What I Wore: Teal We Meet Again

Hey, y'all!

The husband and I finally had an evening all to ourselves for a fun date night.  I don't dress up a whole lot, so date night is always a fun opportunity to put some extra effort into being more lady-like.  Basically, I used a curling iron and different eyeshadow colors. lol

The other great thing that made me look splendid was this great dress that Kiyonna sent me.  It's the Trinity Twist Dress in "Teal We Meet Again".

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Trinity Twist Dress, Torrid Blazer, Avenue Pumps

There is nothing better than a comfortable, easy-to-wear piece of clothing that looks pulled together.  The fabric is so soft and stretchy, not too heavy or warm.  I love three-quarter sleeves and the great twist feature in the front.  The color is absolutely lovely as well.  It is actually a dark teal color, more like the color on the website.  I'm not sure why it looks so much lighter in the photos.  It was a rare sunny day, I suppose.

A also noticed a couple of differences in this dress as compared to other Kiyonna dresses I own.  First, the length is a bit longer.  Instead of being about knee length, this dress was about mid-calf.  Second, while this dress still has a great v-neckline, it isn't so deep as to expose cleavage you may want to keep under wraps. 

I know a lot of Kiyonna fans on Facebook have wanted something a little more covered up, so don't pass this one up, ladies!  It would also be a great easy piece for an office environment.  No wardrobe malfunctions in this pretty dress!

For reference, I am 5'9" and am wearing this dress in a 4X with no shapewear.

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Trinity Twist Dress, Torrid Blazer, Avenue Pumps

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Trinity Twist Dress, Torrid Blazer, Avenue Pumps
Trinity Twist Dress - Kiyonna
Grey Pinstriped Blazer - Torrid
Black Pumps - Avenue
Bracelet - Avenue
Earrings - Forever 21

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Trinity Twist Dress, Torrid Blazer, Avenue Pumps

DivineMrsDiva.com - Kiyonna Trinity Twist Dress, Torrid Blazer, Avenue Pumps

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade and they provided me with the dress in this post.  All opinions on the item are my own.


  1. I love the color & cut (I have one of the Kaycee tops this is based on), and with the blazer, it's very professional. But it's irritating lately that the stuff that looks knee-length on their size 12/14 models is mid-calf length in a 4x...that's happened with a couple of their dresses recently. That's a pattern-sizing issue, and it really needs to be fixed.

    PS - You are so photogenic...you always look so freaking cute in all of your photos. I love your "outtakes", too.

    PPS (PSS? Lol) - Sephora has eyeliner that would match that dress...this kind, in teal. It's pretty decent....the color is super-saturated and goes on intense. :)

  2. I was definitely surprised when it turned out to be a longer dress. As you said, on the website, it looks right below the knee. I was excited about having something in a different length, so it didn't bother me at all. I understand what you are saying though. Have you emailed their customer service or said anything on their Facebook page?

    PS- Thank you so much! My hair was not doing what I wanted it to do, but I am glad that doesn't really translate in the photos. I do need some new poses though. lol

    PPS- OOh, I haven't tried Sephora's waterproof liner yet. I will have to give it a go. I just picked up a new formulated Sephora brand shimmer eyeshadow in a pale pink color. (I don't own many pale pinks and they are good for summer.) On this particular photoshoot day, I wore eyeshadow from this Bare Minerals set. I did my lid in the shimmery gold and my crease and corner of the lid in the teal. It was fun to play with the colors and do something other than brown in the crease.