In The Fitting Room: Lane Bryant

With the Buy One Get One Free sale over Labor Day weekend and my $40 Reward Check about to expire, I headed to my local Lane Bryant to try on some new fall fashion. - In the Dressing Room at Lane Bryant

I've loved seeing all the new collections online and was excited to finally try some things on.  I was also on the lookout for some fall and winter staple items (as most of my winter clothes are a bit big now) and some good pieces for my fall vacation.

I usually have no problem finding loads of stuff I love, but this trip was a little more difficult.  I certainly narrowed down my search by going in with particular items in mind.  That, and the fact that the store was about half work wear that doesn't apply to my life and bras that are made for someone with a much larger cup size narrowed things down even more.  I did choose a few pieces to try on and thought I would bring you the hits and misses. (Pay no mind to the bad lighting.) - In the Dressing Room at Lane Bryant

French Terry Blazer - I was pretty excited about this blazer because it looked like it was a good fitted silhouette on the hanger.  The sleeves were rolled up a bit to reveal a cute pinstriped lining that I loved. It is more of a ponte knit, which made it more lightweight and comfortable.  I thought  it would be great to give a little more put-together look for jeans and provide a different outer layer than my cardigans and shrugs.  As with all blazers I have ever tried on, the bust area was HUGE and mishapen on me because I have a smaller bust.  Sizing down would have made the blazer impossible to button and, because of the non-stretch lining, the upper arm area would not have fit correctly.

Zipper Ponte Shell - This top is simple, but fun and interesting; it could definitely be a versatile piece, going from work to a night out or hanging out on the weekend.  I love the merlot shade and the way the zippers can be adjusted to create a more peplum shape.  It is a ponte knit, making it very comfortable to wear.  I debated for a while on whether or not I was going to purchase it.  While I knew I owned multiple pencil skirts it would go great with, I didn't buy it.  After trying it on with a couple different bottoms, I decided it is too short for me to wear it with jeans which is really how I would wear it most often.  It needed to be about two inches longer for me to wear it with pants. - In the Dressing Room at Lane Bryant

Faux Leather Skater Skirt - This skirt was really cute on the hanger.  I LOVE the fullness of the bottom section of the skirt.  If it had only been this full part, I would have purchased it.  The band at the top hugs the largest part of me and most of the tops that would be cute with the skirt are not long enough to cover this flat section. I tried it on with the Zipper Shell and as you can see, the shirt doesn't cover the awkward top part of the skirt.  Below, you can see what it looks like when I pulled the skirt up so the full part started at my waist.  It was SO CUTE then. - In the Dressing Room at Lane Bryant

3/4 Sleeve Ribbed Tee - This tee is not too thick, not too thin.  It is super soft and extremely comfy.  I am wearing the 22/24 in this photo, which I feel was just a tad too small.  The bust and arms were great, but I wish the tummy and hips part of the top were a little bigger.  I tried the 26/28 and it was way too big and sloppy looking.  I was so sad because I really liked the versatility of it and thought it would be a great top to travel in.

Zip Pocket Sateen Skinny Pant - These pants actually fit really well.  I wanted to try the burgundy ones, but they were sold out of my size.  They are figure hugging, stretchy, and a really great length.  I ended up not purchasing them because I am not a huge fan of the zippered pocket thing.  Otherwise, they were great.

