What I Wore: Maxin' and Relaxin'

Tuesday night, we met up with Mr. Diva's mom and uncle for dinner.  Then we headed over to the hospital to visit with his dad.  It was a pretty low-key evening, so I opted for comfort and ease.

Maxi Dress - Lane Bryant
Open Cardigan - Torrid (I bought the open cardigan in 3 colors last year.  Right now, they only have a black one online.)
Belt - Lane Bryant
Flip Flips - Old Navy

I usually find the hospital room to be very stuffy and uncomfortably warm.  That could be my anxiety towards all things hospital and doctor related, but I also know my in-laws like the heat cranked up.  I'd wear capri pants in the middle of winter if I had to visit the hospital. lol

This maxi is breezy, but thick enough I don't have to wear a slip.  It is also just about too long for me.  I was pushing it with the flip flops.  I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and look forward to more relaxing days in the summer months.

 PS - The wind was whipping around like crazy!  These are the photos where I look least like a goober! lol


  1. I love your haircut. I have a maxi dress lanquishing in the closet. I can put a sweater with it I suppose... I may get brave and try to wear it soon.

    1. Thank you! I must give props to my awesome hairstylist. She is a blessing!

      Be brave! Just try it on, no matter what. You may just love it! Sometimes I have to challenge myself to just put some things together that seem totally off. It can inspire. :-)