Thankfulness Thursday: Week 11 - Gadgets

This is Week 11 of Thankfulness Thursdays. Through Thanksgiving, I will be posting once a week about something/someone(s) I am thankful for. This is a link-up with Ashley from Domestic Fashionista.


Hi, everyone!  I wasn't in the mood to write a sentimental post today.  Therefore, I am thankful for gadgets that make life easier/more fun/save time.  And by gadgets, I also mean appliances....just things I tend to use often that help me through the day.

First up is my coffee maker.  It was a wedding gift from a friend's parents.  It has a programmable timer and makes up to 12 cups at a time.  I LOVE this thing!  It also turns itself off after 2 hours, so I don't have to worry too much about it.

Second is my iPod.  Sean bought it for me as a Valentine gift last year.  Not only does it have fun apps and all that jazz, but I am able to download podcasts (like WTF with Marc Maron).  Having stuff to listen to helps me not stew on things I really shouldn't be thinking about and keeps me happy.  I play Words with Friends in my downtime and use Pandora to help me sleep. (I have to have music on to get some shut-eye.)

In addition to my iPod, we just got a new stereo with an iPod dock so I can listen to podcasts while I do my makeup, fold clothes, or am hanging out in the bedroom. (Plus, I made a BoyBand station on Pandora.  It makes me happy!)

The DVR comes in handy on countless occasions.  I don't like being a slave to my television shows anymore.  When I was younger, I couldn't program my VCR because it would always mess up so I had to be home or miss things.  We have a LOT of shows.  Plus, my fabulous nerd husband was able to utilize a separate computer to act as a DVR and record our shows.  I won't pretend I understand how that works completely, but it works. We can record more shows and watch them via the Xbox in either room.

I recently used my mandolin slicer to cut potatoes for Crock Pot Scalloped Potatoes.  It saved me so much time in making those thin potato slices.  I really want to utilize this tool more often.

In other kitchen gadget news, my battery-operated pepper grinder has a motor that is going out.   I use this thing every day, so I NEED it!  Sean connected his drill to the pepper grinder and it now sprays pepper very efficiently!  (Sean says it is ten times the RPMs.)

Lastly (but not least) - DUAL MONITORS!  I really thought this was excessive and ridiculous when I first saw it.  But Sean made me try it, as it is known to up productivity by 20% in his line of business.  I tried it and I'm hooked.  I get so much more done this way!

So there you go!  A few things around the house that I find useful.  What are you thankful for today?


  1. Oh my goodness! That pepper grinder attached to the drill! How funny is that! I will have to show my husband this! He will get a laugh out of that! I too am thankful for my gadgets. One of my favorites is our bread maker so I can make fresh pizza dough any time I want! :)

  2. Mmmmm a bread maker! My mom had one when I was a kid and I just loved the way it made the whole house smell so good. I love making bread, but all the kneading and time to let things rise can be a daunting task. Fresh pizza dough sounds awesome!
    My husband downgraded the pepper grinder drill to something I could better get a handle on. lol Thank goodness because the one in the picture was really heavy!