Thursday, October 31, 2013

House Tour: The Dressing Room - Dressing Room Tour!!!

This is the second installment of my Dressing Room Tour.  In the first part, I showed you what the room looked like prior to painting and unpacking.  In the weeks following our move, I began sorting through clothes, shoes, pajamas, stored clothes, etc. etc. to thin out the herd a bit.  Then we built a wardrobe while I looked everywhere for curtains.  It was a slow process, but has been completely worth it to me.  My dressing room is my favorite room in the house!  I wish I could have all of you over for cocktails and manicures and fun stuff like that.

This is a bit of a picture-heavy post, complete with a video where I walk you through the room and show you a better look at the glittery, pink walls.  (They just don't translate well to photos.)  I'll have links to products I used in my room (or similar products) under the photos and any extra links at the bottom of the post.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by commenting on the post or emailing me.

Welcome to my Dressing Room! - Dressing Room Tour!!!

The first thing you see as you walk in is a bookshelf full of pink, glittery trinkets.  The back of the bookshelf was covered with fabric when we first built it for our last place.  It holds fun odds and ends, gifts, photos, and the like.  The glittery pig was one I glittered myself recently.  I love the way it turned out!  My grandma made the little beaded angel for me quite a few years ago and the other things I have collected for a while.

The second shelf holds rings and bracelets, while the third shelf holds glittery sprays and powders.  The last two shelves have a few more tchotchkes, my fabric steamer (I use it more than an iron these days), and extra body lotions and sprays. - Dressing Room Tour!!! - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Bracelet holders  - Michaels Arts and Crafts; Ring Holder - JoAnns Fabrics (similar); Bookshelves - Wal-Mart - Dressing Room Tour!!!

I recently found this great rug that fit so well with the colors and feel of the room.  I'm so happy to finally have a rug that really anchors everything.  I have been searching high and low for quite sometime.  Before we even found a house we loved, I was looking for curtains.  I decided my color scheme a couple years ago, but didn't begin the search for curtains until earlier this year. Wal-Mart had some fabulous ones that I was waiting to buy until we had the room ready.  When I went to buy them, they were all sold out. (Back in stock now, of course!)  Fortunately, these black and white ones were found a couple weeks later.  It was meant to be, I suppose.  The storage bench was bought a few years ago for our last place.  There was no space for it in our current living room, so it came here to live and serves me well. - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Farrah Fretwork Window Panels - Target; Floral Rug - Target; Storage Bench - (similar)

I made these two display boards from stretched canvas, fabric, and ribbon trim.  They have been so useful in holding brooches and photos.  With the wardrobe spanning one entire wall, I didn't know where I was going to hang them.  After we brought in the bookcases, I used Command hooks to hang them on the ends of the bookcases. - Dressing Room Tour!!!

A view of the room from the closet end.  The window looks out in the yard to my favorite tree and rose bushes. - Dressing Room Tour!!!

My vanity table and beautification area. lol  If you want to learn how to make a vanity table for yourself, visit my tutorial post.  I started adding more of my "chubby girl art" finds and look forward to adding a lot more. - Dressing Room Tour!!! - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Frames from various locations and glittered by me; From top left: From The Hip Goddess Art from Hallmark circa 2006-ish.  I have been collecting them.; Hula Hoop Girl and Librarian Pinup from Etsy seller jenoaks; Nude lady from Etsy seller ladyatlarge.

