What I Wore: Rained Out

Well, I am back after a whirlwind weekend spending time with Mr. Diva's wonderful parents and visiting aunts and uncles.  At least some of them now read the blog, so I wanted to say "Hey, y'all!!"  *waves*  Although their reason for visiting is rather unpleasant (which I will try to talk about at some point), we all enjoyed spending time with them, chatting and hanging out.

I'm finally getting a chance to blog about a trip to the beach Mr. Diva and I took in June.  Because our elderly furkids need medications nowadays, we can't take a trip without them coming along.  We still can't find any hotel that will make an exception for one extra dog.  Most dog friendly hotels don't mind if you bring two dogs with no weight restrictions, but you ask them about a third dog (and tell them all three dogs equal 20 pounds combined) and they just aren't having it.  So no beach weekends for us.

The dogs do pretty well riding in the car.  Kiki is a bit of a spazz and is really only happy sitting on my shoulder like a parrot.  Rusty likes to stare (well, he can barely see, but maybe he can see the shapes) at the passing trees while resting his chin on the window sill.  Miss P (not pictured) usually curls up in a dog bed in the back of the car.  She prefers the bed that has the most sun streaming down to it.

We were definitely ready for our Tillamook Cheese Factory stop when the time came.   For lunch, Mr. Diva and I each had the Centennial Grilled Cheese sandwich, which uses Sharp Cheddar and Vintage White Medium Cheddar.  Oh my GOSH! It is SO GOOD!  We topped it off with a couple scoops of our favorite Tillamook ice cream.  (Peanut butter and chocolate for Mr. Diva and one scoop each of German Chocolate and Caramel Butter Pecan for me.  I didn't even remember to take a picture of those. lol)

Denim capris - Lane Bryant
Blue tank & Black Open Cardigan - Torrid
Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Flip flops - Okabashi

I was all decked out in my beach-going ensemble, but what awaited us at the beach was fog and rain.  I think we stood on the sand for five to ten minutes before we had to jump in the car to keep from getting drenched.

So it was a short trip with a quick turnaround.  Not an ideal trip to the beach by any means, but we still had fun. 

On the way home, I really thought Sasquatch was going to jump out at any moment.  I had my camera out just in case. lol  Have you ever had a less than stellar adventure that you just rolled with?


  1. He is killing me with that tongue, lol. That gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. The tongue is awesome. I also like the one of the doggie on the beach looking at you like "WHY? Why must you torture me!?"

    I love the tie-dye and the star (I'm such a hippie, heh), and the grilled cheese photo is making me want to eat one for breakfast. Plus, the Oregon coast is so, so pretty, even if it's cloudy and windy. The man and I have decided that if we win the powerball, that's where we will live....somewhere where it's chilly and rainy and NEVER EVER gets to 3-digit temperatures. I need to do something productive today, like laundry, and groceries, and some other errands, but instead what I want to do is stay in my air-conditioned cave and play World of Warcraft.

  3. It's so green and lovely, I miss the trees. Your dogs are so adorable :D I just had to give my little guy a hug because yours are so cute! ;)

  4. He's quite a precious little guy. Thank you for stopping by the blog! :-)

  5. Aw, thank you! Give Khan a smooch from me :-)

  6. lol Yes, she wasn't happy on the beach. We put her down without a leash
    because she had to potty. Then she saw a big dog running around down
    the beach and she HID UNDER THE CAR. Mr. Diva had to get down on the
    ground and physically pull her out from under the car. Oy vey!

    Oh, I would definitely recommend living up here. It can sometimes get it in the triple digits, but it doesn't happen very often. I much prefer this weather (even with the rain), than the humid Southern heat from my youth.

    It is 80 here today, but I just want to sit in the A/C and play Skyrim. However, dishes and laundry call. I hope you get some WoW time in!