Faux Leather Moto Vest - I almost didn't even try this on.  I'm not a vest person (except for those several years in the late 80s when I had multiple floral vests that held all my New Kids On The Block buttons). A faux leather moto-style vest didn't seem like me at all. But it looked cute and I kept coming back to look at it as I walked around the store.  Finally, I decided to go ahead and try it on with the above outfit because I was going to be in the fitting room anyway.  I didn't buy it at the store; it just seemed impractical for the price.  At dinner later that night, I looked over the above photos my husband took and the vest just looked so cute.  I kept thinking about it and thinking about it.  After looking through my closet and all the things it could go with, I decided to purchase it!  I can't wait to rock it in future outfit posts! - Shopping at Lane Bryant

In store, I ended up purchasing the jewelry items so I could spend my Reward Check.  I don't have anything quite like the drop earrings and they will go with a ton of stuff.  I don't own any gold hoops and these have sparkles, so I needed those.  The necklace is a bit shorter than I usually like but it matches my highlighted hair perfectly.  Also, it is super sparkly!  Because of the Buy One Get One Free sale, I ended up buying the matching bracelet for the necklace as well because I can use it as an extender when I want the necklace to be longer. - Shopping at Lane Bryant: Bezel Set Drop Earrings, Gold Hoop Earrings - Shopping at Lane Bryant: Twisted Chain Statement Necklace

Back at home, I decided the vest was too cute not to have bought it, so I went online and snatched it up along with the hoodie.  I will be sure to post it on Instagram and Facebook when it arrives in the mail.

Did you get any goodies from the sales over the weekend?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ooooooh- I loved reading this! Working at LB, I see these pieces everyday on the rack, but it's so much better to see them on a person. My favorite look is the black and gray striped tee with the vest. I just dressed a mannequin with that vest yesterday and thought "meh", but I love it on you! And I love those tees. I want the black and white striped one, and maybe the two-tone brown one. They're such a nice, stretchy knit, and they'll work with both jeans and tucked into skirts (a la how I wear everything...).

    I'm also a fan of several pieces of the jewelry you picked out. Isn't the burnished gold and crystal statement necklace gorgeous?! I love it in both the crystal and the pink/purple designs. I know what you mean about workwear being so dominant right now, but yesterday we launched the Rock Chic collection. Were you in store for that? It's running down the center aisle, and it's a lot of black and white stuff with an edge. Many of the pieces also have glitzy embellishment, so I think you might like some of it!

    Off to get caught up on more of your posts!

    <3 Liz

  2. I designated tomorrow as my post catch up day because I think I am about 5 behind on your blog. I'm so sorry. BUT I do have them all lined up and ready. I am trying to get a post out every day this week!

    Some of the middle section was the new Rock Chic stuff and I liked a lot of the pieces, but I still had this list of specific things I was looking for in my head which made me skip some of the things I would have picked up otherwise. I still want to go in again when I have more time and just try everything on. My body has changed a bit, so I need a better idea of what works and doesn't and what sizes I can wear in things. I love those striped tees, I just wish they had fit my body the way I wanted them too. I really didn't want to have to wear my Spanx tank underneath them or I would have gotten the smaller size. Tis a bummer. But I am going to keep my eye on them. I could totally tuck it into my black skirt. hmmmm

    I almost got the purple statement necklace too because it was gorgeous! It is the first one I tried on actually. Then I felt this one was more practical and it looked great with my hair. Sometimes my practicality gets in the way. lol

  3. I only bought bras. I have 3 real women dollars and decided to buy some stuff when I can redeem them. I think it starts next week.

    1. They have some cute patterns in the bras! I was eyeing the plaid one.

  4. I love the vest on you. It's so cute! I haven't bought clothes from lb in a while. It seems they have a new manufacturer and the clothes run smaller.

    1. They do seem smaller. I've lost enough weight that I should be comfortably in a 22/24, but a lot of it still seems a little too clingy....and then the 26/28 is just way too big. I bought skinny jeans at the outlet this summer that are a 22 and they fit great....but in the normal store sometimes the 24 is snug. It is frustrating.

  5. Lane Bryant is almost dead to me right now. Their jeans suck, their workwear isn't as good as it used to be, and I feel like the quality is not the same anymore. Plus, they refuse to stock many bras in a 48 band size, which pisses me off...yes you can order online, but then they don't fit worth crap. Also, all their tights now are control top, which just makes my natural muffin top worse.

