What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Positively Pink

It is time again for Sartorial Medley, a monthly themed fashion post hosted by myself and Aislynn of Aislynn's World.  (Did you miss the previous posts? Check them out!) We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  From now until the end of the month, email me your photo and link to your blog post  - diva (at) divinemrsdiva (dot) com.  

This month we are also adding ways to participate, even if you don't have a blog.  Just Tweet or Instagram your photo with #SartorialMedley to be featured in the blog post.  We can't wait to see you rocking your outfits!  (Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @DivineMrsDiva.)

Now on to this month's theme: Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

October seems to be a month drawing awareness to many things - one of those being breast cancer.  Remember to check your breasts regularly and know what is the normal for you.  Also, if you are in the market for a wedding dress or looking for a place to donate yours, please check out the great organization Brides Against Breast Cancer.  They have sales around the US throughout the year to help people impacted by cancer.  I bought my wedding dress at a local sale and have also volunteered at the sale.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

I own tons of pink stuff.  "Pink is my signature color."  I have no shortage of pink to wear, but had to go with this recently purchased dress from Torrid.  I was drawn to the color and sleeve length and the fact that it would be perfect to wear with leggings and boots.  Plus, it has pockets!

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

The dress came with this skinny black belt.  I may actually wear a larger belt next time to balance the extra fabric in the bust.  It just seemed to swallow me up in the top, but the bottom fit very well.  I still enjoyed wearing the dress because it was comfortable without being too fussy or warm.  I ran around the house all day giving friends and family tours of the house. :-)

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots
Berry Allover Lace Surplice Dress - Torrid
Leggings - Fashion Bug
Boots - Avenue (similar here and here)
Owl Necklace - Possibly Avenue (from a few years ago)

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Pink - Torrid dress, Avenue Boots

Sartorial Medley: Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sartorial Medley Aislynn - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Aislynn of Aislynn's World
Sartorial Medley Liz - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy


  1. ....I had that pink Brenna Ballet Dress from GB...I actually wore it on Monday, and I sent it back today. I will have to figure out something else. I might have a pink-ish cardigan somewhere. Or a scarf. Does eyeliner count? I also have pink lipstick now, since I bought the mini-OCC Lip Tar set while I was at the mall waiting for my eyes to un-dilate enough for me to drive home. (My eye doctor is at the mall, and I have to get my eyes dilated because I had torn retinas a few years ago and I need to keep an..um...eye on them.) I think I spent more money wandering around waiting to un-dilate than I did at the eye doctor. I bought some See's Candies and some bullshit at Sephora and some other random crap....a bowl-scraping spatula thingy and some Mexican vanilla at Williams-Sonoma, I don't even know what else.

    Anyway. I love the pink dress on you, and I think the skinny belt is fine...if you went with a wider one, I think it should be kind of an in-between skinny and the wider one you had on with the blue rose dress. Or you could use a scarf and wind it around the skinny belt to give it more bulk. I like the combo of the lace with the tough-looking boots. :)

  2. Oh man. Sorry I didn't email you sooner. I think eyeliner would count - anything pink counts. :-)

    I totally would have dropped some cash in Sephora too if I was chillin at the mall. Since I don't go to a hairstylist at the mall anymore, I have had a significant drop in Sephora time....which is probably why I bought some stuff during the UD Friends and Family sale.

    I will try some different belts. I have a few others that are not quite as wide as the big one I have. I guess I just want to cinch it in a little more so I don't look completely flat chested. That was my main issues with this dress. I didn't feel like wearing Spanx or anything. Maybe I am just being too critical. lol I have been obsessing about things a lot lately. I will hopefully be medicated started next week. lol

  3. I wanted to buy things during the Friends and Family sale, but the thing I really wanted was that Apocalypse lip pencil/stick thing, and I have at least 4 that are similar (including, I might add, the original lipstick version of the color).

    I think the dress is cute on you, and I didn't think the belt made your boobs look smaller. But I totally understand...my doctor has been fucking around with my meds lately and I'm a mess. I actually did this DNA test thing where they tell you what meds are supposed to work the best for you...results in a couple of weeks. My doctor is like "if anyone needs this, it's you"...because I do not react the way normal people react to medications, particularly sedatives and/or anesthetics. He's given me sleeping pills at doses that would probably put most people in a coma, and nope. Case in point: it's 1:04 a.m., I took sleepy meds two hours ago, and I'm sort of tired.


  4. Pink?! No problem! I have lots and lots of choices in my closet, so I am in again this month! I'll try to put together a pink outfit I haven't worn before. As a side note, I've seen several outfit challenges in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I think it's great!

    I agree that the skinny belt works just fine. It lets the lace of the dress shine. A chunkier belt would change the whole look, I think, by drawing the focus to your accessories and waist. It just depends on what look you're going for, I guess. The color is gorgeous. It'll be a fun one to pair with different camis, belts, jackets, and tights.

  5. Oh wow. That DNA test thing sounds very interesting. Sleep stuff doesn't usually work very well for me either. I always need more or it just doesn't work on me. Zquil wasn't too bad and Vicodin always knocks me out. I actually recently started using some supplements called Happy Camper and they made me really sleepy.

  6. Yay for pink and you being able to join us again this month!! :-)

    I think I will definitely have to play around and see what different belts make it look like. I also should buy some colored tights and play. That is one area I haven't really delved into yet.

  7. Colored tights = AWESOME. www.welovecolors.com The size chart is accurate... I ordered up, though, because I like a little extra for opacity. Get the spandex blend ones, I've heard the other ones are terrible.

    LB has some colored tights, but they're all control top, and I am not a fan of control top tights at all.

  8. Hurm, thought I responded to this already, but I guess I haven't as I don't see it below. Pink is always a challenge for me, but it's for a good cause so I'll stuck it up ;) . I love that the dress/tunic has pockets, makes it so much easier.

    Loving your back yard hmm? :) Great spot for photos.

  9. Hee hee Thank you. It seems the photos where I am just being a total dork turn out being better than the others. I need to learn to get out of my head.

    These are in the front yard actually. The backyard is a bit more jungle-looking and has not been weeded. lol Hopefully I can get a few outfit photos back there before the weather gets ugly. It looks like we might have another week or so of nice weather. Totally unheard of for this time of year. I mean SUN! It is crazy!

  10. Your "dorky" is cute, so you're all set. I try that and I come out looking insane, hehehe.


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