Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I Wore: Denim and Roses

 Mindful shopping can be a little tough when you love excitedly shopping and love picking up new pieces.  Hailey added this Torrid Smocked Cold Shoulder Top and Lane Bryant Denim Pencil Skirt to her wardrobe. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #PropetUSA #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual

I've been trying to be more mindful when I shop lately, thinking on things I need to add to my wardrobe, things I need to replace, specific reasons for purchasing an item.  As a shopaholic and clothes horse, I tend to snatch up things I love without thinking of how they fit into my wardrobe and my life, especially if they are on sale.  And really, as a blogger, sometimes I think I need some article of clothing to try to be cool or trendy or to be seen as relevant.  I don't always think about how it fits into my life and I really don't want to be someone I'm not.

I've been implementing list-making to keep focused on items I need when shopping.  This also helps me stay focused when my favorite stores have big sales or flash sales as well.  This plan has helped me curb my spending a bit, because I certainly see ALL THE THINGS I want on a daily basis.  One of the items on my list was a flowing black top.  Sean and I are planning on taking a trip to Hawaii at the end of the year, so easy beach fashion has been on my mind a lot.  Plus, as my body continues to change a little, more and more of my wardrobe is becoming too large.  Some things I desperately want to take in, hem, or take to a tailor (if I can find one).  Some things I am just going to have to part with or move them to the "hanging out at home" section of my closet.  So when I saw this flowing, black, knit top online at Torrid, I went ahead and bought it.  In today's post I review this top and a denim pencil skirt I bought to replace my old one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What I Wore: Playing in the Rain

Hailey is thinking spring in this jersey skater dress, with plaid leggings for a pop of fun! - #ASOSCurve #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #plussizecasual

It has been a while since I made an ASOS purchase.  I always see plenty I want, but I've been feeling a bit in between sizes with them and didn't want to risk making a purchase I would have to return.  I just hate returning things.  Truth is, the ASOS return policy is super easy and convenient.  Standard shipping is free if you spend $40 or more and returns are always free.

I have a list of cute dresses I love (check out Pinterest for my ASOS finds + more), but finding one with a v-neck is not always easy.  When this v-neck skater dress went on sale I ended up purchasing two sizes to be sure I got the right one.  The dress is still on sale and available in most sizes, so read on for my review in case you want to snatch one up for yourself!

Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Wore: Kiyonna's Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress

 Hailey is wearing the vibrant floral Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress from Kiyonna. - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #CharmingCharlie #Sofft #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #SpringStyle #DateNight

I'm always excited to review pieces from Kiyonna for you.  The sizing is consistent and the pieces are always well made and beautiful.  They offer so many feminine silhouettes in sizes 10 to 32!  Every piece makes me feel put together and lovely.  Even the more casual pieces offer an effortless style that makes it easy to throw them on and go.  Kiyonna continues to provide great fitting, quality pieces that make looking good a painless affair.

Today's look is no exception.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress; I just knew those colors had me drooling!  Read on for my review.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What I Wore: Pink Lady Rebellion

 Hailey is wearing the Rebel for Torrid Varsity Jacket, Lane Bryant Silver Shimmer Pocket Tee, and Catherines Dark Wash Girlfriend Jeans. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #Catherines #ILoveCatherines #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ValentinesStyle #plussizecasual

Okay, I just couldn't wait until next week to talk about this jacket.  The newest Rebel for Torrid collection came out recently with lace skater dresses, pencil skirts, tees, button-down tops, skinny jeans, and embellished sweatshirts.  I'm not really a pastel pink kind of girl, so when I saw this vibrant pink varsity jacket I knew I needed it!  Even though I thought the previous black and white version of this jacket was adorable, I chose not to buy it.  I wasn't going to let this one pass me by.
Read on for my review....

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What I Wore: Chevron Restyle

 Hailey is wearing the Kiyonna All Work and Play Wrap Dress, Macy's American Rag Denim Vest, and Avenue boots. - #Kiyonna #KiyonnaStyle #KiyonnaPlusYou #AmericanRag #MacysStyle #Avenue #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ValentinesStyle #plussizecasual

Hello, dahlings!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.   Mine was filled with errands, Bunco, a little boy's surprise birthday party (he found out he gets to go to Disneyland!), and a lovely Valentine's evening at home with Sean.  We cooked up a surf and turf dinner, opened presents, lit candles, and drank some tasty wine.

In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, we had various errands to run.  I tried to make the most of the rain-free days by dressing up in my red and pink best and taking as many outfit photos as I could in the much better weather.  This year I am trying to challenge myself to restyle existing pieces in my closet more often.  I always enjoy seeing how other bloggers wear the same item in a different way, but I know I don't often showcase that here.  Today's outfit features pieces I talked about over the summer styled in a more winter-friendly way.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What I Wore: Where are my Rose-Colored Glasses?

Hailey is wearing the Torrid Floral Hi-Lo Babydoll Tunic, Lane Bryant Skinny Jeans, and Propet Cicely Flats. - #Torrid #TorridInsider #LaneBryant #PropetUSA #psblogger #plussizeblogger #styleblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #psootd #ValentinesStyle #plussizecasual

I've been a bit obsessed with everything Torrid lately.  I cannot get enough of their new crop of arrivals (which they update *almost* on the daily).  I love the cheery colors and patterns, cute but casual aesthetic, and thinking on spring fashion.  I've recently made quite a few purchases at Torrid, including this striped dress and lots of sexy undies.  (Let me know if you want a review of those.) Today I will be reviewing this rosy top and reflecting a little on why these photos almost went straight to my trash bin, and why I let them stay.

Friday, February 5, 2016

What I Wore: Adventures in Mixing Prints

Adventures in Mixing Prints - #GwynnieBee #ShareMeGB #Jete #psootd #plussize #plussizefashion #styleblogger #fashionblogger #plussizeblogger #psblogger

Ah, family! Am I right?  Some relative drama impeded on my productivity this week, making it hard to focus on my blogging tasks and just pissing me off in general.  This whole week has been a little weird in that way.  Bottom line, sometimes you just have to realize that certain people can't, or shouldn't, be around each other.

You know what should mix though? Prints! Choppy transitions aside, I love a good print mixing ensemble.  Looks that combine bright colors and graphic prints make a look feel fresh and unexpected to me.  I don't often try my hand at mixing it up in that way, but I have done it a couple times on the blog.  (I'm not counting the mixed patterned dresses because the work was done for me in that case.)  When this colorful Jete peplum top came in my Gwynnie Bee package, I decided it was a prime opportunity to shake things up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Wore: Un-boycotting Old Navy

Hailey is wearing the Performance Fleece Zip Vest from Old Navy, 3/4 Sleeve Pocket Tee and skinny jeans from Lane Bryant, and Reebok DMX Ride shoes. - #OldNavy #LaneBryant #Reebok #OldNavyStyle #plussize #plussizeblogger #psblogger #psootd #plussizecasual #styleblogger #plussizefashion

I don't like to mention too many negatives here on the blog because I like to keep it a light, fun place to talk about fashion and other things that make me happy.  There is so much negative in the world, and even in our own lives and online, that adding to it is not something I want to do.  We all have to vent on occasion, but I typically reserve that for pestering my friends. haha 

I digress.  While I've mentioned in the past that I don't shop at Old Navy and have been boycotting them for myself for quite some time (years, actually), I've made a few purchases recently that have made me a little less wary of buying from them.  In today's post, I am going to talk about some of my recent purchases, including this vest, and review pieces from this look.  It is a delightfully casual collection of comfortable separates that I wore on a rare sunny day to walk Finn for the first time.  (To my surprise, he did really well on a leash!)

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