May Madness!

I'll start by apologizing for the lack of posts lately.  The first two or three weeks in May is as busy as the Christmas season for me.  We have had so much going on!  Most of it is fun stuff, mind you, but I am used to my low-key schedule.

The weekend before last, we had the Stumptown Comics Fest, Mr. Diva's hair appointment, my canceled hair appointment (stylist was sick) and rescheduled hair appointment, pay-per-view online concert from Europe, dinner with the in-laws, and general household chores, grocery shopping, and preparing for the week.

Last week, I had a day of Baby Shower gift shopping with my cousin.  While shopping, I messed up my neck somehow and had a migraine the rest of the day.  On the 1st, my middle fur child started her antibiotics for the week.  This is the first month she has started this medication, so I had to keep an eye on her for reactions.  Then Mr. Diva and I had to use our Groupon for movie tickets before it expired.  We saw Cabin In The Woods.  It was different than what I was expecting and very odd. lol

Mid-week, Mr. Diva's uncle came into town from Florida.  We had dinner over at the in-laws' house.  I spent all of Friday making focaccia bread with little success.  It wasn't rising correctly.  I've made it countless times with no issues, but it was not acting right at all this go round.  I had to quit fussing with the bread in time to get ready and go help decorate for Saturday's baby shower.  After getting home around 10pm, I waited for Mr. Diva to get home from helping his parents with their booth at the glass show that was also this past weekend.  When he got home, we ran out to the store so I could get more supplies for bread-making.

I got up early on Saturday and made another batch of bread.  It still wasn't acting correctly, so cue mild meltdown.  Mr. Diva ended up having to man the oven for me while I went to get ready.  Parts of the bread got burnt since the texture of the dough was a bit different.  Guests at the shower ate most of it though and said it was tasty.  I know it could have been better, so I was mad at myself.  The shower was fun though. :-)

After the shower, I had an hour or so of downtime to chill.  Then we went out to take some outfit pictures.  One of Mr. Diva's best friends was having a birthday that day, and we joined him and his husband at the movies to see The Avengers

On Sunday, we had some errands to run and I did another outfit shoot.  My mother-in-law called to ask us to help pack up the glass booth at 5pm, instead of 6pm like we planned.  We had to miss out on our annual trip to the Pet and Companion Fair in order to make it to help her out at 5. 

Tuesday we were supposed to go over to the in-laws' house for dinner to say goodbye to Mr. Diva's uncle.  Unfortunately, my father-in-law had to go into the hospital for a fever.  He had a stem cell transplant back in December, so any fluctuation has to be dealt with immediately.  We met up with my mother-in-law and Mr. Diva's uncle at a restaurant close to the hospital and had dinner.  Then we all went back over to visit with the father-in-law.   He still has some leukemia cells hanging out, so we are hoping for some good, old-fashioned cancer ass-kicking.

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my beloved fur brother's death.  Today is the 14th anniversary of my father's death.  Saturday is my birthday and Sunday is Mother's Day.  And we still have another uncle coming to town, the UFO Festival, a friend's birthday weekend, craft projects, house-cleaning, our anniversary, etc.  Plus other pressing matters I can't even get into right now.

So I guess what I am saying is bear with me.....What is your busiest month of the year?

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