hair.  I rinsed it out after 10 minutes and proceeded to dry my hair and check out the results.

After the first use, there were no immediate results. My hair didn't feel different at all.  Typically, when I use a conditioning treatment, I have immediate results.  I continued using all three products for three weeks.  The regular conditioner is a slightly less thick version of the 1-minute treatment.  I used the shampoo and conditioner about twice a week, alternating in the 1-minute treatment twice a week.

As the final week concluded, I could tell that this trio dried my hair out substantially. (Lately, my main shampoo is Revlon Fresh Curls followed my Bedhead Moisture Maniac.)  My hair was frizzier.  My curls didn't want to cooperate.  I had lots of flyaways and no added shine.

To conclude, this trio did not work for me, nor would I choose to purchase it.  I am going to give it to my husband because his hair isn't quite as picky as mine.  Now I need to buy my coveted Nexxus hydrating shampoo and conditioner and do weekly conditioning treatments to try to fix the damage this trio has done.

I followed up with some friends of mine about this product and they all had similar results.  They walked away with dry and itchy scalp, dull hair, dry strands, and a dislike for all things Garnier Fructis.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Q & A Monday: TV, Movies, and Me

Hey, y'all!!

Nothing too exciting to report about this weekend.  We've been enjoying our only free weekend in April (or actually our only free weekend until the end of May).  We do enjoy our free time.  It has been movies, tv shows, video games, and sleeping mostly.  The calm before the storm, people.

Now let's get into Q&A Monday!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

TV, Movies, and Me

1. If you could be a recurring star on a show that is currently on TV, which show would you choose? 
Parks and Rec.  It is a fun comedy show with awesome people.  I would LOVE it.

2. Name the movie that you are most embarrassed to admit that you love. 
I can't think of one I am embarrassed about.  I love "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", "Far and Away", "Steel Magnolias", "Dirty Dancing", "My Best Friend's Wedding", ".....etc etc.  Okay, maybe "Teen Witch" and the "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movies (because I LOVE talking animals).

3. Name one show that you’ve never seen and would love to watch.  
If we take a loose, non-tv or movie related interpretation, I wish I could have seen Westlife perform before they broke up.  OH, if I go the Broadway route, "Hairspray"!

4. Do you ever go to movies alone?  
Not lately.  When I worked at a craft store in town years ago, I would sometimes go see a movie at the theater next door before or after my work shift. 

5. If you could only watch one TV show for the next year, which show would you choose and why?
Maybe The Daily Show or Conan because they are funny and do a handful of shows during the week so it doesn't get too old.

6. If you could star in one reality show, which one would it be and why?  
It would be my own show that could either be me on tour with bands/groups I like, hanging out and doing fun stuff.  Or some kind of travel show where I also hang out and do fun activities with celebrities.

7. If someone rented a billboard for you, what would it say?  
"Love Who You Are".  Something like that.  I'd want it to be something positive for everyone and not just me.

8. Who is the most famous person with whom you have been in the same room? 
Hmmmmmm, well, I took this to mean not a concert but in the same room with, so I am going with that.  Britney Spears, various members of NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, all the New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees, Keanu Reeves, Geraldo Rivera,  lol....Wil Wheaton, Gosh I don't know who else.  Most of you probably aren't interested in most of those people.

9. If you were chosen to be a contestant on a TV game show, which show would you want to be on?
My husband suggested I should be on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: NKOTB Edition".  I would totally win.  lol

10. If there was a movie being made about you, which actor would you choose to play you?
Okay, this one was really tough too.  Here is a list of my top choices thus far: Queen Latifah, America Ferrera, Rebel Wilson with dark hair, or Sara Rue BEFORE she lost weight and was super cute.

 Alrighty, y'all! Your turn to answer the questions.  Hope you all have a Happy Monday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Video Blog - Dialect Experiment

Hope everyone has had a fun week!  I have been keeping busy staying up-to-date with all the NKOTB appearances since their album came out on Tuesday.  So exciting!

I am also really excited to show you this latest video.  It is a Dialect Experiment that I saw on The Plus Side of Me and, most recently, Happyness Magnet.  Both Rebecca and Rachel say things a bit differently than I do, so I thought this would be really fun to participate in.

Right before filming it, I decided to pull my husband into it as well.  We are both from different parts of the country, so I thought it would be interesting to compare our dialects.  The result was really fun for us and I hope you enjoy the video!