To the left of the vanity table is the other bookshelf.  It provides storage for the clothing iron, belts, boas, lip products, extra samples, brushes, and cleaners, and other odds and ends.  I'm still working on this area to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but it works for me right now. - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Polka dot containers - Zulily.  They are Isaac Mizrahi Home Collection storage bins in Medium.;  

To the right of the vanity table is a smaller shelf with more jewelry, makeup, and beauty samples.  This table is easier to reach while I am doing my makeup, so I have it holding mostly beauty products.  The little radio has an iPad/iPod hookup and the sound is really great!  I can rock out while putting on my makeup, which is one of life's simple luxuries that I enjoy.  The lamp was a clearance find for $3.50, so I plan on adding some sparkle or feathers to the shade. - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Shelf unit - Target (ClosetMaid Stackables using the 3-Shelf Cabinet and Open Access Base);  Lamp - Lowe's;  
Expandable Jewelry Tree - The Container Store; Organizers - Target and Ikea

A view of the room from the window side.  The curtains are attached with sliders both in the closet and on the ceiling.  They work very well; the clips are really strong and latch on to the panels. - Dressing Room Tour!!!

In the closet I have dresses, pants, leggings, and capris hanging up on the right side.  The left side has hoodies and lingerie.  Any new stuff I buy or Gwynnie Bee stuff I get goes on a hanger and into the closet so I can iron it and/or try it on.  The top of the closet houses a foot spa, winter gloves and hats, purses, clutches, and big hats.  The shelves below have purses by size, jeans by style, and the rest are clothes I wear around the house.

The containers you see there are home to flip flops, bras, sunglasses, tiaras and hats, cosmetic bags, nail-related stuff and miscellaneous things that didn't have another home.  Boots, sneakers, and shoes too big for the shoe boxes are lined up along the bottom of the closet.  My ironing board and full length mirror are all concealed in a little space to the left of the closet. - Dressing Room Tour!!! - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Polka dot containers - Zulily.  They are Isaac Mizrahi Home Collection storage bins in Large. - Dressing Room Tour!!!

A look at the long wardrobe wall.  The big wardrobes and dresser are from Ikea.  They are very strong and haven't budged in holding all my clothes.  Each section is sorted by type first then by color.  I switched all my hangers from assorted plastic ones to these great velvet onesTops do not slip off of these velvet hangers and they look so much better than all the various unmatching plastic ones.  Robes hang on hooks behind the dresser.

The shoe boxes are dollar boxes from Wal-Mart.  I took photos of my shoes with a similar background and printed them out onto shiny paper.  The photos are simply taped to the appropriate shoe box using masking tape. - Dressing Room Tour!!!
PAX Wardrobe System - Ikea;  Kullen Dresser - Ikea;  Shoe Boxes - Wal-Mart;  
Velvet Hangers - Amazon and Costco;  Skirt Hangers - Amazon;  Wall Hooks - Home Depot

After downsizing from a very large dresser to this smaller one, I had to get rid of a good amount of stuff.  Somehow I managed to fold everything in a way that allowed it to fit and, in the case of my PJs, allows me to see everything at a glance.  Everything gets used more this way as well. - Dressing Room Tour!!!

Other shoes that wouldn't fit above the wardrobe get stored on top of the bookshelves.  All of my flats fit rather nicely along the top and are easily accessible. - Dressing Room Tour!!!
Extra links:
DYMO Rechargeable Handheld Label Maker - Amazon; Valspar Pantone Universe Paint in Cabaret, Behr Premium Plus Paint in Southern Beauty, Valspar Paint Crystals in Silver, and Black and White Grip Shelf Liner; Ingolf Stool - Ikea

And if you want to see the room in action (and me acting like a super dork), check out the video below.  In my defense, it was late and I was super nervous.  lol

And if you have made it this far, Thank you!!  I hope you enjoyed looking at my room as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Now go make your own Oasis of Fabulousness!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Q & A Monday: What If?

I'm back after a VERY busy weekend.  I was able to spend a lot of great time with my family as we came together to say goodbye to their grandpa.  We celebrated his life on Sunday.

In between family gatherings, I didn't get any other blog stuff done or any house stuff for that matter, so I have been pushing myself today to try to catch up.  Productivity was had this morning and then I kind of dropped the ball.  However, in working on chores this morning, I started rewatching Roswell from the beginning and just love it all over again.

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  Let's get going with the questions!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

What If?

