Friday, August 30, 2013

What I Wore: ASOS Lace Print Pencil Skirt

I am still residing amongst the boxes filled with our stuff.  I have no idea how we fit all of that into 1400 square feet.  The new place is 2000 square feet and I am not sure how it is all going to fit.  The kitchen became too frustrating for me yesterday, so I am taking a blogging break before I go work on the craft room.

This Labor Day weekend will be filled with unpacking and organizing some more, with a side of Bunco.  I so look forward to everything being in its place!

You can imagine my delight when I took a day off from unpacking chores to hang out with my husband and get all cute for dinner.  I've had the ASOS Lace Print pencil skirt via Gwynnie Bee for a few weeks now with nowhere to wear it!

I am wearing the skirt in a US22, which I feel is plenty roomy.  (I normally wear a 26.)  The skirt is a little shorter than I typically go for and made of a comfortable and stretchy poly-blend fabric.  It feels like a stretchy knit which allows for ease of movement.  The front is a lace print reminiscent of damask, with the back being solid black.

I felt so sassy in this skirt!  My husband was particularly fond of the fit of this item since it hugged my backside just perfectly.

Last time I wore the Cayden, I also paired it with a black and white skirt.  I just love the color combination so much.  (You can also find it on Gwynnie Bee.)  It has been a while since I wore this neon necklace and even the wedges too (they are so comfy).  And Tada!  It ended up being an extremely comfortable outfit that made me feel super saucy- a great combination!

ASOS Lace Print Pencil Skirt - ASOS Curve via Gwynnie Bee
Cayden Cold-Shoulder Top - Kiyonna
Black Wedges - Avenue
Rhinestone and Neon Pink Necklace - JCPenney

While you can try the skirt through Gwynnie Bee (your first month is free!), you can also buy it for $16 right now on  It is still available in US20 and US22.

PS - This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am not affiliated with ASOS or Gwynnie Bee.  If you choose to become a paying member of Gwynnie Bee after your free trial, I'll get a free month for referring you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I Wore: Emerald Aisle

Just over a week ago, we had the pleasure of attending a pretty outdoor wedding.  We haven't attended a wedding in a while, so I was so looking forward to getting dressed up and feeling all lovey and romantic. - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade

It was quite a lovely day for a wedding in the outdoors, at a venue we have never been to before.  The Queen Anne Mansion is this Victorian house on a nice-sized lot in Portland, Oregon.  The trees provide nice shade and a very enchanting setting for a wedding.  It was even prettier at night with all the lights in the trees lit up. - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade; Queen Anne Victorian Mansion in Portland, OR

For such a delightful celebration and location, I chose to wear the Scalloped Luna Lace Dress from Kiyonna.  It is a pretty perfect dress to wear to a wedding, in my opinion.  It is beautiful, comfortable, and dressy with minimal hassle. I love being able to wear a pretty dress that doesn't require too tight Spanx that make me cranky and sweaty. After all, feeling fantastic in your clothes and enjoying yourself at such a fun event shouldn't feel like a chore. - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade

Last year, you might have seen me in a pretty grey version of the Luna.  There a few differences in this new version that I wanted to point out.  First, this "Paradise Jade" color is gorgeous!  Second, this Luna is made with a scalloped lace that adds a little more of a feminine touch to the look of the dress. - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade

Third, the upper arms fit me much better in this version.  In the grey dress from last year, you may remember that the tightness of the upper arms was the only thing I wasn't crazy about with that dress.  If you have larger upper arms, I would encourage you to go for this scalloped version of the dress.  The arms were looser and much more comfortable, but not baggy at all.  I also feel like the nude colored mesh under the upper portion of the dress is a little thicker in this one to hide bra straps better.  I still wore a nude-colored bra, but you could not see the straps at all.

Additionally, I will add that it fits pretty true to size while being just a little roomier than last year's dress.  For reference, I am 5'9" and am wearing a 4X.

And last but certainly not least, I received loads of compliments on this dress.  Complete strangers walked up to me just to tell me how much they loved this dress.  Who doesn't love compliments?? - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade
Scalloped Luna Lace Dress - Kiyonna
Peep Toe Flats - Avenue (no longer online but may be in stores.)
Jewelry - In Pink

I paired the dress with my nude flats for comfort and practicality. These flats from Avenue are quite comfortable and have an adorable bow detail on the heel.  I liked them so much, I also bought the black pair.  My jewelry is a great find from In Pink.  I had two bracelets I restrung to make a larger bracelet that fit me better.  Using the leftover pieces, I made two small hair clips.  They are so sparkly! - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade

Plus, I got to dance with this guy, who kissed me and told me how beautiful I looked and how much he loves me.  Attending a wedding reminds us of all the feelings we felt when we got married and gets us all sentimental.  Even though we tell each other we love one another every day, it is nice to have those moments that remind you all over again just how valued that person is to you and what they mean to you, and you to them. - Scalloped Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna in Paradise Jade

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the dress in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Q & A Monday: 10 Questions

Hey, y'all!!

