Fun times at the Stumptown Comics Fest 2012

I've previously talked about the Stumptown Comics Fest before.  It is an annual comics event in Portland, Oregon featuring tons of artists and comics.   This was our second year attending - this time with friends.  We had a lot of fun checking out everyone's work.

I don't take photos inside because these kinds of events usually have rules against that kind of thing.  However, I can show you the fun stuff we took home with us that day.

We bought this Yo Gabba Gabba children's comic book for my niece.  I thought it was cool that they incorporated one of her favorite shows into comic form. (From Oni Press)

Fun magnets and stickers:

Magnets from Monkey Minion Press.

"Mutt's Nuts" sticker by Max Clotfelter.  Chinchilla sticker from Melanie Ujimori.

A "hipster corgi" charm that I put on the stylus for my iPod.  I thought he was super cute.

Corgi charm from Melani Ujimori.

This is another fun print by Nicole Georges.  (Spinster Summer Etsy store)  Last year I bought the cute kissing foxes from her.  This year I opted for the precious skunk family.

Nicole also had some small prints available at her table for free.  I love all things doggy, so I had to have these two sweet drawings.

Mr. Diva opted for this print to decorate his bathroom.  (From Pony Club Gallery)

This is called "Tug of War" by Jason Fischer.  It features various Sasquatch and Totem characters in a game of Tug of War.  It made us smile at the uniqueness of it. (and I love all the colors.)

Another fun year checking out the goods at the SCF!  Looking forward to next year!

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