1.  If you had something in your teeth would you want someone to tell you, or would you prefer to figure it out on your own?  
Oh my gosh, please tell me.  If you are my friend, you will tell me.

2.  If you had to listen to one song on repeat all day today, which song would you choose? 
Hmmmm, right now I think I would choose "Let's Go Out With A Bang" by NKOTB.

3.  If you could trade places with someone famous, with whom would you trade? 
Maybe a boy band member so I can find out what all that adoration feels like.  Maybe I'd be Donnie Wahlberg or Nick Carter. lol

4.  If you could speak another language fluently, which one would you speak?  
Spanish would probably be the most helpful.

5.  If you could read one person’s mind right now whose would you choose?  

I think that is more trouble and drama than I care to take on.  Maybe my mom or brother so I could try to understand why they are so delusional.

6. If you were forced to go back in time, which period of your life would you choose?  
Gosh, this is pretty difficult.  From 11 to 25, I was miserable and depressed, so reliving any of that seems terrible.  Maybe I would go back to before I was 8 because things felt happier and we did fun stuff.  Or, I would choose my mid-teens and maybe I could deal with things better and stand up for myself.  Or maybe I would go back to when I was 20 and lived in Boston and take better advantage of that time.

7.  If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?  

The Office, if I could get with Jim Halpert.  Roswell for some hot alien action.  Parks and Rec because everyone is so funny.  Blue Bloods so Donnie can handcuff me. Er, I mean, I am having trouble thinking of stuff.

8.  If you had to give up twitter or Facebook, which would you choose?  

Well, Twitter provides more useful information.  Facebook lets me say more and show more pictures blog-wise, but also allows me to keep in touch with family and friends.  I wouldn't want to give up either, but it is easier to keep up with Facebook.

9.  If you could have a present today, what would you want?  
I'd want a hired landscaper to come work on the yard.  It needs weeding and tidying up.

10.  If you had to choose between celebrating Halloween or Christmas, which would you choose?

I love Halloween, but most of my friends are busy with kid stuff now so there aren't any parties or the like.  With Christmas, at least most people are having gatherings and there are a ton of fun things to do.  Plus, I get to see family and friends and celebrate my husband's birthday.

Now it is your turn!  Have an awesome week!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

What I Wore: Eyelash Peplum - ASOS Curve Eyelash Peplum Top, SWAK Designs Amber Shrug, Old Navy Skinny jeans, Sequin Converse, Coach handbag

It has been a stressful month here for a myriad of reasons (which I will touch on later), so I was super happy to get out for a leisurely kind of day.  It gave me a reason to finally wear my ASOS peplum top!!

The top is made of a stretchy knit that is soft and comfortable.  I bought this in a UK 22, which translates to a US 26.  It was a little snug in the bust, but not tight.  Plus, it was loose enough everywhere else that I didn't have to wear shapewear.

The sleeves aren't cap sleeves, but they don't quite reach the elbow.  This is a great feature that makes transitioning into various seasons a snap!  I definitely look forward to buying more peplum tops from ASOS.  They keep having some great patterns and colors. - ASOS Curve Eyelash Peplum Top, SWAK Designs Amber Shrug, Old Navy Skinny jeans, Sequin Converse, Coach handbag - ASOS Curve Eyelash Peplum Top, SWAK Designs Amber Shrug, Old Navy Skinny jeans, Sequin Converse, Coach handbag

We went to the farmer's market for the first time in a couple years, bought groceries, had lunch with the mom-in-law, etc.  I kept things casual with my shrug and jeans.  For a touch of sparkle, I added my sequin Converse.  It was such a comfortable, fun outfit to wear. 