Another busy and productive weekend here.  We went to my nephew's 8th birthday party on Saturday, followed by a trip to The Container Store and some errands.  I LOVE The Container Store!  We found a good amount of organizing helpers to use in the new house, especially for the kitchen.

On Sunday, I started unpacking the kitchen and utilized our new items.  We also moved ALL my crafting stuff (also keepsakes, New Kids memorabilia, and such) to the room upstairs.  It only took us two hours and opened up a lot of space in the downstairs area.  Like, now we can go to the backyard from the living room again. lol

I have been staying very busy working on all the house stuff and running errands.  We have SO MUCH more to do in the next month as we prepare to host Bunco at the end of September.

On to FMM:

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

10 Questions

1.  What is a typical weekday like for you?  
Typically, I start my day letting the boys go potty and preparing my breakfast (always Greek yogurt with blueberries or blackberries and granola).  Sometimes I work on house chores until lunch and then start working on the blog in the afternoons.  Sometimes vice versa.  At lunch, I make meals for my husband and I since he comes home for lunch.  Usually we have salads, but lately it has been sandwiches or frozen meals since we still don't have pots and pans and utensils unpacked.  After lunch, I work on my afternoon chores or blog stuff (lately I have spent that time unpacking and organizing).  Then I get dinner ready.  We eat.  We watch some TV (started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix last week);  and then we work on house stuff or computer-related things before calling it a night.

2.  Name one song that never fails to make you happy and one song that you always listen to when you’re sad.  
Hmmmm.....New Kids On The Block never fail to make me happy.  They have been providing cheer to me for 25 years.  When I am sad, I typically listen to happy songs or Sarah McLachlan, specifically the Surfacing album because I listened to it non-stop when my dad died.

3.  Did you watch the VMA’s last night? 
I DVRed it, but haven't watched it yet.  I've seen some pictures and GIFs and the like.  I wish people would give more attention to Macklemore and his great song and win than they are giving to Miley.

4.  Share at least two talents that you possess. 
I'm pretty good at craft projects and figuring out how to transfer what is in my head into an actual item.  I'm also fantastic at New Kids trivia.

5.  Share one thing that you wish you had the confidence to do.  
Take some college classes maybe....or drive.  I hyperventilate when I get behind the wheel.  It is more so that I have no confidence in the driving ability and intelligence of others that keeps me from wanting to be in charge of a large death trap.

6. Tell us about one insecurity that people might be surprised that you have.  
I worry that I am a terrible conversationalist because I get anxiety attacks when I have to be around groups of people.  I worry that I don't seem friendly enough or smart enough, though I try really hard to not come off that way.

7.  If you could be the CEO of any company, which one would you choose to lead? 
I would be the CEO of my own company.  I don't know what kind of company it would be exactly....

8. List at least three hobbies that make you happy.  
Crafting - I haven't done it very much because I haven't had a great space to work in.  My husband is going to build me a desk to work at upstairs so I can get back into it.  I am much less cranky when I get to work on creative endeavors.  Blogging - I enjoy writing and connecting with other like-minded people.  It is another kind of creative endeavor for me and makes me happy.  Gaming - Whether I play Skyrim on my on, play co-op on a game with my husband, or watch him play a game like Uncharted or Last of Us, I thoroughly enjoy video games and gaming.

9.  Is there someone in your life that you wish you could say “I love you” to?  
Sure.  I wish my blood-related immediate family wasn't so shitty so they could be in my life.  But I try to tell the great people in my life how much I love them when I have the chance.

10.  Share one cool thing that happened over the weekend.  
My nephew turned 8 this weekend.  I cannot believe how fast he is growing up.  When we arrived, he greeted us and was telling us about things he was doing and he sounded so adult, talking in whole sentences and staying focused.  It is just so crazy.  He is really into Halo right now, so we bought him a book with lots of information about the game and characters and ships and monsters and what not.  He seemed really into it and, of course, I love promoting reading.

Now it is your turn!  I hope you all have a great week!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Summer Fun

This month's Sartorial Medley featured a fun summer outfit I wore to a family gathering, so I thought I would share more pictures from the party with you!  My stepdad came into town and my cousin hosted a get-together.  We ate tasty food, visited in the shade, shared lots of laughs, and made s'mores!

It was a wonderful evening spent with some pretty fantastic people.  I love them very much and am grateful that they still welcome me as part of the family even though I am not blood related. (My stepdad is my mom's second husband. She's on her fourth one now...but Steve is the best!)

