What I Wore: Switcharoo!

I haven't written many outfit posts lately.  I apologize.  We have just not been super busy outside of the house.  When we do venture out, I am typically in a hurry and just throw on my tried and true outfits that aren't very inspired.  Capris, short-sleeve hoodies, tanks and sandals have been the norm as of late. I'm challenging myself to put more thought into my outfits and try new things.  I hope this brings on more outfit posts.

You've seen this outfit before, but I wanted to switch it up with a different color tank.  The previous tank matched the top perfectly, with a hint of white polka-dots.  I recently bought the tank you see here at the Lane Bryant outlet.  It has great jewel-toned colors that go very well with the top.  It was still a comfortable, easy outfit to wear, with the added bonus of more color.

Backstage Dolman Top - Kiyonna
Lace Trim Cami - Lane Bryant
Capri Pants - Lane Bryant
Sandals - Torrid
Bracelet - Lane Bryant; Earrings - JCP; Necklace - Unknown


  1. I love that bracelet. Also, please do an eyeshadow tutorial, because mine never looks like that (and if you have any tips for getting Urban Decay glittery ones to not make your whole face a pile of glitter, that would rule, because seriously, primer, no primer, varying brushes/spongy applicators, it doesn't matter...if I try glittery eyeshadow, I look like Tinkerbell took a shit on my face).

  2. Thank you! I wish I had bought the bracelet in all colors (there was black and white, pink, and turquoise versions as well.)
    I've been thinking about doing an eyeshadow tutorial but didn't know if anyone would want to see it. I will get on that soon. I think it would be fun! I randomly have luck with keeping the fall out off of my face, but it is very temperamental. I have a couple products that help, so I will test those and make sure they do work right before recommending anything to you. :-)

  3. I really liked the pink cami beneath the blouse as well, but I think I actually like this one better. It looks very trendy and young. I'd imagine you could easily wear this out and about for errands or whatever, and to a party after, because it's a very "fun" looking outfit while still being comfy :)

  4. Thank you! I think I like this one better too. I love all the colors in the cami and the contrast of the black with the coral color. The matching cami is definitely a softer look.
    I still have a lot of camis like this to try with the top to see how the colors change it up. One day I'm just gonna do a post of this top with all my different colored camis. lol I think that will be fun.