Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Favorite Things: A Gift Guide

My Favorite Things: A Gift Guide, featuring Hailey’s picks in hair care, skincare, makeup, home goods, health and wellness, and more!  - #giftguide #stockingstuffers #favoritethings #giftideas #makeup #curlyhair #RoyalLocks #Etsyfinds #skincare #Quin #Outlander

When the holidays roll around, I always have grand plans for multiple gift-giving idea posts.  I long to do different ones for each personality type, a post for pets, a post for the men in your life, a post just for you.  But then I get overwhelmed and run out of time and don't get any of it done.

So this year, I'm going a different route.  Taking inspiration from Miss Oprah, I am presenting you with a list of some of my favorite things.  Rest assured, my list will not include $200 bird houses.  I definitely support buying gifts for yourself 100%, but I also wanted to include items you could gift to someone else.   I talk about makeup, skincare, hair care, home goods, and more.  Let's get started!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Thyroid Cancer Update: Another Year Out!

Thyroid Cancer Update: Another Year Out! - #thyroidcancer #thyca #thyroidcancerawareness #thyroid #hashimotos

I'm trying to do these updates yearly now, unless I feel inspired by events to check in sooner.  As it has been a while, you can check out all my thyroid cancer updates, including  the whole diagnosis, surgery, and radiation process.

In today's post, I'm going over another year of tests and results, and how I'm feeling in the process.

What I Wore: Friendsgiving

In today's post, Hailey reviews the Floral Print Kimono Sleeve Babydoll Tee from Torrid and Dunes Patty Booties from Zulily. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #LaneBryantStyle #Zulily  #Dunes #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great week.  Sean and I went over to his mom's house for dinner, boys in tow.  It was a nice, quiet night with way too much food for the three of us. But the leftovers were super tasty!

Today's blog post is all about the outfit I wore for Friendsgiving.  A few of the pieces are totally new to me, which means I am happy to share new reviews with all of you!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shopping Discount Sites: Zulily & ThredUp

In today’s post, Hailey is talking about shopping discount sites Zulily and ThredUp, with some online shopping secrets on how to get the most bang for your buck!  - #Zulily #ThredUp #onlineshopping #Ebates #shopping #deals #ZulilyFind #SecondhandFirst

I'm an avid shopper, but I hate paying full price for anything.  I will go out of my way to find the best deals I possibly can.  I've long utilized sites like Ebates and Honey to help me get the most bang for my buck.  If these sites are new to you, I will be talking about them below.  Most of us are budget-conscious individuals who are looking for great deals on great items, so I thought I would share my experience with a couple of discount sites.

I've been shopping at Zulily since 2012, but ThredUp is a site I starting utilizing this year. In today's post, I'm giving you the pros and cons of each site experience and talking about the kinds of items you can find at each one.  Today's outfit features items from both of these sites!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What I Wore: Fall Layers

In today’s post, Hailey reviews a variety of apparel and accessories for a layered fall look! (St. John’s Bay Brushed Twill Button Front Shirt from JCPenney, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Rolled Skinny Jean, Cobb Hill Zahara Flat) - #JCP #JCPStyle #JCPenney #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #CobbHill #Target #Merona #CharmingCharlie #EmilyMcDowell #esty #etsyfind #charmholder #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #fall #spring #vest

Fall is finally upon us!  I have mixed emotions about this.  Summer was so hot and oppressive and seemingly long (because of the heat, I am sure) that all I wanted was for it to be fall.  But I wanted it to be MY perfect version of fall (55, sunny but chilly, crisp and cool enough to wear my fall clothes), and not reality's version of fall (45, raining endlessly so you can never do fun outdoorsy fall things).  Such is life in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm glad the plants are finally being watered, but I feel very stifled in all these clothes I have to wear now.

With the rain, I also have a really hard time taking outfit photos in a timely manner.  I try to work around the weather and have been scouting for some covered areas, but it may not always work that way.  I'll do my best.  Anyway, before the rain set in, we had an awesome, sunny fall day in which I was able to layer in a totally cute way that didn't make me feel stifled.  I love this look, so I am excited to finally share it with you!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Road Trip: The Redwoods & Avenue of the Giants

It’s road trip time!  Today, Hailey takes you along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California to check out the glorious Redwoods! – #travel #vacation #plussizetravel #roadtrip #california #northerncalifornia #redwoods #avenueofthegiants #crescentbeachmotel #loletacheesefactory

The next destination on our road trip was the California Redwoods!!  We had two full days to explore and commune with the trees, which wasn't nearly enough time.  But we did manage to see as much as we could and make the most of our time there.  You can check out our first couple days of the trip here.

I've said before how special this trip was to us.  When you travel, it teaches you so much about your traveling companion and yourself.  There was a peace and contentment just exploring new surroundings with Sean.  There was a comfort that I knew was there already, but traveling together accentuated the feeling of belonging I have with this other person.  I was always scared of silence, of not talking or listening or having music on or entertaining someone.  This trip taught me to sit back a little and just be in the quiet.  We were surprisingly comfortable and happy in the silence, just looking at the sights; and we still knew what the other was thinking and feeling.  I didn't need to entertain or be "on" all the time.  This trip just reiterated how happy and solid our marriage is and how in tune we feel with each other.

That alone would have been special enough, but then we met the mighty Redwoods.  There is an energy and wisdom to the trees that is hard to convey with words.  Everything around us felt so special and magical and mysterious.  I never feel like an adventurous person until we go on adventures and I leave wanting more.  So join me on this trek down the Avenue of the Giants!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reviewing Kiyonna's Penny Peplum Top

In today’s post, Hailey reviews the Penny Peplum Top from Kiyonna, with mini reviews of these Melissa McCarthy straight leg jeans and Comfortiva oxfords! - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #MelissaMcCarthy #MelissaMcCarthySeven7 #Comfortiva #Catherines #peplum #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ootd #plussizeclothing #outfit #style #fall #spring #summer #floral #oxfords

While the sun is few and far between these days, I like being able to take advantage of the days when it is nice.  For today's post, I was able to bask in the sunset of one such day while I pranced around in my latest Kiyonna pick.

Today is all about reviewing the Penny Peplum Top from Kiyonna, a versatile choice with a great color palette.  I've also added reviews of these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 jeans and Comfortiva oxfords. Enjoy!

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