Say these words:
Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

Now answer these questions:
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  •  What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
  •  What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
  •  What do you call gym shoes?
  •  What do you say to address a group of people?
  •  What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
  •  What do you call your grandparents?
  •  What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  •  What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
  •  What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I (Heart) NKOTB!!!

NKOTB stands for New Kids On The Block, just in case you have been under a rock or on a different planet for a long while.  I have been a proud New Kids fan for twenty-five years!  It hasn't always been an easy road, seeing as how most people have made fun of me - both playfully and maliciously.  Mostly maliciously if we are being completely honest.

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
I believe this was my 9th birthday.  My mom laminated some of my New Kids cards to decorate the cake.  This was before she got all anti-NK.

But guess what?  It has all been worth it because the New Kids have been a highlight in my life that has made me consistently happy.  When I have a bad day, I can listen to New Kids and all is right with the world.  I am sure we all have some singer or band or music that does that for us.  And if you don't, find something!
DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
This is very truthful.

I have met some of my closest friends through our love of NKOTB.  That Blockhead sister connection is nothing to mess with, y'all.  It's Love Eternal.

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
 My friend Norm and I, Second Row

I wasn't allowed to go see a New Kids concert as a kid.  None of my family was supportive of my love for them and did as much as they could to discourage my NK love.  I always held out hope I would be able to see the guys perform, even after they broke up in 1994.  I cried for a week straight, but I kept the hope alive.  So you can imagine my exuberant excitement when the New Kids finally reunited in 2008.  When the tour was announced, they were going to be in my neck of the woods while I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii.  I was devastated.  You cannot even imagine.  Seriously.  I can't even go there right now....

Turns out, I picked the most awesome man to marry because he was super understanding and pushed our honeymoon back a week so I could go to the concerts.  Since 2008, I am happy to say I have seen the New Kids in concert seven times, met all the guys at the Meet and Greet, and sat in a movie theater with them watching their "Coming Home" DVD.  And aside from the first level seats I had with my husband for one show, I have been as close as 2nd row and as far back as 9th row.  (I've been trying to make up for lost time.)

I don't think words can really describe how grateful and ecstatic I am to have had these opportunities.  It's been this dream of mine since I was 8-years-old to go to a concert, to meet the New Kids.  I've held on to that dream and, for some reason, I was lucky enough to have them come true.

Which brings me to the actual reason I started this post (before I went on a tangent about my undying love for NKOTB)....Their new album "10" came out on Tuesday!!  While I pre-ordered the iTunes version for the exclusive song "Block Party" (my new jam) and I ordered the Deluxe package for the Fenway concert DVD, I still had to run out to Target to get the CD for the two exclusive songs on that copy.  These guys know how to take my money! lol

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!

I managed to snag the last CD in the store.  It was sitting there waiting for me like we belonged together, which we do.  It was nice to have a physical copy in my hand.  The convenience of downloading music to a tiny machine you can take everywhere is awesome, but there will never be an experience to take the place of physically leafing through the booklet while you have your first listen to the music it belongs to.

What's great about this booklet (besides the hot photos) is that they have done it up proper!  It has the lyrics listed, along with who sings what part.  Now, I know voices, but it is nice to have that anyway.  That's the way a boy band booklet needs to be!

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
Me, checking out the HOT-CHA-CHA photo in the booklet!

So there you go.  I'm sorry I got on a tangent, but I could talk to you about this all night.  Do you have a question about the New Kids? Ask away.  Do you want to share your favorite group and your love for them?  Are you part of some fandom that makes you happy on your darkest days?  Please share.

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
Joe Mac in what I like to call his "Disney Prince Pose"

DivineMrsDiva.com - I (Heart) NKOTB!!!
Meet and Greet in July 2009 in Auburn, WA

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wore: Ladylike

I borrowed this pretty dress from Gwynnie Bee back in January.  I don't know why it took me this long to post it.  (The green and black version is still available to try via Gwynnie Bee.)

