Adventures in Skinny Jeans

Today has been a great day!  NKOTB tour dates were announced.  I was told by the dentist that I have some wonderfully healthy teeth.  Then I went shopping to celebrate my clean and fabulous chompers!  (I find, even as an adult, the only way I can get through a trip to the dentist is to have the incentive of a reward.)

Usually, I end up at Sephora with a new product I've been waiting to try.  Today, however, I decided to go to Torrid and try on skinny jeans.  As I recently shared, I finally found tall boots that fit my super wide 21-inch calves. (Check Avenue, ladies!! I bought the Sidney Tall Lace Back Boot.)  I typically only wear boot cut jeans.  Even my straight leg jeans have a decent amount of room at the ankle.  I have yet to try on skinny jeans that look great on me.  In fact, most of the ones I have tried barely make it over my thighs.  No luck whatsoever, I tell ya!

Well, Torrid was pretty much the only place left for me to try on jeans.  Ever since they redid their whole denim collection (which was probably two years ago or so), I haven't tried on any of their denim!  In the market for skinny jeans to wear with my new awesome boots, I walked into Torrid on a mission.

I tried on quite a few pairs and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with you.  This may help your shopping experience if you choose to go check them out for yourself.  For reference, I am 5'9" and typically wear a 26 in jeans.

- Skinny Sophia Jegging (Regular)

I tried on the Sophia Jegging in a 28.  They fit me perfectly, but the sales associate said that all of the jeans tend to stretch out a bit so I would be better off sizing down.  The 28s were just tight enough in the right spots and just loose enough in others.  The store didn't have any 26s in stock, so I am stalking the website.  The jeans were stretchy and so comfortable.  I seriously couldn't believe a freakin' JEGGING was working for me.

- Sophia Metallic Embroidered Back Pockets Skinny Jeans

I loved the sparkle butt on these.  The beading is really pretty in person.  However, these jeans couldn't make it all the way up my thighs.  Next! (I tried them on in a 26.)

- Polka Dot Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans

OMG, these are so cute, right??  I saw them on the Torrid Facebook page a couple days ago.  When I saw them at the store, I snatched them up to try. (Again, tried a 26.)  These were awful.  I couldn't get the bottom of the jean over my calves, so the rest of the jeans couldn't come up to my waist.  I could only get them to the top of my legs.  And they were so "skinny" that they made me look like a Seuss character.  They were tight like the skinny jeans the emo teenagers at the mall wear.  NOT for me.

- The Black Ankle Zip Stiletto Jean

After the horrible fit of the polka dot stilettos, I didn't have much hope for these.  I was right.  Same size, same awful fit on me.  (I swear, I have seen girls look great in them.   Rebecca of The Plus Side of Me and Jessica Kane of Life and Style of Jessica Kane are just two that come to mind.)

- Raspberry Ankle Zip Stiletto Skinny Jeans

Tried these on in a 28 that was hanging out on the clearance rack.  They were so big and baggy on me that I looked sloppy in them.  I have no idea what that was about.

- Indigo Leopard Sophia Skinny Jeans

I tried these leopard print skinnies on last because I didn't think they would amount to anything on me.  But guess what?  They looked GREAT!  They were just a little bit tight over the tummy, but everything else was fabulous.  I may just have to buy them when I go back.

- Curvy Skinny Jean (Regular)

These Curvy Skinnies were in my top three choices.  I LOVE the dark wash.  They looked fantastic on.  My only issue was that they were a bit tight over my tummy.  I am confident that after some wear, these would stretch out to the right place.  While the material still had some good stretch to it, these were made of a thicker denim (with less stretch) than all of the other jeans.  I'll probably try them on again when I go to the mall to get my hair done in a couple weeks.  I just want to be sure....

- Rhinestone Leg Sophia Skinny Jeans

These rhinestone Sophia Skinnies were the first pair I tried on tonight.  They really made me feel great and rethink my hatred for skinny jeans.  While they are a slightly lighter wash than I would have liked, they were very comfortable and fit me well.  Plus, they have great amber-colored rhinestones on the back pockets and scattered down the front pocket area.  These aren't jeans they carry regularly like the Curvy Skinny above, so it made sense to me to buy them NOW!

So there you go.  I cannot wait to wear my new skinny jeans, new boots, and new peplum top from eShakti to my husband's work party this Friday.  I am going to be sassy and promise to take pictures for the blog!

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  1. Hmm. I wish I had a Torrid anywhere in this state so I could try on those jeans...because those leopard print ones are so cute. I own these from Old Navy. They're decent. They stretch a lot. I usually wear a 26 in Old Navy pants, and I was dumb and listened to the reviews and ordered a size up in these...wish I hadn't. They were ok at first, but they stretch out. I might order another pair at some point. They're not super-jegging skinny on me, but I have little chicken legs for my size. It's so dumb. (My calves are 17.5.")

    PS - Your brownie post is in the sidebar and it's killing me because now I want some brownies but I don't have any baking powder. I actually have the rest of the stuff. I wonder if baking soda would work?

  2. Aw, I wish you had a Torrid too. Those Old Navy skinny jeans look great. I love that wash. I haven't tried Old Navy jeans in a while because I was having so much trouble with fit issues from them. I used to LOVE their trouser jeans.

    Those brownies are SO GOOD. I think that post is still my most popular one because people are constantly Googling for the best brownie recipe ever. lol You can make baking powder by mixing 2 parts cream of tartar with 1 part baking soda. I also read of a substitution for baking powder being: 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp cream of tartar, and 1/4 tsp cornstarch. Mix those together and than use however much the recipe calls for.

    The cream of tartar increases the acidity which is why you can't just sub baking soda for baking powder. However, you can substitute baking powder for baking soda in a recipe, but it will change the flavor.

  3. I would quit Old Navy if it were not for their stupid jeans....they always seem to fit me. My favorite from them were the Just-Below-Waist bootcut they originally made. I've tried jeans on at every store around here--Avenue, Ross, Catherine's....but none of them fit like Old Navy's. The LB Genius Fit ones are almost right. I might go try them on again.