My Dressing Room

I have been meaning to take you all on a tour of my dressing room for some time now.  It is constantly a work in progress though, so I guess I was just waiting until I had things looking better.

It is still a work in progress, but enough with the waiting!!  When we moved a few years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to claim the extra room for myself.  My clothes never fit in a standard closet, so I knew I would need the extra space.  The room is 10' by 10', which is still small for all my stuff.  It's been hard to stay within a budget while finding practical storage solutions.  Ideally, those storage solutions need to be cute, but it doesn't always work that way.  We are renting, so I can't use all the fancy closet organizing that I would like to.  (But when we own our own home, you better believe that will be my first big undertaking!)


When you walk into the room, the first thing you see is my dresser in the middle of the opposite wall.  This dresser is really old, owned by my mother-in-law's father, I believe.  I love it because it is made so well and has so much room in the drawers.  Most dressers just aren't made like that anymore.  Eventually, I would love to paint it to match my dressing room colors of black, white, and fuchsia.  Stored in the dresser are the typical things - bras, panties, socks, pajamas. - My Dressing Room

On top of the dresser, I have a necklace holder loaded with as many necklaces as it can handle.  I bought some bracelet displays at the craft store for all my bracelets, and a hand display at Pier 1 for some of my rings.  Rounding out the dresser area are some fun decor items.  I bought a few plastic diamond paperweights, a mirrored frame, a sparkly "Diva" ornament, and a cute glass chihuahua ornament.

My jewelry armoire sits to the left of the dresser.  I also did some DIY projects, making a picture holder and ribboned pin and brooch holder. - My Dressing Room

The necklace holder on the dresser can't handle any more necklaces, so I had to branch out to the walls now.  I just used nails to hang my long and/or heavy necklaces up.  It helps to be able to see it all when I am getting ready. - My Dressing Room


To the right of the dresser, I have a small plastic drawer unit that holds my tiaras and hats.  It also provides a space to store my radio and iron.  I had to buy two garment racks because the actual closet is so small.  The closet also has to be a storage room for extra clothes not in use, luggage, big bags, costumes, etc.  Therefore, only my purple, pink, and red garments fit in the closet.

At $20 each (on sale), the zippered garment racks do a pretty great job at holding all of my heavy clothes.  The first one has dresses, skirts, blazers, knit cardigans, and hoodies, organized by category.  The second garment rack holds black, grey, brown, coral, blue, and green clothing.  I enjoy organizing my clothing by color because it helps me find things easier (and I love the way it looks). - My Dressing Room

On the opposite side of the room, I have a bookcase that holds belts, sweaters/cardigans, jeans, and all of my purses.  It can sometimes look a bit disheveled.  When I put the bookcase together, I made sure to cover the back of it with a pretty white and pink fabric that I wanted to incorporate in my decor.  I love doing this for all my bookcases now because it adds some fun and color to an otherwise mundane item. - My Dressing Room

I used a fabric shoe rack on the back of the door to store my scarves.  I just roll them up and stuff them in each section.  The mesh allows me to see the colors of the scarves, so picking one out doesn't take forever. - My Dressing Room


It was tough to figure out what to do about the shoes.  I didn't want racks and needed varying heights of space for boots and the like.  I already had the white plastic shelf that I piled everything on.  I ended up finding a black and pink bin that I store all my flip flops in.  For the rest of the shoes, I bought plastic shoebox containers, took pictures of all my shoes, and affixed the photo to the outside of the box.  This has worked very well for me, but as you can see, I need to buy some more containers. lol - My Dressing Room

Decor and More

After all the racks, dressers, and shelves, I don't have a lot of wall space for decorations.  I add fun odds and ends in where I can.  I love artwork featuring chubby girls.  I have a fun wall hook and a great hula-hooping pinup girl. (I used my Martha Stewart glitter to sparkle up the frame.)  The "Diva" and chihuahua ornaments were picked up in various locations. - My Dressing Room

There is an awkward piece of wall between the closet and the light switch.  I chose to dress it up with a rhinestone-accented chandelier wall decal.  I also chose to display my other cute chubby girl decor.  These are wall plaques from Hallmark circa 2003.  I received one as a gift and have been trying to collect the others ever since.  I found the other two on eBay (along with a coffee mug in another design), but they are very hard to come by. - My Dressing Room

I made a sign for my dressing room door with my extra crafting pieces.  There is also an 8x10 canvas print of one of our wedding photos.  And then I bought a nail polish rack to organize my polishes.  I hope this gets me in the habit of wearing it more often. - My Dressing Room

So there you have it.  My dressing room is a fun space to call my own, where I can delight in the more fun aspects of being a girl.  I am grateful to have a place to store my fashionable finds and display those things that make me smile.

What are some of your storage solutions for clothing and accessories?


  1. Okay, you have a crazy amount of everything. I think I could probably stuff everything I own (not including purses) into 2 large suitcases. And I just gave away a ton of jewelry to my brother's lady and my mother because I just don't wear it often enough.

    I love the mesh net idea for the scarves, though, that would come in really handy. We use one of those (not see through) on the back of our bathroom door for extra items (hygene stuff, cleaning supplies, etc).

  2. I am in awe....this is amazing.

    I tried keeping my necklaces on nails on the wall...and the cats climbed up on the nearby shelf and tried to eat them. Now they're on an over-the-door tie/belt rack thingy in my closet. Some of my scarves are on another one, and the rest are on this weirdo hanger thing I got from Ikea for like $5. I don't have nearly as much jewelry...bracelets drive me insane because they just seem to get in my way when I'm typing or using the computer. I want to get wristband tattoos so I can be decorated without the bulk.

    Seriously. Your room is incredible. I love it.

  3. Oh that is a great idea for bathroom stuff too. I will have to remember that. That might be a good idea for my husband's bathroom. We have super tiny bathrooms in this place. They are about 1/3 the size of the bathrooms in our last place.

  4. Thank you! I have been working hard to get it more like I envision it. Bracelets tend to annoy me very fast. I don't wear them too often, but I like to have my options. lol

    Those darn cats need to behave! lol They get in ALL your stuff!

  5. I used to have an over the door rack with basket-type shelves for the bathroom. It was awesome for stuff like lotions, extra hair products, etc. It didn't work in our current bathroom because of the door arrangement, but I like the idea of the pockets...those might be flat enough.

  6. Cats aren't very good at's been an adventure having younger ones again after not having a kitten/young cat for like 15 years. However, they're my babies and they're so snuggly and cute when they're not eating the 18th pair of headphones this year....

  7. All perfectly reasonable wants. I won't live anywhere where I have to share a bathroom. I HAVE to have my own bathroom. We are getting closer to preparing for looking for a house now and I am making a metal checklist of everything I need.

  8. I wish I had my own bathroom, omg that would be so nice. Right now we have a water closet (not kidding, really old building) and then a shower/sink in another room. I'd love to turn the water closet into a regular closet, and move the toilet into our bathroom.

  9. Oh man, I hate small spaces. I don't know how you manage. I would not last in a tiny place. Where we are now is a slight downgrade space-wise and I even got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved - clothing and shoes included. And I just can't share a bathroom. I am not a patient person.