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What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt

This post should more accurately be called "What I Tried To Wear".  There were things I loved and things I did not love about my first foray into the Postcards brand. - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee

Postcards is an exclusive brand that is only available to the Gwynnie Bee community.  As with Flor, which I talked about in a previous post, they offer lots of great prints and colors in their dresses and tanks, up to size 32.  Those brilliantly hued prints are what draw me to these exclusive to GB brands. - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee

Let's talk about what I loved first.  The Ikat pattern and colors are FANTASTIC.  The vibrant, fresh colors reeled me in!  They are just as gorgeous and dynamic in person.  While it is made of a non-stretch polyester, the fabric is soft and silky feeling.  The overall fit was really great (I am wearing a 4X).  The waist and hips gave me no issues.  But this brings me to what I didn't like and why I didn't wear it. - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee

The photograph below is me wearing the skirt at my natural waistline.  This made the skirt incredibly long and ill-proportioned on me, especially in light of the pattern.  I feel like the colorful print being so bright and busy lends itself to a shorter skirt.  It just seemed a little much on a longer silhouette.  The length also made it a bit harder to style. (I am 5'9", by the way.)  I shop my closet to put these things together and really had to think about what to do to make this one work.  Pulling the skirt up to an empire silhouette, the pleats can sometimes add volume.  A bright blue cardigan and studded belt helped to keep proportions right and balance out the colors at the bottom.  I do feel like it needed a necklace or something at the top to balance out the heavy boots, but you get the idea. - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee

So it has potential and I am NUTS about the pattern.  I commend these GB exclusive brands for their use of great patterns and hues, but this particular length skirt was not working for me. - What I Didn't Wear: Postcards Ikat Skirt via Gwynnie Bee
Ikat Skirt - Postcards via Gwynnie Bee
Lace-trimmed Cami - Lane Bryant
Blue Cardigan -Lane Bryant (Similar)
Studded Belt - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Lane Bryant
Black Boots - Avenue (Similar)

What do you think?  Have you tried the Postcards brand?  How would you style this skirt?


  1. You know I love this skirt! Weird about it being so long. And as far as how I would style it...I would pair it with a darker maroon pullover sweater, some tan booties with a heel, tan tights, & a beaded necklace pulling from the colors in the Ikat print. I am going to post a pic to Instagram with my idea in case you still have it.


  2. I can't remember if I tried Postcards or not, but I was not impressed with any of the GB brands at the time I canceled. I understand about weird length skirts, though...I ordered a midi-skirt from ASOS that is a very odd length. I just pulled it up under my boobs and wore a turtleneck sweater that's a little shorter length, and my co-workers all thought it was cute. (The skirt is really comfy and it was on sale's a pretty versatile black & white plaid pattern.)

    I think the way you styled this one in the 2nd photo is cute, but I know sometimes when you have to tweak things you're messing with them all day and that's just annoying.

    I just ordered some Aerosoles boots similar to might actually look into them if you haven't, a lot of their styles have a double zipper that lets you add width in the calf, they're comfy as shit, and they hold up pretty well. Plus, their calves tend to be fairly generous anyway...I've had several pairs of their boots over the years and never had problems zipping them.

  3. That's such a cute look on you, and I love the hooded shrug! I always forget to check Torrid because I think a lot of their stuff seems too young to me...but then I see your outfits and I'm like "why didn't I see THAT?" Lol.

    I'm ready for sandals but I'm not ready for the stupidly hot weather that goes with them, nor am I in the mood to shave my legs, heh.

  4. I love that purple on you. And those sweaters do look comfy! I glance around at Penney's occasionally, because there's a Sephora in the one near me. Being that I am a 26/28, I don't usually have much luck, but I've bought a shirt or two on sale that worked. To me, Penney's tends to be a lot like Kohl's...sometimes you get lucky, sometimes it's just a wasteland of ugly.

    I always find stuff at Sephora, though...hahaha.

  5. hahaha A wasteland of ugly. It can certainly be hit or miss with Kohl's. That JLo maxi I found was the best thing so far. Every time I go in and check and there are things that are "almost" good, but not. Of course, if I was a size 6 there are TONS of things I want. lol

    Since this past Penney's visit was my first time perusing the women's clothes in a long while, I won't draw conclusions. BUT I am jonesing to do a Dressing Room post with items to try it all out. I do wish they would carry at least up to a 28 in their stuff. They have them online. These sweaters go to a 5X online.

    And you are right, Sephora always fits!

  6. hahaha Gurl, I am not in the mood to shave my legs either. I finally did this weekend, but that is why I wore tights and boots in my most recent blog post. lol Shaving is the crappy part of warmer weather.

    I like checking Torrid, but I haven't been feeling everything lately. My last few times in store to shop and try stuff on were unproductive. I just didn't find anything that really fit me well or was practical to my life and style. Like the stuff looks so cute and sexy and what not, but it just isn't me. But then there are little gems lurking about. I need to just go try things on again.

  7. Is the ASOS skirt the pencil skirt? I bought a midi pencil skirt with a black and white plaid and it is totally cute, but I have still never worn it. I may just sew it a bit shorter so the length is better.

    The thing with the GB exclusive brands for me is a SO love the colors and patterns. For the most part, the silhouettes are good. But the quality of the fabric is what turns me off. And little things like the length of this skirt. They all have potential, but are just slightly off. I did buy the first FLOR dress, the animal print one, when it was on sale for $15 and it looks like it hasn't been used. But because of the fabric, for one thing, that is NOT a $130 dress, which was the original price on the one I was looking at.

