What I Didn't Wear: IGIGI Ishiko Top

I'm starting a new feature on the blog called "What I Didn't Wear".  It will be more of a random feature as I end up trying things on that just don't work for me.  Blogging about my outfits usually involves things that I feel look good on me and that I feel great in.  It is really important to be a happy, sassy plus-size woman and show you how good clothes can make you feel.

But not everything fits or fits well.  I keep feeling compelled to share those things with you too.  Not every brand or style will work for your body.  Not every size is made the same across the board.  I've been trying a lot of new clothing brands and figuring out their cuts and sizing, especially since joining Gwynnie Bee.  Showing you how certain items fit my body type will hopefully help you get an idea of the sizing and brands as well.

I also want to be sure that my intentions are known.  I'm not starting this feature to be negative to my body or anyone else's.  I'm not doing this to put down any brand I may try on, nor am I doing it to be snarky.  I simply want to show you the flipside of all the fun outfit posts, by being up front about the things that don't work and why. I hope this new feature will be valuable to you.  Let me know your thoughts!

The first item I didn't wear is the Ishiko Top by IGIGI. 

Ishiko Top by IGIGI

This is the first item from IGIGI I have ever tried on.  I placed it in my Gwynnie Bee closet because I love the color and v-neck.  The fabric is a beautiful, bright raspberry color in a soft and stretchy jersey knit.  The bust and sleeves fit very well.  I loved the neckline because it was open without being too low.  The three-quarter, bell sleeves are very comfortable without being too big and annoying.  The top as a whole, is made very well.

The belt is a separate piece.  The patterned fabric part is large enough to go all the way around my mid-section.  On each end of the fabric belt are very, very long ties that you have to criss-cross in the front and back.  It was a bit tricky to figure out, but I ended up tucking all the ties underneath the fabric.

Ishiko Top by IGIGI

The main issue was the tummy area, obviously.  I wasn't wearing shapewear, but I think that even with my Spanx tank, I would have had some tummy issues with this.  The cut seemed to be more fitted under the belt and then flare out.  The photos don't really convey how pronounced the tummy cling was.  (For reference, I am 5'9", size 26.  This top is a 26/28 from IGIGI.)

So in conclusion, if you carry most of your weight in your tummy, this may not work for you.  As always, I recommend trying on clothes any chance you get.  Open yourself up to new brands, new styles, and new colors that you may not otherwise go for.  I'm still going to try more IGIGI items until I find a style that works for me. 

Have you tried IGIGI?  Do you have a favorite item from the brand?

Ishiko Top by IGIGI


  1. I love the idea, but I think it needed to be just a little bit longer, you know??

  2. I only have one dress from Igigi - this one. I actually love it. I bought it on clearance because of the print...it's like two of my most flattering colors...and was hesitant about the style. I do think it's a little boxy, but I love the colors so much I just don't care. The dress fits great - not too tight, not too loose. I will try to get a picture of it next time I wear it....I meant to do that anyway to submit to their "Curve Connection." (It's a total ripoff of Kiyonna's Real Curves, but I kind of like it a little more because they let you post an actual profile & review with the picture...plus, you get a discount code & entered to win a $500 gift card.) I have a few other things from them in my GB closet...I can't wait for this one. I love the cut, I love love love the color...I actually almost bought it but couldn't decide between the blue and the red. There's another blogger I read who is in love with Igigi...she's our size, but a little bustier. She doesn't update as much any more, but she does a big review post every year featuring herself & friends: That's My Bix.

    I am all in favor of this feature. Especially since we're the same size and same basic shape. ;)

    1. Beautiful colors in that dress you own. It looks great! I have that Ninelle Dress in my GB closet too. I love that teal blue color. I tried the Lynette Sweater dress in black and thought it fit well. The top was a little loose because I am not chesty, but it fit well overall.

      And thank you for the blog link! I will definitely be checking it out.

  3. I didn't think it was a bad length, but with the belt being so wide, it may have looked better a little bit longer. :-)

  4. I absolutely love this new feature idea Hailey! That you have the confidence to put up pictures of clothing that don't work that well for you is inspiring. I occasionally find myself a little disheartened by blogs that show beautiful, plus size women (such as yourself) wearing awesome clothing because with my shape and budget, I've never been able to find clothing that really works for me. I've always found your blog to be honest and down to earth and this just makes that point once again.

  5. Thank you for such kind words, Rebecca!

    As a blog reader, I sometimes wish to see more casual and realistic outfits and clothing choices as well. And we all know not everything one tries on works out. I am a huge advocate for trying on clothing no matter what; you never know how a certain brand makes their sizes or styles unless you try them. So I am practicing what I preach. I'm also just as curious about the fit of brands I have yet to try. I am so glad you love this new feature and shall continue bringing you ill-fitting clothing realness. lol :-)

  6. I have this same top in turquoise in 26-28. I had same concerns. It worked better for me without the belt. And I draped a long silk scarf around my neck to draw attention there. Love the fabric!

  7. I love this idea for outfit posts, stuff that doesn't work. I wish I could get Gwynie Bee here, alas it's for stateside only. As to Igigi, my only item from them so far is my maxi dress and I love it. I was just glad it fit in the bust, as sometimes I have trouble with that. Love this post :)

  8. Thank you! I need to do another feature on this. I have about 3 outfits in the backlog for What I Didn't Wear. I posted the other IGIGI dress I tried (the Lynette Sweater Dress). It mostly fit, but was pretty big in the waist and bust area. So again, total trial and error. Your IGIGI maxi is definitely gorgeous on you! I have one in my Gwynnie Bee closet that I hope to try on soon.


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