Friday, September 12, 2014

Diva In The Kitchen: Review

A few weeks ago, a friend sent my husband a coupon for four individual meals (or two two-person meals) from  This site and service was totally new to me, so I thought it would be fun to try.  This is not a sponsored post, but I wanted to share my experience with the service and product in case it would be useful to any of you.

The idea behind Plated is that each week, seven chef-designed recipes are introduced as the menu.  They feature four meat and fish dishes and three vegetarian dishes.  You can choose what meals you want to make, pick a delivery day, and all the ingredients arrive on your door step.  Based in New York City, their website supplies that they use "local and seasonal produce whenever possible and source our meats from local, family-owned purveyors." - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

We chose two gluten free options from that week's menu: Grilled Flatiron Steak with Potato Salad and Asparagus Salsa and Summer Vegetable Paella.  When choosing meals, you can also look at the calorie count, type of meal, difficulty, and prep time.  They provide information regarding whether the meal is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, low calorie, spicy, low cholesterol, etc. We received our box on time the day of our scheduled delivery.  Inside the box was a padded foil lining that held two big bags of ice (they were still half frozen when the box arrived), along with all the ingredients for the two recipes we chose.  On the outside of the padded lining were the 8x10 recipe cards. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

The ingredients were all packaged and labeled.  This level of organization is right up my alley!  Everything was fresh and ready to be prepared. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

The large recipe cards feature a picture of the final product on the front with various cooking tips relating to that recipe.  On the back of the card is a list of the ingredients and step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) for preparing the meal.  Thanks to being able to have this handy recipe card on hand, I have already re-created the potato salad a couple times. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

Here is another example of how everything is packaged.  The mustard and yogurt for this recipe were in little plastic containers, while the red wine vinegar was in a little bottle. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

The directions were very easy to follow.  I didn't compare our time of prep and cooking to the recipe, but I didn't feel that it took us too long to complete. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

The portion size was as it should be per person.  The flavors went together really well to create a satisfying meal we probably wouldn't have thought to make otherwise.  I did end up adding feta to the meat dish at the end because I thought it would be tasty.  It was. lol - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

Our second meal was the Summer Vegetable Paella.  Again, everything was freshly packaged and labeled. While this recipe was a little more involved, it was still easy to make via the clear instructions.  This was my first time making paella, so I was excited to try it.  The amount of flavor in this one dish really surprised and impressed both myself and my husband.  It had such simple ingredients.  Seconds were had for sure!  Plus, we still had enough leftover for another meal the following day. - Diva In The Kitchen: Review - Diva In The Kitchen: Review

The service is $10 a month, plus $12 a plate when you order your meals; or you can pay as you go for $15 a plate.  If you want to try it out, you can use my referral code to get two free plates when you make a full priced purchase.  While I know that the cost is pretty steep for a lot of people out there, the convenience and hassle-free portion of the service might just make up for it. 

Have any of you used before?  I'd love to know your experience and thoughts!


  1. I agree, the black one really does give it more of a dressy feel than the pink cardigan, but both work really nicely. I'm green with envy that you still get to wear your summer outfits--we're in transition here and it's getting colder each day. Enjoy the warm for me!

  2. But it is TOO warm. 90 degrees still in mid-September is not okay! I feel like if I ask for fall though, we will just end up with rain. lol I want 65 to 75 degrees with sun and a cool breeze. That is my perfect weather scenario. I will try to soak up what sun I can, I guess. Winter is coming!

  3. So pretty! This look is everything I loved about summer: breezy maxis, light and airy cotton cardis, and minimal accessories. I think I prefer the black too, as it feels really sophisticated and classy. The pink is more vivacious and fun, though. They definitely create different moods to accommodate how you're feeling. I feel like you can wear the black ensemble well into fall. I haven't been buying items in bulk as much lately, probably because I already have such a huge stash of cardigan sweaters in every color of the rainbow. Instead, I've been buying really special statement pieces. Which are more expensive. And not as practical. And then I'm too broke to buy the needed, practical things. And this is the story of my life. lol

    <3 Liz

  4. I definitely can see the black/tan one transitioning nicely into fall. I'm pretty excited about that. And totally the story of my life too. I am trying so hard to save for Vegas, but I keep finding these sales and stuff I think I need. lol

  5. Wow you look really great in all of those! Any other suggestions for shopping besides those you listed? I always have trouble finding well fitting clothing, especially in summer for swimwear.


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