    This skirt is gorgeous and I feel like I made it work. Everybody commenting on it thinks it looks great. But it is that issue of it being tweaked to the point where I would be messing with it all day - pulling it up high enough, making sure the belt was in place, making sure the cardigan was pulled down correctly, etc. It just gets to be too frustrating and makes me self-conscious.

    I will check into the Aerosoles. I didn't know they had the ability to be a bit wider. My calves are at 19 to 19.5 now so I have a few more options.

  8. Nope, it's this one. It was on sale, lol. For the curious, do not buy the pants labeled "pegged" - in the pic they look like basically leggings but they're totally Hammer pants. Sad, the print was pretty and they were really soft. Also, the strapless skater dress in the blue & white print is super ugly in person and fits strangely.

    I just ordered some boots, I shall report back on calf room. I think I ordered a 10W, but I just ordered some in an 11M that fit fine (they're a little long, but it gave me room for an insole with an arch. Having a fucked up back is FUN).

  9. The problem is, both Torrid stores around here are basically equally far away--one north and one south. Therefore, my motivation to fight traffic and drive to either of them is very low. The one south is brand new, so maybe I'll call my bff who lives near there and we can have shopping day.

  10. Oo, I didn't know they had bigger sizes online...



  11. hahaha Yeah, I linked to the 4x/5x of the sweaters. I'm bummed the pink one isn't available in my size. But in the Plus section they have 4X and 5X to search by too. :-)

  12. I understand that. I have a distant Container Store I long to go to. Plus, the full size Sephora is about 45 minutes away. BUT it would be a fun shopping day, even if you just try stuff on.

  13. Oh yes, report back on the boots! That plaid skirt is cute! That sucks about the length being an issue though. Not good about Hammer pants. I can't believe middle school me had my mom make me some. I wore them to school. LOL They were pink with little palm trees all over. I like the comfort of the soft pants trend, but they can easily border on Hammer pants or harem pants territory.

  14. I have trouble with midi lengths too, and I'm only 5'4". I think women of every height must struggle with them. I think this skirt (and outfit) looks great on you, but it's nice to hear what you didn't like about it and why you didn't wear it. It throws into perspective that we're our own worst critics and that we might be self-conscious about how we look when it looks fine to everyone else. But honestly, it's all about if we feel comfortable in what we wear and if it flatters us in the ways we want.

    I also appreciate that you review different brands from Gwynnie Bee. I know that so many women use that service now, and even though you're just renting the pieces, you want some assurance that it's going to fit well before you order it. Otherwise it's a wasted item when you could have had something you liked better.

    I think that I wear all of my skirts high on my waist, and I also use the trick you used here of wearing a cardigan over the top to mask bulk or smooth things out. If a skirt skims my hips in a way I like, I'll tuck a shirt into it. If I wear a cardigan over a skirt, then you know that I'm trying to mask something!

    <3 Liz

  15. My favorite color combo! We share a love for pink, black, and white! I'm so inspired that you wore a hoodie with this. I always think casual when I think hoodie and would never think to wear it with a dess or skirt. I'm going to try it! This is such a simple look in such a pretty silhouette and palette. I'm such a sucker for fit-and-flare dresses and cardigans. So easy and so cute. I'm also loving these Jellie Crocs! I love the throwback to my childhood with the Jellie look, but they also double and sandals and ballet flats.

    <3 Liz

  16. I was so bummed this wasn't a perfect fit. The pattern and colors are just amazing and awesome! But it was that weird midi-length that made it really hard to even out the proportions. Styled with the belt, I think it looks great in pictures. It was definitely one of those outfits where it just felt like I'd be fooling with it and constantly readjusting and that made me really self-conscious. That is when I knew it was a What I Didn't Wear instead.

    I really love reveiwing the various brands from GB, even if they don't work out. It is kind of like conducting a fun experiment, seeing how things fit and what different styles look like. I enjoy it and, if it is helpful, that is just extra icing on the cake.

  17. I am crazy about these shoes! I am 3 other colors (black, brown, turquoise) and am going to get some more for spring and summer. They are really comfortable and I always get compliments on them.

    I wish they made this hoodie in red too because how cute would a Red Riding Hood look with this dress be?? Maybe they will do more in the warmer weather. You know I am a sucker for fit-and-flare and this dress just takes the cake for me. Plus, it pretty much goes with any color you feel like wearing. :-)

  18. I just wanted to stop by and say that I haven't been in a Penny's in years, but I specifically went in earlier this week to look for this shirt because of your post! I'm wearing it today and love it! It's kind of the weight long sleeve tees used to be before they all went to the slub knit (so not too hot and not to cold - at least for Texas) and it's sooo comfy! I especially love that it does not seem to have stretched out as the day has gone on either. Nothing annoys me more than a shirt/sweater that looks great when I walk out of the house but is 6 sizes too big and frumpy by lunch time!

  19. Oh, that is fantastic! I am glad you found it in store and that it works so well for you. It is a really great weight, which makes it that much better for more people. Mine are still holding their shape well. I do have a little pilling on the side my purse rubs, but that is it.

    I ended up going back to Penneys a couple weeks ago and trying on a ton of stuff. That post should be up next week! While I was there, I did find the black and white version of this sweater in a 2X and it fit really well too. I snatched it up!!

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your experience! I really appreciate it. And, of course, thank you for reading the blog. :-)


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