DIY Diva: Organizing Tip - Adhesive Chalkboard Labels - DIY Diva - Organizing Tip - Chalkboard Labels

Just a quick post today to show you something I worked on yesterday.  I found out about these great adhesive chalkboard labels from Ashley at Domestic Fashionista.  (She has some great organizing tips and DIY posts, by the way.)  So when I saw them on sale, I had to get them.

They come in six different shapes and a couple different sizes and can be purchased from Etsy seller More Sprinkled Joy.  Yesterday, I busted out my recent purchase and applied them to some of my kitchen containers for a more polished, labeled look.

My containers went from drab (with masking tape and Sharpie writing): - DIY Diva - Organizing Tip - Chalkboard Labels

To fab: - DIY Diva - Organizing Tip - Chalkboard Labels - DIY Diva - Organizing Tip - Chalkboard Labels

These adhesive labels apply easily.  I used a dab of rubbing alcohol to clean the area I wanted the sticker to go first.  After they were stuck on, I used regular chalk to write on the labels.  They also wipe off extremely well.  I absolutely love these!  I can't wait to label everything!

Are you a label-holic?


  1. I'm not much of a labeler...mostly stuff stays in its original containers because I am lazy. Those are cool labels, though. (I am not much of a DIY type person...I wish I was, but I seem to be missing that gene.) Did you know you can get chalkboard paint for walls? And paint a whole room with it? One of my FB friends did that in her kids' room and it looks awesome....

  2. Love that Chalkboard paint! When we have a house, I am definitely going to have to work some into the design. :-)

  3. Super cute! Chalkboard labels make everything better! I love to label everything! And double win if they add to the decor as well like yours! :)

  4. I am going to have to buy more labels because I am on a roll!! :-)