My stepdad may or may not have launched a flaming marshmallow across the fence.  I won't confirm nor deny. lol  I also learned that my husband has mad skillz when it comes to removing a marshmallow from the stick. - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun

A great group shot, followed by an even better representation of this crazy bunch! lol - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Favorite Summer Outfit

It is time again for Sartorial Medley, a monthly themed fashion post hosted by myself and Aislynn of Aislynn's World.  (Did you miss the previous posts? Check them out!) We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  From now until the 25th end of the month, email me your photo and link to your blog post at diva at divinemrsdiva dot com. (I have to type it this way now to ward off the spammers!)

Now on to this month's theme: Favorite Summer Outfit. - Sartorial Medley: Favorite Summer Outfit

Right before we started moving into our house, my stepdad came into town for a brief visit.  We were able to spend an afternoon together during the week; and my cousin hosted a family get-together that weekend.  I decided to present this outfit for Sartorial Medley because it covers much of what I like about summer outfits and it was worn at a truly summery event. - Sartorial Medley: Favorite Summer Outfit

I pretty much live in denim capris in the summer.  I bought a couple new pairs in late spring and was very happy when it stopped raining all the time and warmed up a bit.  This tank features bright colors in a bold pattern and makes me happy.  It is a banded bottom tank, which I don't typically like, but this one lays well and stays put.  I don't have to fidget with it constantly.

As you may know, I am not fond of my upper arms and choose to wear some kind of cover on them.  This open cardigan happens to be the perfect color to compliment the tank and is thin enough that it isn't super warm.  I usually go for a better sandal, but I happened to grab my flip flops that day as we were in between packing and cleaning. - Sartorial Medley: Favorite Summer Outfit
My stepdad and I!

Over at the party, we ate tasty food in the form of ribs, salad, and cobbler.  We chatted out in the shade, enjoyed each other's company, and made s'mores when the sun started to go down.  It was great fun! Check out more fun photos of my family! - Sartorial Medley: Favorite Summer Outfit
Denim Capris - Lane Bryant
Pink Open Cardigan - Torrid (Similar)
Leopard print tank - Lane Bryant
Gold flip flops - Old Navy

Don't forget to send in your photo to participate in this month's theme!

Sartorial Medley: Favorite Summer Outfit

Sartorial Medley Aislynn - Favorite Summer Outfit
Aislynn of Aislynn's World

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Q & A Monday: School Days

So my two week blog vacation has been more like a month and I am still not close to being done with unpacking.  I swear if we didn't need to do so much prep on the house to be able to move in, I would be done by now.

And I know it isn't Monday anymore, but I had a horrible migraine all day yesterday.  So without further ado, here is this week's Monday Questions Fun! (With a little collage of Young Hailey.) - School Days
Yours Truly in my school days.  Clockwise from top left: Me and my giant bangs in 2nd grade; 4th grade dance photo.  I was an Emerald City Soldier in a Wizard of Oz production.; My friend Orissa and I in 12th grade; My senior picture; 9th or 10th grade, headed to a choir recital; my friend Derek and I in 10th grade.

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

School Days

1.  What was your favorite subject in school?  

I loved drama class in almost all of my schools.

2. Did you attend elementary school and high school in the same town? 
Kind of, but no. lol  We moved around a lot, so I had 3 elementary schools and 3 high schools.  The longest I ever lived in one place, I was able to attend 5th grade through 10th grade in the same place.

3.  Are you still friends with anyone that you met during school?  
I am.  Facebook has helped me get back in touch with a lot of the people I went to school with. I am still friends with some girls I met in 5th grade and another girl I met in 2nd grade, even.  And, of course, some of my high school chums as well. So that is cool!

4. What activities were you involved in as a student?
I was Vice President of the Drama Club in middle school. That took up most of my time. Plus, my best friend at the time and I would make movies in our spare time. In high school, I was involved in Drama Club and Choir.

5. Did you bring your lunch, or did you get it at school? 

Mostly I had to bring my lunch.  My mom put me on SlimFast when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, so I was only allowed to have what was in my lunchbox and no one would trade with me.  Also, I didn't want to get my ass beat when I got I followed the rules.  As I grew older, I probably did a little of both, but mostly I brought my lunch.

6. Did you enjoy shopping for clothing and school supplies?  
Yes! That was the best part about school.  I am still obsessed with school supplies to this day.  I always have to go check out the inventory when it comes out.

7. Name a song or a band that reminds you of high school. 
Hmmmm, I guess anything from 94 to 98.  I listened to music a LOT back then. There are songs we sang in choir that remind me of people and feelings, specifically we did "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera in choir and I made a mixtape for my friends when I moved that had that song on it.  For me personally, I have always loved NKOTB, so I listened to them most of the time at home because they made me happy and were my escape from a not-so-great home life. Their last album (prior to the reunion in 2008) came out in 1994, so I listened to it quite a bit.

