Introduction to "Sartorial Medley"

Within the blogosphere, specifically the lifestyle and fashion blogs, you’ll encounter a wide range of opinions on what is—or isn’t—attractive, fashionable, or even simply blogworthy.  Thus, even though both readers and bloggers span a wide range of body shapes and sizes, everyone, no matter who he or she is, should be able to find something relatable and enjoyable out there.

One of my favorite parts of reading other blogs is the common themes, often called “challenges”.  A small group of bloggers get together, and at regular intervals, they each host a commonly shared theme post—e.g. “Stripes”.  The neat thing about this type of blog post is that it offers us, the readers, an opportunity to see how the people in question interpret and incorporate the given theme into their outfits; it’s like a fashion-lover’s taster menu of personality.

With that in mind, and wanting to partake in the celebration of diversity, Aislynn of Couture For Curves and yours truly have decided to start our own monthly theme, the name of which will be—if you hadn’t already guessed by the title of this post—“Sartorial Medley”.

Each month on the 15th, we’re going to post a theme, and if you’d like to participate, just send one of us an e-mail by the 25th (mine is with a link to your blog and the specific post you’ve written for the challenge; we’ll e-mail you back as soon as we can.  And no, we’re not size discriminatory; if you’re interested in participating and we think your blog is a nice fit to the challenge—i.e., it’s a fashion-related blog/post—we’d be happy to have you join and link up when you’re able to.

This month's theme: Burgundy.

This dress from SWAK Designs has been sitting in my closet for a few months.  (I acknowledge it is more eggplant than burgundy, but it is the closest thing I have to burgundy. lol)  I bought it for a wonderful sale price, but had to acquire pieces that would mesh well with it.  I tend to own a lot of bright jewel-toned pieces that just didn't seem to go with this rich, dark color.  The dress itself fits well and is so comfortable to wear.  My only issue is that it is about two or three inches too long for me to wear flat shoes with it.  I'll need to get it hemmed.

 Sabrina Maxi Dress - SWAK Designs
Teal cardigan - Lane Bryant Outlet
 Mixed metal leaves necklace - In Pink
Brown wedge sandals (not pictured) - Payless

Sartorial Medley: Burgundy Theme

Aislynn of Couture For Curves Liz of Deliberate Whimsy Kelly from Loopier By The Minute


  1. Love it, it fits you so nicely and the necklace is adorable :)

  2. You look beautiful- I love the color combo, and especially the necklace!

  3. Thank you! I think I bought the necklace before I even started talking to you, but as I've seen what kind of accessories you like, it reminds me of something you might like. :-) I love the mixed colors.

  4. Thank you so much! I am so drawn to that teal color. I think when we have a house where we can paint, I'm going to have to incorporate that color on at least one wall.

  5. Liz @deliberatewhimsyJanuary 16, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    I love this idea! I participate in something similar on Effortless Anthropologie's blog. Every Sunday there's a post of reader outfits, each of which has to feature at least one Anthro item. I'd like to participate in this one too because I love thematic challenges. I teach thematically, I put together thematic presents, I decorate thematically, etc. lol. Is this just an intro to what you're going to start doing, or is the first challenge "burgundy" and due on the 25th?

  6. The dress is GORGEOUS, and I love the emerald cardigan too!


  7. I love that color so much, and it looks amazing on you. I like it with the green, as well. If I remember, I'll try to take a pic of something burgundy & join the challenge....but knowing me, I'll remember when you post the theme for next month, hehe.

  8. Thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  9. lol I can always harass you on Twitter as it gets closer to the 25th.

  10. This is the first challenge! Send in that burgundy picture!