Top 6 Posts of 2012

I am going to jump on the bandwagon and post a 2012 review.  It has been a great year for my blog.  I made the decision to start putting more time and effort into posting and coming up with content, started posting outfit photos, and became a member of Kiyonna's Blogger Brigade.  Working on the blog has been a great creative outlet for me as well.  I enjoy writing about outfits, beauty products, recipes, and things that are going on with my life.  It has brought me the opportunity to make some new friends and given me more confidence in myself.

Now on with the countdown!

#6 -  I posted my first ever Kiyonna garment, the Maggie Polka Dot dress, after wearing it for Valentine's dinner.  I bought it on a clearance sale at the end of 2011 and immediately fell in love!  Read the full post here.

#5 -  Yet another fabulous Kiyonna post, this time as a Blogger Brigade member!  I rocked my Abby Twist Front Top for an Easter gathering with family. Read the full post here.

#4 -  After coming across a DIY link on Facebook, I made my very own vanity table out of parts picked up at Ikea.  It holds all of my makeup and has been a perfect place for me to chill out and get pretty!  I wrote my own tutorial post because I felt the original post was missing some important information.  See pictures and read tutorial here.

#3 - In an effort to start getting more organized, I started storing my makeup brushes in this glass container with marbles.  It still makes my beauty routine go by so much quicker.  I love having my brushes out where I can see them and get to them in a jiffy.  Read the full post and see more pictures here.

#2 - My husband and I spent our Dating Anniversary at one of our favorite places.  I stepped a little out of my comfort zone (semi-exposed arms, fitted bodice - OH MY!) and wore this beautiful Luna Lace dress from Kiyonna.  It was a fantastic day! I felt beautiful and got tons of compliments. :-)  Read the full post here.

#1 - My most viewed post of 2012 is about a fun outfit I put together featuring this jacket from Torrid.  I was really excited to accessorize with neon pink jewelry for some color.  Torrid featured me on their Facebook page, which resulted in a lot of views and some really great compliments.  See more pictures here.


  1. I wish I had room to do my makeup brushes like that...but alas, my bathroom counter is too small, and if I got a vanity, I think one or more of my little asshole cats would knock it over. (My late beloved cat used to get those marbles out of vases and carry them into the bathtub and bounce them around. Generally at 3 am...)

  2. I'm glad I have short doggies and not ninja cats. I think I'd probably have to nail tons of things down. My bathroom counter has zilch for space. I put up a bookcase right outside of the bathroom to hold all my stuff that I carried back and forth to the bathroom every time I got ready. I guess that is another reason I welcome the vanity table. I don't have to move things back and forth every day. Well, sock away the idea of the vanity table and makeup brush organizing for the future when you have some counter space and/or more mellow kitties. :-)