In The Fitting Room: Catherines

In The Dressing Room: Catherines -
Images Credit: Catherines

I'm really excited about today's post!  I finally made it to Catherines to try on clothes and get reacquainted with the brand.  The last time I shopped in-store at Catherines was quite a few years ago.  In my mind, they have long been a brand that caters to a more conservative and mature woman than myself.  Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy has been a cheerleader for Catherines, finding super cute ensembles there over the past couple of years.  She's been encouraging me to go back and check them out after my hiatus.  I bought some fantastic wire-free bras online, and finally made it into the store a couple weekends ago.

I had a really great experience at my local store; The employees were super friendly and kind.  My local store isn't a really large one, but I found plenty to try on.  The royal blues and purples and tropical prints in store now are so gorgeous.  I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of their clothes and found it opened up a lot of possibilities for me in acquiring new items for my wardrobe.

Before we get started, I am 5'9" and typically wear a 22/24.  My measurements are 52/50/59.  I am about a 2X at Catherines. (They carry sizes 0X to 5X.)  Most of the clothing featured in the post today is a 2X, but I will point it out in the description if the item is a different size.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (St. Lucia Fringe Cardigan) -

St. Lucia Fringe Cardigan - I was really drawn to the blue and green combo and the fringe!  This is a really fun piece to wear because it shimmies and flows with you.  The back is super long, which made me shake my head at first.  But the more I look at these photos, I think it looks just fine.  It's just something new if you aren't used to wearing long jackets like that.  I loved the bell-shaped sleeves as well.  I wish I had a tropical vacation coming up for an extra excuse to buy this piece.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Morning Walk Jacket) -
In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Morning Walk Jacket) -

Morning Walk Jacket - I grabbed this casual/activewear jacket because I love the bright turquoise color.  Catherines has some really great activewear pieces with fun prints and bright colors.  The top photo is a 2X.  It fits okay but was a bit big, so I decided to size down and test the fit.  The lower photo is obviously the 1X.  It is more fitted, but I like the look of it better.  This was also when I started to notice that Catherines pieces are cut wider in the hip, so it has wiggle room that is much appreciated.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Contrast Jacket) -

Contrast Jacket (Similar to Elements Jacket) - I LOVE this jacket!  When I went in the store, I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything right away and would look at photos and think about the pieces I tried on before I committed.  I held to that promise, but if I could only buy one thing from this trip, it would be this jacket.  I love the peplum silhouette and roll tab sleeves.  There is a bungee drawstring waistline to cinch if you like.  It is soft and comfortable and practical....but so cute!  I wish the white stripe came in other colors as well. For whatever reason, this jacket isn't online.  I am going to have to hit up my local store soon to snatch it up!

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Woodward Tunic) -

Woodward Tunic - I adore the dotted print and swing silhouette of this tunic.  The material doesn't have any stretch though, so the sleeves are tight on my large upper arms.  The long back hem throws me though.  It doesn't really look bad to me at all, but my husband is confused by it. lol  I am not sure how to style a piece like this, other than to pair it with a fitted pant.  How would you style this tunic?

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Shimmer Plaid Buttonfront) -
 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Shimmer Plaid Buttonfront) -

Shimmer Plaid Buttonfront - I'm a sucker for plaid, plus this one has little sparkly threads!  The top picture is a 2X in Petite. It is a couple inches too short for me, but they do carry petite options in a lot of the pieces for all you dainty divas.  The lower picture is a 2X Regular, which fits me much better lengthwise.  I still have the problem with button-down shirts where they are too baggy in the bust and upper back.  I will also point out that this shirt feels thicker, like flannel.  It is pretty warm, so if you live in a colder climate this shirt would be a great option!

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Sateen Pindot Blouse) -

Sateen Pindot Blouse - As stated above, button-down shirts are a bit baggy on me in the chest area.  The sleeves on this one are just a little tight in the upper arms, but the hips fit so good.  I could actually button the bottom button!  That doesn't happen all the time.  Also, this gorgeous jewel-toned purple made me so happy!

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Twin Print Blouse) -

Twin Print Blouse - This top features a similar hi-lo hem as the Woodward Tunic above, but it has more of a button-down silhouette.  The sleeves are more comfortable and I love the stripes and mix of patterns!  Again, the back seems really long, which throws me off.  Looking at the photos, it looks just fine.  I think it is just something to play with and figure out since I haven't worn a top in this style.  I pondered this one for a little bit because I really love the patterns and the way it looks. 

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Abstract Finesse Tank) -

Abstract Finesse Tank - I picked up this tank to try the fit of a basic, but I also love the bright color and geometric pattern.  (If you love this pattern too, check out the maxi dress!)  The fit is a little clingier than I like as a tank on its own, but it would be a great layering piece for a number of looks. It is really soft and comfortable to wear, with many colors and patterns to choose from.

