What I Wore: Goodbye, Summer!

This farewell is a bit late, I know.  Excuses, excuses... :-)

On one of our last sunny outings, I ended up going shopping at Lane Bryant to use my Real Women Dollars.  It was a very warm day, so I donned this easy outfit.  It wasn't fussy, was easy to change in and out of, and sparkled!

I also tried tying the open cardigan for something a little different.  I actually kinda liked it that way, plus it kept the wind from blowing the cardigan open.  Tonight it is a chilly 47 degrees.  I actually just had hot cocoa for the first time this season.  So goodbye, dear summertime.  I will miss your sun, but I look forward to wearing a few cuddly sweaters to shield me from the cooler temperatures.

Sequin tank - Avenue
Open Cardigan - Torrid
Denim Capris - Lane Bryant
Sandals - Avenue


  1. The weather is finally turning around here as well and I am looking forward to pulling out my sweaters! Love the color pink on you!

  2. Thank you! I think I need more pink winter clothes :-)