Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Western Nostalgia Collection from Yours Clothing

Hailey joined forces with her blogger buddies to show you pieces from the new Yours Clothing Western Nostalgia collection. Check out all four looks on the blog. - #YoursClothing #WesternNostalgia #maxidress #fringe #western #denimjacket #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual

Today's post is another collaboration with my blogging homies.  We're again working with Yours Clothing to bring you another current trend.  Yours has recently introduced their Western Nostalgia Collection featuring bandana inspired prints, earthy tones, denim, and fringe with touches of feminine details like off-the-shoulder silhouettes, lace and crochet trim, and bell sleeves.  Each of us put together looks featuring items exclusively from the new collection.  Make sure to visit Janeane of Designing From my Closet, Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, and Nina of CurvyMod to see details from their specific ensembles.

Keep reading for my review and details of my western inspired maxi dress, denim jacket, and accessories.

Friday, March 25, 2016

What I Wore: Springing Forward

 Hailey is gearing up for spring in this colorful Abstract Top from Avenue and Destructed Capris from Lane Bryant.  Read reviews for both items in the blog post. - #Avenue #AvePlus #AvenuePlus #LaneBryant #LaneStyle #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual

Spring style is everywhere now and I, for one, am looking forward to the days when I can wear my new purchases.  It is still very chilly and rainy here, hence few outfit posts lately.  I haven't left the house much either because we have had tons of house chores that need to be done.  Bunco was last Saturday, so I wanted to get some new outfit photos while the weather was decent.  Of course, in the middle of shooting it began to rain.

Today's outfit is brand new and still in stores, a mix of trying something new and sticking to what I love.  Read on for my review of both this top and denim capri.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Hair Gel + Giveaway!

 Review: Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel + Giveaway! - #beautyblogger #curlyhair #hairproducts #curlcream #curlgel #curlygirl #curlyhairproducts #royallocks #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussize

Back in August, I was featured as one of five curly-haired bloggers in an article on Plus Model Magazine's website.  We all gave our tips on taking care of curly hair and favorite products we recommend for other curly girls.  In September, I was contacted by a company called Royal Locks to try their hair gel product.  I decided it was worth a shot because I love reviewing beauty products for all of you.  Royal Locks sent me a 14 ounce product to try and one to give away to a lucky reader!

I've been using the product since September, almost exclusively, and even sent some to my sister to try.  My personal product is not even gone yet, so this container lasts quite a while.  (Keep in mind I typically only do my hair on the weekends since I work from home. But it has continued to last through two vacations and the holiday season.)  I've been so busy with our fall trips, the holidays, and all that comes with that, it has taken me a while to get this review to you.  But having a lot of experience with this product also gives me more knowledge to share.

Read on for my review of the Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel, styling tips, and enter to win the giveaway!

Friday, March 18, 2016

What I Wore: Thanksgiving in Savannah

What I Wore: Thanksgiving in Savannah - #Catherines #TorridInsider #Torrid #Reebok #Maurices #LaneBryant #Crocs #plussizetravel #travelfashion #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #plussizecasual

I've finally finished the grueling process of editing my photos from Thanksgiving.  I had over 800 pictures and videos I had to change the orientation of, fix the lighting, crop, etc., which is also why I haven't finished my road trip photos yet.  SO MANY PHOTOS!  I have, roughly, 1500 more road trip photos to edit before I am through.  But I do look forward to sharing all of those with you.

For now, we're going to start with what I packed for my Thanksgiving trip to Savannah to visit my sister and her family.  I am a notorious over-packer.  Since the airlines are so money-hungry and strict on baggage these days, I wanted to make sure my suitcase was underweight.  I thought long and hard about what to take with me in an effort to be comfortable and confident and appropriately dressed.  I knew we would spend about equal time hanging out at my sister's house as we would sight-seeing.  The weather was supposed to be 65 for a majority of our trip - my perfect temperature.  Still, it was Thanksgiving, so I was prepared in case things got chilly with a light jacket and scarf.  And even though my suitcase got an "A" for weight, I still packed too many clothes - sort of. lol

Read on for an overview of our trip and a rundown of what I wore.  I will go more in-depth about the trip in upcoming posts.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finnegan Update: Three Months Since Adoption

Finnegan Update: A look at Finnegan's progress since we rescued him three months ago. - #chihuahua #rescuedog #petadoption #adoptdontshop

Just shy of three months ago, Sean and I found Finnegan at our local shelter and took him home with us.  It seemed like it happened suddenly, as we only intended to take a look and ask what the adoption process was like.  I was super emotional and wary of it all in the first place.  Even though it had been a year since we lost our last of three fur angels, it somehow still felt too soon for another one.  Miss P was fourteen when she died in December of 2012.  Rusty passed away in April of 2014 at the age of seventeen.  Kiki, Rusty's 13-year-old son, was the last to leave us in December of 2014.  I desperately miss my precious kids.

