What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

2014 was a year of experimenting and having fun with fashion.  I had a great time reminiscing on my year of looks and picking my favorites for this "Best of" Sartorial Medley post!

Sometimes I find it a little hard to describe my style which, as a style blogger, is probably not the best thing. I have really developed a love of trying new things that are out of my comfort zone, so I feel like this hinders my ability to truly define my style.  I do know that I love more casual looks with color, embellishments, and feminine details.  I adore great prints, statement necklaces, and fit and flare silhouettes.  All of these things remain a constant, even when testing out new looks and trends.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone
Just a few of the different looks I tried this year involved bodycon dresses, shorts, colored ankle pants, and pattern-mixing.  I was very intimidated by all of these things, but ended up loving the finished looks!  It made me look at my body in a new and refreshing way and pushed me far enough out of my comforting little clothes bubble to get more creative with my outfits and try even more that I didn't think I could pull off.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

Printed Maxis
A couple summers ago, I only had a black maxi I wore with cardigans in various hues.  This summer, inspired by my spring find in a JLo maxi dress (the middle look), I went crazy for printed maxis in bright hues!  I love the combination of colors and the princessy swoosh of fabric that comes with a maxi.  Plus, they are easy to throw on and looked polished with minimal effort.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

No matter the look I am going for, color and print are important components of my look.  I embraced so many prints this year in a variety of patterns and colors.  Throughout the year, I feel like I made bolder and bolder statements using print in clothing and accessories.  I look forward to celebrating even more distinctive graphics this year as well!

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

Whether I was trying to look like a bad-ass lady or a conservative lady, I fully embraced my curves and ladylike pieces in my clothing options.  Bodycon dresses, tulle skirts, pencil skirts, peplums and lace, and belts to give a more hourglass figure all lent themselves as feminine touches that I prefer in my sartorial adventures.

My Favorite Look of 2014:

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

This velvet wrap dress from Kiyonna wins as my favorite look of 2014.  While it doesn't contain the  bright colors and prints that I have gone on about in this post, it does have a fabulous femininity and glamorous sex appeal that made me feel amazing while wearing it! 

I would  love to see your own favorite look from 2014 or hear about the elements you love to include in your perfect outfit!  If you'd like to share your look, here is some information on Sartorial Medley and how to participate:

It is time again for Sartorial Medley, a monthly themed fashion post hosted by myself and Aislynn of Aislynn's World.  (Did you miss the previous posts? Check them out!) We welcome participation from anyone, regardless of your dress size.  Email me your photo and link to your blog post  - diva (at) divinemrsdiva (dot) com.  

To participate, even if you don't have a blog,  just Tweet/Instagram/Pinterest/etc. your photo with #SartorialMedley to be featured in the blog post.  We can't wait to see you rocking your outfits!  (Follow me on Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram @DivineMrsDiva.)

Sartorial Medley: Best of 2014

Sartorial Medley Aislynn - Best of 2014
Aislynn of Aislynn's World
Sartorial Medley Alison - Best of 2014
Alison of Nouveau North Westerners


  1. So many great looks Hailey! I love the colored square cardigan and the blue skirt, as well as the waterfall Aztec print cardigan. But the blue velvet dress is to to die for! Super sexy and glamorous! :)

  2. After looking at all of your pictures I'd have to say I'd describe your
    style as "cheerful, colorful, feminine, and outgoing". I'm not sure
    if I'd go so far as "bubbly" or not, but you look like the type of
    person who one could easily approach and that's certainly not a bad thing :) .
    Don't worry about the labels too much, though, you've got great style no matter
    what name-tag it wears, and you look fantastic. I wish I'd been half as daring last
    year. Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up. Happy 2015 :)

  3. I like Aislynn's assessment of your style. I think those adjectives are perfectly spot-on. "Cheerful" is an interesting choice, but I think she's exactly right. Your looks are sunny, happy, and fun-loving, which I think is a reflection of who you are. Based on your fashion, if I saw you on the street, I feel like you're someone I would want to be friends with. I love when someone's style makes the seem approachable, friendly, and kind-hearted.

    Sometimes I have a hard time nailing down my style too because it swings drastically between feminine-flouncy-romantic and quirky-bold-fun.

    I loved looking through this recap of your looks. I think my favorite is that brushstroke maxi on the far right. I remember just loving that when you featured it in an outfit post. The color palette is perfect. I also quite like the confetti Foxcroft cardi with the blue pencil skirt.

    Have a great weekend!

    <3 Liz

  4. You are a woman after my own heart with color being a part of your wardrobe. I love the mix of both casual and dressy looks because lets face it, we need both. From those two categories, my favs are the look with the Aztec cardi and your fav too, that amazing blue velvet gown.

    I take inspiration from many of your looks and have introduced me to several new retailers.

    Designing From My Closet

  5. Thank you! Those are some of my absolute faves too! I can't wait to go check out your post as well!

  6. Thank you! I'll try not to worry too much about the labels. Sometimes I feel like if I don't have a clearly defined style then that means I don't know who I am or maybe I am having an identity crisis. lol Maybe I just feel that way because I lost weight and am kind of in between sizes at times. I am sure there are other factors. I do love changing it up and trying new styles, at least I certainly have this year, so I hope that helps me more in regards to figuring out what I love to wear the most.
    I do appreciate the adjectives and I wish you a daring 2015!

  7. Thank you, Janeane! I love all the patterns and colors in your wardrobe and adore the way you pull them off! I am finally getting into a more organized schedule so I can catch up on all the posts I have missed!

    I'm so glad to have met you in the blogosphere and look forward to seeing more awesome looks!

  8. Thank you for that! I really appreciate the observations and am glad the fun and happy outlook I have wearing something I love really comes across in how people perceive me. I feel like it is a pretty fitting look at my personality and it was interesting to see all these looks together as a representation of those facets of my personality as well.

    I do love that unique color combo in the SWAK maxi. I wish the strap hadn't been broken because I totally would have bought it!

  9. I think it's more that you go with what you like, whether it conforms to a label or not, and that's what personal style is all about (IMO of course). Can't wait to see what 2015 brings :)