Little Luxuries, Part 1

I know I've been so behind in posting.  I'm tweaking the way I upload photos and edit them.  It has taken me a little bit to get organized.  I know - EXCUSES, EXCUSES! lol

Mr. Diva and I celebrated our anniversary at the end of May.  We usually stay the night at the hotel where we got married, McMenamins Edgefield.  It's a hotel, winery, and golf course, with a mini-theater, pub, great restaurant, various bars, amphitheater, spa and soaking pool, glass blowing studio, gardens, etc. on the premises.  There is always something fun to do.  We typically reserve our room a few months in advance, but we waited too long this year.  We actually wanted to go out of town to another hotel in the same company, but we just couldn't make up our minds.  Our dogs are elderly and need extra care, so we needed to take them with us.  It just didn't work out.

We decided to do something new and get manicures and pedicures together.  It is never anything I get done regularly.  Prior to this, I've had one professional pedicure (for my sister's wedding) and two or three manicures (for friends' weddings and my wedding).  Mr. Diva has never had the privilege of getting one.  Anyway, we thought it would be a great time.  He was surprised at how shiny and smooth his nails were afterward. 

After our spa time, we walked around in the pretty weather, then headed to the Black Rabbit restaurant to have dinner.  We were seated in the same booth we sat in on the night we got engaged.  I always love that about the Edgefield.  Our third date was there.  We were engaged there.  We got married there.  It is part of the History of Us.

We started with Prawn Wontons - shrimp and a cilantro mixture wrapped in a crispy wonton and served with parsnip chips and spicy mustard soy sauce.  For our main course, we each had Copper River Salmon with lemon/parsley/shiitake mushroom butter, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus.  Usually, we opt for the Black Rabbit Red wine, but tried the Cuvee based on our manicurist's recommendation.  Since we were celebrating, we also ordered lattes and dessert.  Our sweet sampler platter consisted of Strawberry Bread Pudding with a sweet Basil Sauce, Lavender Creme Brulee, and a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with vanilla ice cream.

It was ALL extremely delicious.  We were having such a wonderful day and the amazing food just topped it all off.  At one point during the meal, I said to Mr. Diva, "You know what, this meal is too freaking good.  I don't care if I'm fat.  I'm enjoying every bite of this and I refuse to feel guilty about it."  It was that good.  Although, I've never had a bad meal there.  This one is definitely in our Top 3 favorite meals now.

This is a picture-heavy post, but I wanted to share it with you.  In Part 2, I will show you what I wore.  Part 3 will be dedicated to the beautiful flowers and greenery on the grounds.  Be sure to check those out too!

What is the BEST meal you have ever had to eat?

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