What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top

It is time for another "What I Didn't Wear".  If you missed the first post in this series, check it out here

I want to reiterate that this feature is not about being negative to my body, anyone else's body, or any brand of clothing.  I simply want to show you the flipside of all the fun outfit posts, by being up front about the things that don't work and why.

One of the things I find valuable about using Gwynnie Bee's service is that I get to try on different brands and sizes and styles that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to try.  Showing you how certain items fit my body type/size will hopefully help you get an idea of the sizing and brands as well.

What I didn't wear is the Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top.

What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top - DivineMrsDiva.com

I love the colors and patterns of the Vince Camuto clothing line.  There are some really great pieces that I would love to own.  Sizing only goes up to a 3X and right now I am a 26/28, but I thought I would try it anyway.

So first, I will tell you about what I didn't like.  It was too tight.  I am not personally comfortable with this level of body hugging and especially in this particular style.  I also felt it was a wee bit short on me. (For reference, I am 5'9".)   The arms were very form-fitting, even though the material is stretchy and comfortable.  Meaning, I didn't feel like I was stuffed into a sausage casing, but I am just not personally comfortable with things being this tight on me.

Now let's talk about the things I enjoyed:
The color is fantastic! It is a really bright, aqua blue that is so vibrant and pretty in person.  I also liked the pattern; I thought it was really fun.  The material (which wasn't a cotton knit but a polyester/spandex blend) was smooth, stretchy, and comfortable.  I was surprised that I liked the asymmetric neckline and hem.  It lends a fun and unexpected detail to an otherwise simple top.  I think this top is made well.  Plus, it kind of made my butt look awesome.

What I Didn't Wear: Vince Camuto Star-Print Knit Top - DivineMrsDiva.com

So there you have it.  If you are a true size 3X, and maybe even a 2X, this will probably be perfect on you.  Of course, all bodies are different, so take that into account and just try stuff on!  You never know unless you try.  Other Vince Camuto items can be found on Gwynnie Bee, at Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's.

Have you worn this top or tried some other Vince Camuto items?  What are your thoughts?


  1. honestly, I think the slightly shorter top and fit are flattering on you. The cut of the neck looks a little awkward. Is that your bra peeping out? But with a different bra it might work. When I saw the picture my first thought is wow, she looks so open... not sure if that makes sense. But you always look so cute so obviously you know what you are doing.

  2. Thanks, Sami! Good eye, that is my Spanx tank sticking out from the neckline. I didn't bothering taking it off because I knew I didn't like the fit of the top. A bra probably wouldn't show at all in the neckline. This top was just way too form-fitting for my comfort level. If I tried it on with a skirt, I probably wouldn't have had any issues with the length of it. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. (Guest below is me, something was messed up when I tried to enter my name, etc, very strange).

    Anyway, just wanted to say again, really like the neckline. Not keen on the colors, but gem tones look so nice on you :)

  4. Thank you. I am glad it comes off as cute to others, but it definitely made me uncomfortable because I just don't like to wear things so tight.

  5. I am pretty sure it sent me an email with your name on it, but that is weird it posted as "Guest". I know Disqus is starting to update and add new features, so it may act crazy before everything gets smoothed out.

    And thank you. I really love the bright color and the neckline is great. I'd love to see more plus size garments with different necklines and such. It isn't a detail you see often.

  6. So strange. Well, anyway, it's me either way.

    I'd also like to see more with different necklines. V is nice, round is nice, square is nice...but uneven can be really nice if done right, too.