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Lovely Lace Shrug) -

Lovely Lace Shrug - This shrug is such a rich blue color.  Pictures don't even do it justice.  It is such a pretty shade of blue that I was quite mesmerized.  The lace back is very pretty, the whole shrug being soft and comfortable.  As I posed, I realized the sleeves are a bit tight.  This made it so that when I put my hand on my hip, the fabric hangs out under my shoulder.  If you have large upper arms, try sizing up.  Otherwise, this is a beautiful shrug option!

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Soft Touch Sweater) -

Soft Touch Sweater - I told you I was crazy about this color.  This waterfall sweater is fantastic!  The fit is perfect, with the soft material hanging just right.  It feels cozy and luxurious.  I recommend stocking up for next fall and winter! (P.S. - This sweater also comes in a gorgeous purple and black!)

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Soft Symmetry Dress) -

Soft Symmetry Dress - Miss Liz wore this dress in one of her Catherines March Featured Blogger posts.  It looked so great on her and she sang praises about the fit.  Well, naturally, I had to try it for myself!  I haven't worn a shift dress in......well, never.  It was never a silhouette I thought looked good on me; and it was also a silhouette that never fit me well.  I can indeed vouch for the fit because this dress is cut wider in the hips and fits me quite well.  I feel like a sophisticated lady in this look.  Something about it reminds me of growing up in the South.  I could dine at the country club in this dress and fit right in. lol  The three-quarter sleeves and beaded neckline are fantastic additions.  As someone who loves arm coverage, I like not having to add an additional layer.  If you like no fuss dressing, this is a dress that doesn't need too many extras, unless you want them. 

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Solid and Stripe Colorblock Maxi) -

Solid and Stripe Colorblock Maxi -  I really want to love this dress because it is soft and comfortable and a great length.  The stripes and blue colorblocking work so well together.  However, it is a bit clingier in the tummy region than I would like. I think this has more to do with the cut and fabric than the size.  The bust fits great, so sizing up doesn't feel like I good choice.  If the majority of the design was down the front, I think it would camouflage the places I want hidden.  Still, I love the sporty feel of this dress and recommend checking it out!

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (It's A Cinch Dress) -

It's A Cinch Dress - So this dress is another favorite.  Obviously, I would wear some Spanx underneath to smooth things out, but I love, love, LOVE the color and use of stripes.  This is another look that makes me feel like a sophisticated lady.  It's made of a ponte-knit material, so it is stretchy and comfortable as well.  And OMG, my bust looks great in this one!  Some of the customers in the store even complimented this one when I went out to show my husband. 

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Strike Midnight Dress) -

Strike Midnight Dress - I wasn't even going to try this dress on because it has what I called a "dressy hippie vibe".  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  It just isn't my aesthetic.  I held it up on the hanger and love the sparkly beading and the way it swishes around, but I put it back.  Later, as I was wandering around the store picking up more items to try on, my husband brought this dress over.  So I thought, what the heck!  I am really happy with the fit.  The V-neckline is beautiful and fits really well with no gaping or puckering.  The beading is delightful and the swooshing is fantastic!  I went out to show it to my husband and ended up dancing around the store and twirling.  Yes, I am that goober.  It is just a really fun dress!  No less than five customers complimented it too, which is always fun.  I do wish the beading and shaping continued to the back of the dress.  I feel like that is a missed opportunity for making it extra special.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Knit Dot Capri) -

Knit Dot Capri - These knit legging capris look a bit like jeans but are super comfortable.  The crotch is a little baggy on me, so I could probably stand to size down.  Being knit, they do show more lumps and bumps, so be advised.  But the polka dots are very cute and I think they would go with a lot of tops.

  In The Dressing Room: Catherines (Light and Airy Shirt) -

Light and Airy Shirt - I'm still in the market for the Perfect-For-Me chambray shirt.  I think this one is a little bit light for my personal taste, but it fits really well and was super cute.  The arms were just a smidge tight, but it wasn't enough for me to really point out or take too much notice of.  I love the little crochet detailing that makes it stand out amongst other chambray options.

So there you have it!  I do recommend making a trip to your local Catherines and trying things on.  If you are a gal with bigger hips and have trouble finding items that aren't too tight in that area, I really encourage you to give Catherines a try.  The colors and patterns in the clothing are really fun.  While they still carry more conservative clothing and items geared to an older crowd, they also have lots of  more youthful options as well.  It really seemed like a store you could go to with your mom and grandma and ALL of you would find pieces you love.  I really like that because it makes shopping more inclusive and fun for everyone.

I am really interested to hear about what y'all like or dislike.  Have you shopped at Catherines  recently, or in the past?  What do you think of the store overall?  How would you style those hi-lo tunics with the very low back hems?  I'd really love to hear your thoughts.

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