I knew my three amigos their whole lives.  Honestly, there hasn't been many times in my life when we didn't have a dog, or at least a pet of some kind.  While being doggy-free did give Sean and I a lot more freedom in our day to day lives, and was frankly a respite from taking care of sick and elderly dogs who needed constant help and medication (Rusty was deaf and blind the last handful of years of his life), we missed having a furkid to hang out with.  The house was so quiet and felt more empty.  Mourning the loss of my kids was (and still is) a painful process, so it was with enormous trepidation that I walked into the shelter that day.

But then we found Finn.  He reminded us so much of Kiki from the moment we met him that we couldn't possibly say no to taking him home with us.  Our adoption paperwork says that the first three days, three weeks, and three months are the stages of settling-in for new family members, so I thought this would be a good time to update you about how Finn is fitting in.  Read on for lots of Finn pictures as well as a little bit about his personality and favorite things.

My Dearly Departed Angels. - #chihuahua
Kiki, Miss P, and Rusty - My Precious Angels

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kiyonna's Green Bellini: Four Ways

 Hailey and friends show you four different ensembles utilizing the Sunset Stroll Bellini from Kiyonna (in Promise Green). - #KiyonnaStyle #Kiyonna #KiyonnaPlusYou #LaneBryant #PropetUSA #SandyHookPromise #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual #StPatricksDayStyle #green

Not too long ago, I reviewed this Sunset Stroll Bellini  from Kiyonna.  For the first 300 Sunset Stroll Bellinis in Promise Green sold, Kiyonna will donate 100% of the sales to Sandy Hook Promise.  You can read more information in the original post.

In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, I am teaming up with my pals Janeane of Designing From My Closet, Nina of Curvy Mod, and Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy.  We're each putting our own spin on the versatile green bellini.  Make sure to visit each lovely lady to check out more photos and information they provide!  Read on for a look at how I re-styled my bellini with additional outfit inspiration from posts past.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What I Wore: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Casual and Cute is the order of any day.  Hailey is wearing the Diamonds Graphic Tee from Lane Bryant and Grey Denim Shirt from Torrid. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #Crocs #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual

In the blogging world, one seems to be expected to present flashy, fancy, designer duds in outfits on a regular basis.  I've been having issues of insecurity lately because that just isn't me.  I like to be fashionable in a more practical way (though I do love to get dressed up on occasion).  I've never been of the mindset that jeans and a t-shirt can't be cute and stylish, but it seems a lot of people still think that way.  Lately, I've gotten some snarky comments to the affect of "Oh, I can't believe you are showing such a casual outfit.  But you actually look cute."  I think there is room for everyone of all styles in the blogging world.  Part of the fun of following blogs is finding inspiration in people/outfits that you relate to and ones that inspire you to think outside your box or try something totally new to you.  A lot of times I feel like the plus blogging community is really cliquey; and I feel there is really no need for all that.  There is enough negativity in the world already, we really don't need to continue to foster that everywhere else.  I do my best to make my little part of the internet a positive one, not just for my sanity, but in hopes that it brightens the day of someone else as well.

Most of the people I know are casual dressers.  They don't tend to be as fashion-focused as I am, but they often complain of feeling stuck in a rut with their clothing.  I always tell them, 'Jeans and a t-shirt doesn't have to be sloppy or boring'.  I'm telling you this mostly as a stream-of-consciousness ramble, but also because I am trying to embrace my casual aesthetic as truly "blog worthy" instead of feeling like I'm not good enough.  February was a weird month of constantly over-analyzing and feeling lacking in some way or another.  I'm determined that March won't be the same.

This is the first time I am wearing this tee and denim shirt on the blog, though they have been in my life for a little while.  Read on for my reviews and style tips on how I amp up a casual look.

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