Family Summer Fun

This month's Sartorial Medley featured a fun summer outfit I wore to a family gathering, so I thought I would share more pictures from the party with you!  My stepdad came into town and my cousin hosted a get-together.  We ate tasty food, visited in the shade, shared lots of laughs, and made s'mores!

It was a wonderful evening spent with some pretty fantastic people.  I love them very much and am grateful that they still welcome me as part of the family even though I am not blood related. (My stepdad is my mom's second husband. She's on her fourth one now...but Steve is the best!)

My stepdad may or may not have launched a flaming marshmallow across the fence.  I won't confirm nor deny. lol  I also learned that my husband has mad skillz when it comes to removing a marshmallow from the stick. - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun

A great group shot, followed by an even better representation of this crazy bunch! lol - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun - Family Summer Fun

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