8. Did you like school?
I liked aspects of it, like hanging out with friends and doing creative things and learning.  But mostly it was a place I dreaded going.  I got made fun of so much and I was such a shy kid that starting a new school terrified me to no end.  Sometimes it was better than being home though. I got good grades so I could hurry up and get out of there.

9. How long have you been out of school?  
Oh, you made me get out the calculator. lol  I graduated 15 years ago.  WHAT?!!?

10.  What did you like most about school?  What did you dislike most about school?  
I guess I answered that in #8.  Plus, I'd add that I hated getting up early and I hated doing homework. I was very anal about getting my homework done and making my handwriting a certain way.  Looking back, there was probably some kind of OCD meds I should have been on to make things easier on me....but I would start my homework as soon as I got home at 3/3:30, break for dinner and potty breaks, and not be done until midnight or 1 am.  So I don't miss that mess at all.

Now it is your turn to take a moment to answer this week's questions!  I hope you all have a happy week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Q & A Monday: Have You Ever?

Hey y'all!!

I'm back from a two and a half week blog vacation that was really NO vacation for me.  We cleaned. We painted. We cleaned. We packed. We hauled. We cleaned some more. We hired movers. We packed more boxes. We hauled more stuff. And we cleaned even more. 

I am still finding things that need to be cleaned in this new place.  I think the old lady who lived here had bad eyesight or SOMETHING. It looked clean on the surface, but once you open cabinets and drawers it was just a mess.  We've only been staying in the house a little over two weeks, but I feel like everything should be unpacked already.  It totally isn't.  In fact, we just hooked the computers up a few days ago.

I am going to dive into FMM and do a separate post about the last two weeks in a bit.  Happy Monday!!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Have You Ever?

1. Jumped out of an airplane?  Absolutely not.  I don't even like flying in one, so I have no intention of jumping out of one.

2. Lived alone?  Yes.  It was a bit too quiet, but I loved having my own space.

3. Met a celebrity? I have met many celebrities.

4. Said something to someone that you immediately regret saying?
Sure.  I don't think any of mine were big, crazy, mean instances though.  More like minor foot-in-mouth kind of things.

5. Had a manicure/pedicure? I have had about 4 manicures and 3 pedicures in my lifetime.

6.  Gotten a hickey? Yes, once. 

7. Owned a pet that was not a dog or a cat?  I've had rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, fish, birds, as well and dogs and cats.

8. Been outside of your home country?  I've only been to Canada, which I love, but I look forward to going to Europe one day.

9. Kissed your best friend? Well, my husband is my best friend, so yes.

10. Eaten food that fell on the floor?  If it was the floor at my house, I probably have done that from time to time, but I wash and scrub whatever fell before I eat it. lol

11. Met someone online? Yes.

12. Been on TV? Yep.

13. Had braces?  Yes. I had braces for 4 years, complete with that jaw expander thingy that goes in the roof of your mouth to widen your jaw.  It hurt like a motherbear!

14. Gone skinny dipping?  Hell no.

15. Been to the opera? No.  I've seen many Broadway shows, musicals, plays, some ballet and orchestra shows, but I haven't been to an opera yet.

16. Been caught making out by a policeman?  No.

17. Sung in public? Yes.  I was in choir in high school and we did some public gigs.  Plus, I've done karaoke. lol

18. Handed out candy on Halloween? Yeah.  Done it a few times, but where I lived there were so many kids that it was impossible to buy enough candy to feed them all.  It will be interesting to see how many kids come by in this new neighborhood.

19. Been snowed in? Yes. Quite a few years ago, we were stuck at home for a week when it snowed a crazy amount. 

20. Fallen in front of other people? Yes.  The most memorable one I can think of was when I was bowling with family.  The bowling shoes were so slippery and, as I took my turn, I went to back up and my legs flew right out from under me and I landed flat on my back.  My mom grabbed my hands and pulled me along the floor.  It was quite embarrassing. (but also funny.)

21. Cheated on a test?
Nope. I was able to study and remember things, so I never felt the need to cheat.  Although, plenty of people tried to cheat off me.  I got good at covering my test with my arms.

22. Regretted saying “I love you” to someone?
No.  I'm not someone who is quick to say it, so if I say it, I mean it.

23. Finished a meal in a restaurant and realized that you didn’t have your wallet?
Nope.  I'm pretty anal about remembering all my stuff when I leave the house.

24. Shot a gun? Yes.  My dad took me target shooting when I was a kid and I have been once with my husband.  I don't enjoy guns.  I'd much rather shoot them in video games.

25. Heard a song that was written for (or about) you?
Not to my knowledge.  I always longed for a musically inclined boyfriend, but didn't have one.

Now it is your turn! Answer the questions, link up with Kenlie, let me know you are participating.  If you don't have a blog, feel free to answer them in the comments. Have a great week!

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