This is the Lynette Sweater Dress by IGIGI, the first dress I have tried from the company.  It is made very well and I love the full skirt.  The top is made of a thinner sweater material that isn't too bulky.  While it was comfortable and pretty, I felt like the top portion of the dress didn't quite fit me like it should.  It was a bit baggy.  I blame this on my smaller bust (A/B), so if you are a bustier gal this should be great on you.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Lynette Sweater Dress, IGIGI, Gwynnie Bee, Plus Size

DivineMrsDiva.com - Lynette Sweater Dress, IGIGI, Gwynnie Bee, Plus Size
Lynette Sweater Dress in Black - IGIGI via Gwynnie Bee
Black Bow Wedges - Avenue
Black Rhinestone Bracelets - Torrid
Heart Necklace - Had it for years

Don't know about Gwynnie Bee?  It is "Clothing Without Commitment" - a great way to try different brands and styles without spending a lot of money.  Gwynnie Bee offers lots of options in plus size clothing and different plans for how many items you want to borrow at a time.  You can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial to see how you like it.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Lynette Sweater Dress, IGIGI, Gwynnie Bee, Plus Size

Monday, April 1, 2013

Q & A Monday: Childhood Flashbacks

Hey, y'all!

I hope everyone had a restful and happy weekend.  We did grocery shopping again on Friday night, followed by a late dinner.  Saturday was a lazy day of watching some DVRed shows, washing the furboys, and playing Skyrim.

On Sunday, we had a rough start.  I wasn't having a pleasant morning due to some anxiety issues, but we finally managed to head over to my sister-in-law's parents' house for brunch.

The food was so tasty; the company was delightful; and it was a very lovely day.  I am very grateful to have family I can choose to be with, instead of the ones I was dealt at birth. It is still hard for me on holidays and such to deal with the fact that I have been disowned by people who claimed to love me.  I have a really hard time dealing with it, harder than people realize.  I just don't have anyone to talk to about it.  The positive is that the negativity those people brought into my life is greatly diminished.

The kiddos all excited after Easter egg hunting!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Childhood Flashbacks
*more like Childhood Memories, not as traumatic as Childhood Flashbacks

1. Did you have a set bedtime as a child?  If so, what was it?
As a child, I am sure I did.  It was probably 8 or 9pm. I never liked going to bed.  I always felt I was missing out on stuff.  I guess I still feel that way today.

2. Were you taught to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Did it affect your eating habits as an adult?  
I was.  I got in trouble (like grounded or spanked or something) if I didn't eat all my food.  I think it certainly had an affect on me as a child and young adult because I forced myself to eat everything on my plate, even if I was full.  In fact, it took me a long time to recognize when I was full. Nowadays, I make sure to try to leave half of my meal and take it home with me if we go out to eat.

3. Share one thing that you were not allowed to do as a child. 

I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things.  One of the things that makes me sad for Little Me was that I wasn't allowed to watch "The Cosby Show" as a kid.  I grew up in the South, for the most part, and much of my family was/is extremely racist.  My dad wouldn't allow me to watch The Cosbys because it was an "N-word show".  I hate that I grew up in such negativity, but I am happy I am not still a part of that ignorance.

4. What is the cheapest gas price you can remember?  

I have no idea.  I never paid attention to that stuff as a kid, and I still don't.

5. What was your favorite thing on the playground?  
Probably swings or the merry-go-round thing.

6. Share one thing that your parents always made you do that you didn’t like doing.  

Going to church, cleaning my room, going to bed, getting up early on the weekends...

7. Do you remember your first kiss?  If so, share the details!  

I do.  I was a late bloomer, so my first kiss was when I was 20. (I have always been very picky about who I spent my time with.)  I went out on a date with a friend of my brother while I was visiting family for Thanksgiving.  We saw a movie and when he dropped me off, he kissed me.  Nothing too crazy.

8. Did you prefer to play inside or outside?  

I have always been an inside girl.  You could usually find me in my room playing with my Barbies or My Little Ponies or dancing to New Kids On The Block. (Whom I still love, by the way. I've been a fan for 25 years and I am very proud of that.)
I did love to explore the neighborhood with friends and ride my bike at top speed (I put my small boombox in my bike basket and blasted "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson and road my bike as fast as I could).  Also, playing Four Square or hopscotch, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, jumping on the trampoline....Those were fun things.

9. What was your favorite TV show growing up? 

Anything My Little Pony.  I had favorite shows like "David The Gnome", "Reading Rainbow", "Kids Incorporated", and more.  And then when I was in middle school, I watched "Full House", "Talespin", "Ducktales", and something else after school.  I had lots of favorite shows.

10. Share one awesome childhood memory.  

Going to visit my Mamaw for two weeks in the summer was always fun.  I'd get to ride the 4-wheeler, make donuts, hang out with friends, and the like.

Bonus: Share a picture of yourself as a child.  

L-R: Baby Me, My outfit for my first horse show, playing in my Mamaw's yard, and being silly.

Now it is your turn! Link up with me in the comments and over on Kenlie's page! Happy Monday!

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