Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -

The last project in my Bedroom Makeover is this moss mirror!   I had some lovely moss mirror inspiration on my Pinterest board, but I was on the lookout for real-life inspiration to hit me before I jumped on the project.

When I found this basket on clearance at the craft store, I knew I wanted it to be the base.  From there, I tried to use things I already had at home in my supplies.  Quite honestly, I'll probably add more things and tweak it a little bit in the future, but I love the texture and mood it adds to the room.

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Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -

What You'll Need:

  • Flat Basket 
    • I found this one on clearance.  Other examples could be a piece of wood or a frame, etc. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Circular Mirror
  • Adhesive Moss
    • This was a good base for my project but isn't necessary.
  • Moss in varying colors
    • I used different greens, but they also come in non-traditional moss colors.
  • Your "Pizzazz" as I call it
    • This included faux ferns, faux succulents, pine cones, and hanging moss tendrils.
    • I ended up painting the mushrooms you see in the photo, but I still didn't like how they looked so I didn't use them.
  • E6000 glue
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Felt
    • I used the felt to protect the wall from the basket, cushion the piece against the wall, and provide more surface area for the mirror to be glued to. This wouldn't be needed otherwise.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
I used the E6000 glue to adhere the felt to the back of the basket.
I used scrap felt I had lying around and cut it to the size of the mirror.  Then I taped the felt to the basket to keep it secure before turning it over and setting it on plastic wrap.  (This keeps it from getting glued to something else.)
Then I put glue all over where the mirror was going to go and laid it down.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
I centered the mirror to the best of my ability and piled paint sample containers on top to weigh the mirror down until the glue dried.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
Once the glue dried, I cut the adhesive moss into random shapes and stuck them to the mirror and basket.  I do wish I had left a little more of the mirror visible, but oh well.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
I glued more felt pieces onto the back to cover up the adhesive moss backs, but I did leave room for the basket to be hung up.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
Next, I went to town gluing the moss down with hot glue in random locations.  I just did it until I liked how it looked.  Then I added my pizzazz!  I don't feel it looks completely thought through and is too evenly spaced, but oh well.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -
Then I added the moss tendrils to the inside and outside of the basket.

Bedroom Makeover: Moss Mirror DIY -

Happy DIYing!!

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