    That said, I was really tempted when I saw that vest on you on FB, because it looks SO FREAKING CUTE. (I like that hoodie, too, but I've rarely encountered a hoodie I don't love. I'm still contemplating the $98 one from Nordstrom...) However, I seriously need to stop buying shit. I hit up the Igigi sale and bought a totally impractical dress (the plum/gold cocktail dress) because it matches my eyeliner. Is that wrong? Also, I bought a striped wrap dress that I think I'm too stupid to work and one of the lace peplum tops (which I love, and I love that the tank & top are separate so I can wear other colors...the shell is black & white so it will match all the things!).

    I want late 90's-early 2000s Lane Bryant back, dammit. I still own MULTIPLE things from that era. Nothing I've bought recently measures up :(

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is pretty much done with LB. Their jeans fit me well, but the loads of extra crap they do to and put on those jeans makes them completely unwearable. I've noticed the quality slipping in a lot of their stuff, too. You're not alone!

  7. That skirt looks more like what I would want from this LB one, but this one looks SUPER short. I don't want to flash my hooha! lol

    I remember that Nordstrom hoodie! It is so cute! It still isn't on sale? I don't think it is wrong to buy a dress that matches your eyeliner. Just make sure you wear it! I am bad at buying shit too. I have had to put a serious block on shopping lately because we started planning our November vacation and actually buying tickets for things. I did really good, but now I need to start planning outfits and find more comfy shoes to wear since we will be doing a lot of walking.

    I have been hit and miss with the jeans at LB. Sometimes I find some I LOVE and sometimes I don't find anything. I think last time I tried on a lot of them, they were just way too a 12 inches longer than what they needed to be. I have to buy Petite there now and I am considered tall in comparison to my friends. lol All the jeans I thought about trying on had a tummy control panel in them, so I didn't bother. I had some capris a few years ago from them that I loved, but they had that tummy control panel and were way too thick and hot. I have a much better time of finding jeans at the outlet stores. And bras....gurl....I decided I am wearing the wrong bra size. I need to go up a band size and I should be a Bcup, but going up a band size - the cup is too big and they don't make a 44A.

  8. I love me some sparkle butt jeans! But in my older age, I have become more aware of buying with a more practical mind so I can wear said jeans with more outfits and on more occasions. That kind of eliminates buying Sparkle Butt Jeans and none of the tattered style kind have tatters that fall in the right place...minus the ones I found at the outlet. Those are great!

  9. Ok, I knew I saw a longer skirt like that on ASOS, dammit: this one.

    Hmm, November. Where you going? Because if it's somewhere warm, Birkenstocks are the answer. I know, I know. First Crocs and now Birks, but this shit is popular comfort footwear for a REASON. Otherwise, maybe try on some Danskos...I have a couple of pairs of their dressier shoes, and they're super comfy. On 6pm right now, they have some that are dirt-ass cheap. Just be wary...they run a little small. I am usually a 41 euro, but need a 42 in most of theirs. The Ainsley and Dixie sandals are longer, but the Harlow clogs are SHORT. My toes are almost to the ends of them. Also, if there's a Clarks outlet near you, go check those out. I have some really comfy Clarks. TRY THEM ON. The different styles run way some of them I'm a 9.5, in some I'm an 11. (If you order online, make sure it's from somewhere with free returns.)

    God, I'm so orthopedic on the footwear lately, but it's because my back has been so fucked up for so long.

    PS - you can totally surgically remove those tummy control panels. All you need is some scissors. :)

  10. We are going to Vegas. It should be between 65 and 75 then and around 50 or so when we go to the Grand Canyon. My friend gave me her old pair of FitFlops and they are super comfy. I was thinking about buying a different style of those too but I also don't know what I am gonna wear. I think I will have to pick outfits based on the shoes I take. lol But I do want to try some Clarks. I will check and see if their is an outlet because I need to test out sizes and styles and comfy companies.

    PS - I could totally get down with that skirt!