PS - The jeans are pretty great so far.  They have stretched just a tad in the waist (after a few wears), but otherwise still fit everywhere else.  I love the length and the legs fit more true to the skinny jean silhouette than others I have tried. - Fall Day Out - Lunch on the Waterfront Vancouver, WA

It was quite a lovely day to have lunch on the waterfront.  It was in the 70s for most of the past two weeks and just gorgeous.  That is kind of unheard of for this time of year. - ASOS Curve Eyelash Peplum Top, SWAK Designs Amber Shrug, Old Navy Skinny jeans, Sequin Converse, Coach handbag
Eyelash Peplum Top - ASOS Curve
Dark-Wash Skinny Jeans - Old Navy
Amber Shrug - SWAK Designs
Sequin Converse - Target (Similar here and here)
Pink Coach handbag - a birthday gift from my sister and stepdad

What is your favorite leisure fall day activity?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

House Tour: Making of My Dressing Room

Since we have the house mostly in order, it is finally time to present the details of my beloved dressing room to you.  I have been so excited to share and do a big reveal!!  I still have a few things to do, like paint my wooden chandelier, put in a new light fixture and ceiling fan, find a rug, add more artwork, touch up paint, etc.  But it dawned on me that if I wait until it is absolute perfection, I may never get the post done.

I also thought it would be fun to show you what it looked like before we started working on it.  This post is Part One in the two part fun! 

The lady who owned the house before us left various furniture.  Some of it has been useful and other pieces will be sold or given away.  She was using this room as a guest bedroom.  The walls were a very light periwinkle color that seemed almost white in the daylight. - Making of The Dressing Room

The closet came with some really handy organization already installed.  This feature helped greatly with my ideas of organizing and categorizing various clothing and accessories. - Making of The Dressing Room

We removed the closet doors (two of the door panels were used to create a crafting desk for me upstairs), moved out all the furniture, and spent quite a bit of time taping the room and covering everything to the best of our ability.  After that, we used a white primer to even everything out and start fresh. - Making of The Dressing Room

The next day we began adding color.  I wanted the shorter walls to be my sparkly statement walls because they weren't going to be covered entirely by furniture.  The longer walls of the room were painted a lighter pink to avoid the stark contrast of white with the deep fuchsia color. - Making of The Dressing Room

During this time, we decided to paint the closet to give it a more polished look.  I had no idea when we would have time to do it because my stepdad came into town for a quick weekend and we had a family BBQ to attend.  My ever so helpful mother-in-law worked diligently to paint the closet white with the primer paint.  I was pretty happy with that, but then I longed to paint it the light pink color to tie the room together.  Had I known it would take me ten hours to paint that closet pink, I probably wouldn't have done it.  But I am very happy with the end result! - Making of The Dressing Room - Making of The Dressing Room

I spent a lot of time researching how I was going to decorate my room and what color scheme I wanted (black and white and fuchsia), so I was excited when I found this black and white shelf liner to add to the closet.  It isn't really seen much with all my stuff nestled on top, but it adds some fun and cohesiveness to the whole scheme of things. - Making of The Dressing Room

When we started to take the tape off, there were quite a few places where the paint wanted to come off with the tape.  I had no idea you were supposed to take the tape off after every paint job.  It would have taken us at least a week to finish the room if we did that.  As it was, we only had three very long days.  I was getting frustrated, so my husband sent me out and closed the door.  He took off all the tape, vacuumed, and replaced some of the outlet covers in order to do a big reveal for me. - Making of The Dressing Room (Valspar Pantone Cabaret Paint, Behr Southern Beauty)

It is really hard to capture the sparkles in the paint in a photo.  I plan on doing a little video for y'all so you can see the sparkles better.  I used the Valspar Paint Crystals in Silver to achieve this.  It is still way more subtle than I would like.  Personally, I wanted solid pink glitter, but that would be quite expensive.

The paint crystals are a very, very fine glitter.  The package says to use one pack per gallon, but I used half a pack per quart.  How I wish I had just gone all in!!  I'd do about five times that in the future.  It turned out very beautiful still; It's just that it wasn't as glittery as the picture in my head.  If you use the paint crystals, wait until the paint dries and then use a microfiber cloth to buff the walls for more shine.  It makes a huge difference. - Making of The Dressing Room (Valspar Paint Crystals)

When all was painted, it was time to start the moving process.  Here is a stitched photo of a majority of my things piled into the room.  You can't see the eight large garbage bags filled with clothes and handbags, panties and bras, jeans and socks and pajamas.  (But you get the idea.) - Making of The Dressing Room

Next week, I'll take you on a tour of the organized space!! 

