Fun with Modcloth

I was recently contacted by Modcloth to participate in a fun activity of putting together an outfit via Polyvore.  I haven't used Polyvore in a while and forgot how much fun it is! 

The Mint Cute Dress picture below was sent to participating bloggers to style an outfit around.  The winner of this outfit contest will have their outfit featured on Modcloth's Polyvore page.

For my outfit, I decided to keep with the airy, pastel hues and add a touch of romance with the lacy cardigan.

Modcloth Mint, Lace, and Coral

The pretty dress above isn't carried in the Plus line.  Seeing as how this is a plus fashion blog (and I am a plus-sized lady), I also created a separate look with a mint-hued plus size dress, also from Modcloth.  (PS - They have some super cute Plus items!)

Modcloth Mint and Coral Plus

Do you have a favorite look?

PS - I have not been paid for this post and this is not an ad.


  1. I've never used Polyvore, but I've made similar collages using PicCollage on my iPad. I didn't used to have a fast enough internet connection for Polyvore, but now that I do, I should try it! I love both of these boards, and I'm really loving ModCloth, having just recently discovered it (I know). Their vintage styles, pastel hues, and adorable t-strap pumps and mary-janes are just my style! And I just love that green polka-dot dress. I've been eyeing it for awhile! Looks like you had fun making these - they're super cute!

  2. I like the cut/style of the dress in the first one, but I love the polka dots on the second dress. It's really too bad modcloth doesn't carry the same dresses, just in a plus size, it would make shopping much more fun. But well, not many brands do that. That rose ring is really cute, too.

  3. Thank you! I did have a lot of fun. I might have to make it a regular thing. :-) And you right, Modcloth has SO MANY cute items!!