Barkbox - January 2013

Catching up on my Barkbox reviews.  Barkbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers some great treats, toys, hygiene products and more for your pampered pooch. 

Barkbox Review - January 2013

- Nootie Mini Yumzies (Peanut Butter flavor) - All natural and grain-free.  Made in the USA.  These small, soft dog treats are a great size for my chihuahuas.  They are peanut butter flavored and smell like natural peanut butter, not fake.  Be advised these are more of a training treat, so it is encouraged you only give your dog a set number of treats based on their weight.  

- Ruff Dawg the Wee-nut - "Flexible, rugged, and durable", says the tag.  This toy (made in the USA) seems really well-made and long-lasting.  It floats and can also be stuffed with treats.  It is shaped like a peanut and has a textured design on it.  It says it is great for keeping teeth and gums healthy while also being gentle on teeth and gums.  This one actually smells like a vanilla wafer and not like rubber. lol  It is a bit big for my kids, though not as heavy since it is hollow inside and made with a lighter, flexible material.  I'm going to keep it and see if my furkids will play with it at all.

- Jax and Bones Good Karma Rope Toy Octopus - This little octopus toy is super cute.  It is an eco-friendly toy made from hand tied cotton rope colored with vegetable dyes.  The legs can be dipped in water, juice, or broth and frozen.  The tag says that as your dog plays with it and the legs unravel, it acts as doggy dental floss.  Jax and Bones donates 10% of the proceeds from sales to rescue groups for homeless animals.  My kids just don't play with toys much, but I am going to try and get them to check it out.

- Barkworthies Curly Bully Stick - Another 100% beef stick.  Ew to me, but my Kiki LOVES these things.  As soon as I opened the box and gave him this stick, he went to town!  He is obsessed with these.  On the plus side, they don't smell and use no bleaches or chemicals in the manufacturing process.

The Groupon deal was 3 months for $35 to new members.  A regular membership is $29 a month or less, depending on how many months you sign up for at a time.

If you decide to sign up, you can use my special invite code to receive $5 off.  (And I'll get a free month.) 

Barkbox Review - January 2013

Barkbox Review - January 2013

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