Products used:  Valspar Pantone Universe Paint in Cabaret, Behr Premium Plus Paint in Southern Beauty, Valspar Paint Crystals in Silver, and Black and White Grip Shelf Liner.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Positively Pink

It is time again for Sartorial Medley, a monthly themed fashion post hosted by myself and Aislynn of Aislynn's World.  (Did you miss the previous posts? Check them out!) We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  From now until the end of the month, email me your photo and link to your blog post  - diva (at) divinemrsdiva (dot) com.  

This month we are also adding ways to participate, even if you don't have a blog.  Just Tweet or Instagram your photo with #SartorialMedley to be featured in the blog post.  We can't wait to see you rocking your outfits!  (Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @DivineMrsDiva.)

Now on to this month's theme: Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

October seems to be a month drawing awareness to many things - one of those being breast cancer.  Remember to check your breasts regularly and know what is the normal for you.  Also, if you are in the market for a wedding dress or looking for a place to donate yours, please check out the great organization Brides Against Breast Cancer.  They have sales around the US throughout the year to help people impacted by cancer.  I bought my wedding dress at a local sale and have also volunteered at the sale. - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

I own tons of pink stuff.  "Pink is my signature color."  I have no shortage of pink to wear, but had to go with this recently purchased dress from Torrid.  I was drawn to the color and sleeve length and the fact that it would be perfect to wear with leggings and boots.  Plus, it has pockets! - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

The dress came with this skinny black belt.  I may actually wear a larger belt next time to balance the extra fabric in the bust.  It just seemed to swallow me up in the top, but the bottom fit very well.  I still enjoyed wearing the dress because it was comfortable without being too fussy or warm.  I ran around the house all day giving friends and family tours of the house. :-) - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots
Berry Allover Lace Surplice Dress - Torrid
Leggings - Fashion Bug
Boots - Avenue (similar here and here)
Owl Necklace - Possibly Avenue (from a few years ago) - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

Sartorial Medley: Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sartorial Medley Aislynn - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Aislynn of Aislynn's World
Sartorial Medley Liz - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What I Wore: Fall Jewel

The unpacking and organizing and obsessing over the house is winding down slowly.  We had our housewarming party this past weekend which really made us push to get a lot of last minute things done.  More about that later.... - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top

In between all the daunting house things, we've had a bit more time to have a life and see our friends.  Birthday parties abound lately, so I took the opportunity to try the new Posh Peplum Top from Kiyonna a couple different ways.

For my sister-in-law's 30th birthday party, I paired the top with my polka dot pencil skirt and boots.  It was such a comfy ensemble because the ponte knit is stretchy and soft.  I just adore the peplum silhouette and am a super huge fan of this top.  The deep violet shade is such a lovely jewel tone, but I NEED it in every color.

I am wearing this top in a 4X and almost think I could size down to a 3X because I have a smaller bust (B cup).  It didn't gap or hang weird and I certainly received a ton of compliments on it. - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top, Dark-Wash Skinny jeans from Old Navy, Avenue Boots

For my Aunt Wendy's party the following weekend, I went more casual and sassy.  My hair appointment finally rolled around, so I was in a happy "I just got my hair did" mode.  It just puts an extra pep in my step! - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top

With this look, I added a lace-trimmed cami underneath for a lovely little peek-a-boo.  I really love the way it looked with the sweetheart neckline.  The jewelry stayed simple with a sparkly lavender heart necklace.   The ponte peplum is definitely my new favorite top; it is a beautiful feminine and flirty silhouette that provides such a pulled together look with minimal effort and maximum comfort. - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top, Dark-Wash Skinny jeans from Old Navy, Avenue Boots
Posh Ponte Peplum Top - Kiyonna;  Polka Dot Ponte Pencil Skirt - Lane Bryant; Skinny Jeans - Old Navy; Boots - Avenue (Fall 2012); Leggings - Fashion Bug - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top, Polka Dot Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt from Lane Bryant, Avenue boots

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the top in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Q & A Monday: First Date Questions

Hey, y'all!

