What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Passion

It is time for the second installment of Sartorial Medley!  Did you miss the introduction?  Aislynn of Couture For Curves and I have teamed up for a monthly, themed fashion "challenge" post.  Each month we invite you to join us by participating in the month's theme and sending us your photo and/or link to your blog post.

We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  From now (February 15th) until the 25th, email me your photo and link to your blog post at diva@divinemrsdiva.com.

Now on to this month's theme: Passion.
Please feel free to interpret this month's theme as you see fit.  Whether you want to show off a sexy look, a date night outfit, an outfit you love, something you wear while doing something you are passionate about, etc. It is up to you!

I chose to go the "date night" outfit route (because I have a passion for my sweet husband). I also have a serious passion for these boots right now (I know, I know. I'll wear different footwear soon. lol)  Plus, my precious fur child Kiki makes a little appearance in my photos.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

This particular night, we also stopped by Lane Bryant so I could use some Rewards Checks that were about to expire.  You know I am passionate about shopping!  I bought the new Smooth Boost Plunge bra, which gave me fantastic boost!  Go try it on right now!  I also found the jacket below in clearance. It is a $100 jacket that I got for $30. I was an excited girl!

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

The sweater was a lot longer than I remember it being.  The proportions with the skirt was kind of off and I was getting frustrated.  So I just pulled the skirt farther up my torso until it was the length I wanted.  It stayed pretty well all night, so I wasn't constantly fighting with it.  It was a "Make It Work" moment. lol

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion
Argyle Sweater and Lace Trim Cami - Lane Bryant
Denim Pencil Skirt - Old Navy (Similar)
Leggings - Fashion Bug (Similar)
Sidney Tall Lace Back Boots - Avenue
Rhinestone Heart Necklace - Forever 21

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

DivineMrsDiva.com - Sartorial Medley: Passion

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with your friends, family, or partner-in-crime. :-)

Sartorial Medley: Passion Theme

Aislynn of Couture For Curves


  1. Cute! I have a similar skirt and similar cardigans (mine are a teal base and a purple base). The blazer is cute...I don't think they had that at my LB when I went last weekend. I tried on a bunch of stuff, but ended up with a red shrug, a tank top, and some necklaces. I liked the way this dress fit and looked, but holy shit it was see-through.

    I'm kicking around a few ideas for my submission. Really, I'm trying to figure out exactly how I can make the Kiyonna Duchess dress and my awesome new boots fit the theme, lol. (The Duchess is super cute and fits very similarly to the Maggie. It's too low cut-ish, as usual, but the green is gorgeous and I might be able to strategically pin the bow so as not to have to wear a cami.)

    PS - I see nothing wrong with wearing those boots all the time. They're cute, and wearing boots always makes me feel extra sassy. I have no idea why.

  2. Aw, that dress was see-through? That sucks because it is super cute! My LB doesn't seem to carry much in the way of dresses, but I also didn't get to look around much when I stopped in. Apparently, they close at 8 and I got there at 8:20. (The website says they close at 9) They let me in anyway to exchange some bras, encouraged me to try on a new bra, and worked on my exchange. (I LOVE the new Smooth Boost Plunge bra, btw.) Sean found the jacket in clearance and encouraged me to try it on and then I snatched a shirt I like in a different color and was done. It was 9 by the time I left. The two employees were so nice.

    I'm glad the Duchess works well! Have you tried those lace fake cami things that attach to your bra? My mom-in-law got some and loved them, so she bought some for me. Otherwise, I am sure you could pin that bow strategically. I can't wait to see it!!

    lol Boots make me feel super sassy too. I wore flats this weekend, but I will have to wear the boots again next weekend. With what outfit? I have no idea. lol

  3. Boots go with EVERYTHING. I was bummed about that dress, too, because I loved the little cutout in the back and the loud print, and it really was cute on. I tried on a bunch of the other spring dresses, too, and they were all either too short, see through, or made of static cling. It's not like I need any more spring/summer dresses anyway...what I need to do is clean out my closet and get rid of the ones I don't wear until the laundry situation is dire, lol.

  4. It's a delayed comment (could have sworn I left one, I get spacey sometimes I guess), but I love the shots with your little fur babies :D . Been there with the "make it work" moments, sometimes you can and other times...not so much. For what it's worth, it looks good, perfect length with the boots :)

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