What I Wore: ASOS Lace Print Pencil Skirt

I am still residing amongst the boxes filled with our stuff.  I have no idea how we fit all of that into 1400 square feet.  The new place is 2000 square feet and I am not sure how it is all going to fit.  The kitchen became too frustrating for me yesterday, so I am taking a blogging break before I go work on the craft room.

This Labor Day weekend will be filled with unpacking and organizing some more, with a side of Bunco.  I so look forward to everything being in its place!

You can imagine my delight when I took a day off from unpacking chores to hang out with my husband and get all cute for dinner.  I've had the ASOS Lace Print pencil skirt via Gwynnie Bee for a few weeks now with nowhere to wear it!

I am wearing the skirt in a US22, which I feel is plenty roomy.  (I normally wear a 26.)  The skirt is a little shorter than I typically go for and made of a comfortable and stretchy poly-blend fabric.  It feels like a stretchy knit which allows for ease of movement.  The front is a lace print reminiscent of damask, with the back being solid black.

I felt so sassy in this skirt!  My husband was particularly fond of the fit of this item since it hugged my backside just perfectly.

Last time I wore the Cayden, I also paired it with a black and white skirt.  I just love the color combination so much.  (You can also find it on Gwynnie Bee.)  It has been a while since I wore this neon necklace and even the wedges too (they are so comfy).  And Tada!  It ended up being an extremely comfortable outfit that made me feel super saucy- a great combination!

ASOS Lace Print Pencil Skirt - ASOS Curve via Gwynnie Bee
Cayden Cold-Shoulder Top - Kiyonna
Black Wedges - Avenue
Rhinestone and Neon Pink Necklace - JCPenney

While you can try the skirt through Gwynnie Bee (your first month is free!), you can also buy it for $16 right now on ASOS.com.  It is still available in US20 and US22.

PS - This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am not affiliated with ASOS or Gwynnie Bee.  If you choose to become a paying member of Gwynnie Bee after your free trial, I'll get a free month for referring you.


  1. The skirt looks great with the top, and it does make your butt look good. The Torrid fold-over pencil skirts fit in a similar fashion. I haven't worn mine yet, mostly because my back is jacked up so wearing the only shoes that would match is hard because they're heels and they are not nearly so comfortable as my yoga mat flip flops and/or Crocs. I HAVE AN ORTHOPEDIC EXCUSE FOR THEM. Heh. I WILL probably go sleeveless to the concert/festival thing next weekend, because I'm sure it will be nine million degrees. I even bought a top with spaghetti straps, which I will wear in public without a cardigan. I promise I'll make my friend take pictures.

  2. Go girl! Get your bare arms on! I was going to do a bare arm post this summer just to push myself, but I haven't made it happen yet. I couldn't find the box with the laundry stuff in it, so we bought new scent pellets for the washer in a different scent than we usually use and I got a rash on my arms. That has never happened before. I'm normally not super sensitive to things of that nature, and it was only on my arms...so weird. So they are still a little splotchy.
    I digress.
    I just went to look for the fold over skirts and I WANT THE CHEVRON ONE! Tell me how it fits! Also, I want to buy all the new Torrid stuff. I ended up buying the Blue Rose knit dress because it looked so cute on Rebecca Plus Side of Me. It hasn't come in the mail yet.

    Also, I am seriously thinking of getting the Croc flats that look like jelly shoes. Katie Hems For Her has a pair in the blue. The ones I saw are pink, but I am just worried about the width being an issue. Thoughts?

  3. I've been restraining myself on the blue rose dress, even though it DID look so perfect on Rebecca. I didn't restrain myself on this pencil skirt today, but....(PS it also comes in purple & pink). I might end up ordering the dress eventually...or making the trek across town to the Torrid I didn't know was there until my co-worker informed me. The skirt fits about exactly like that skirt in your picture...VERY butt-hugging. Comfortable, but definitely not like the LB skirts where they kind of fall mostly straight down from your butt.

    Oh god, I have such a huge issue with laundry soap. Basically the only kind I can even use anymore is All Free & Clear, and Downy dryer sheets. When I have a bad reaction, it's like I can't. stop. itching. Take some benadryl & use some of the benadryl spray stuff...Aveeno lotion also helps.

    As for the Croc flats...I haven't tried that style. I will say, the flats stretch, but I sometimes feel like they look bad on my feet, if that makes sense...like trashy and hanging out too much. If you can find a store near you that carries them, go try some on (I've seen them at places like sporting goods stores and Kohl's). If not, order but make sure they have free returns, lol.

  4. I love that skirt, looks great with those wedges. I agree with your husband, it should hug your backside ;) Don't be afraid of your bum, my dear.

    Unfortunately, Asos doesn't have any more in my size. It sold super fast. Wish we had Gwynnie Bee over here.

  5. Thank you! I shall try not to be afraid of my bum in the future. lol They often carry similar skirts, just in different patterns so keep your eye on it. :-)

  6. I went ahead and bought the Croc flats from Amazon. They should be here tomorrow, so I will let you know how they fit. I also bought they polka dot pencil skirt from LB. I just couldn't help myself.
    I need to buy some Benedryl for sure. I think I rewashed everything that was bugging me, but every once in a while I get itchy again.