Another Monday is upon us.  Man, last week went fast!  This week, we are preparing for our housewarming party by doing some cleaning and various projects we can manage to get done in time.  Things have been a bit hectic lately, but hopefully everything will go smoothly.

This week's questions are about first dates.  To preface my answers, I am married and have been dating my husband for eight years.  I am thrilled I don't have to worry about first dates anymore because I hated dating.  Still, I wanted to answer the questions to the best of my ability.

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

First Date Questions

1.  Share the details of your dream date. 

Private jet to somewhere fantastic and luxurious, amusement park, etc. lol

2. Do you tend to make the first move when you want to kiss someone, or do you prefer that someone else does it? 
I let the guy make the first move.  I didn't feel comfortable doing that. 

3.  Sex on the first date:  Yes or no?  

No.  I didn't give it away for free. lol

4.  Share the details of the worst date ever.  

It was a blind date with a guy that my friend set me up with.  The guy was a friend of her husband.  I told her my laundry list of everything I wanted this guy to be and she said he met a lot of my requirements.  Um, NO.  Turns out, he didn't.

It was a blind date/double-date with my friend and her husband.  When I met him, he was super short and not attractive.  Next, he gave me one of those tiny fake gas station roses.  We all got in his truck and headed to the restaurant where we were having dinner.  He got a phone call almost immediately and spent 15 minutes on the phone talking in Spanish.  Then he spent the rest of the drive talking Spanish to his friend.  I don't know everything they said, but they did call my friend some mean names.

I was so grossed out by this guy that when we got to the restaurant and began playing the Trivia game the restaurant has going, I whooped everyone's butts with my intellect in an effort to get him to be so intimidated by me that he would  leave me alone.

After dinner, we went to a nightclub.  My friend and I sat at a table while this guy and her husband played pool.  When a guy came up to our table to talk to me, this little cockroach came up and tried to step to the nice guy like I was his chick.  Later my friend and I went out to dance to a song we liked.  Her husband and my "date" abandoned their pool table to try to dance with us.  I sat down immediately.  They went back to play pool but were perturbed to find it had been taken over since they abandoned their game.

They got so pissed off that they got in a fight with the guys and got kicked out of the club.  Then we had to go to some diner (I was SO DONE with this night), where the guy proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and how beautiful I was and he wanted me to be his wife and all this stuff.  I declined his offer yet he still sent me roses the next day and called me a few days later to profess his undying love for me.  I had to straight up tell him I did not find him attractive and never wanted to see him again for him to even sort of get a clue.

5.  What is your biggest turn-off on a first date?  
hahaha See above story.  There are many.  That is one of the many reasons I hate dating.

6.  Are you a dog person, a cat person or neither?  
Dog person, for sure!

7.  Do you like spontaneity or routine? 

I prefer routine in my day to day life.  My anxiety enjoys the routine too.  Spontaneity is great when I am in the right frame of mind.

8.  What matters more to you – how much money your partner makes or how much they love their job?  
Well, money is important, but I am happier knowing my husband loves his job and what he does.  Happier people are healthier people.  Life is miserable when you hate your job.

9.  Friends first?  Yes or no?  
Yes.  I think being friends first is great.  Plus, it is a good idea to want to hang out with and be around the person you like as friends before introducing romance.  I think it makes for a stronger relationship.

10.  How do you know if someone is interested in you?  
I think there is an underlying feeling, though I was always quick to brush off any kind of hint. lol

 It is your turn to answer them now, if you so desire.  Have a great week!

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