Diva In The Kitchen: Roasted Citrus Shrimp and Vegetables with Rice

I LOVE shrimp! I could probably eat it every day.  Since adopting a pescatarian lifestyle, we eat fish and shrimp instead of other meats.  I'm always trying to think of new ways to incorporate shrimp into our vegetables.

I've made this recipe a few times now and love it so much I had to share it with you.  I made it up a few weeks ago because I was craving shrimp and had various vegetables I needed to use up.

Roasted Citrus Shrimp and Vegetables with Rice


For the Shrimp and Veggie Mixture
- 2 lemons, sliced
- 1 lime, sliced
- 1 orange, sliced
- 4 tablespoons of butter
- 2 tablespoons minced garlic (I LOVE garlic, so I used a lot)
- Olive oil
- Vegetable broth
- 1 lb shrimp (fresh or frozen; I typically use frozen, cooked, deveined, tailless shrimp.  If you use frozen, you don't really need to thaw it first unless you want to.)
- Broccoli
- 3 bell peppers (whatever colors you like best), cut into bite-sized chunks
- Shredded carrots, 1 small bag
- Agave
- Seasonings: I used salt and pepper, turmeric, smoked paprika, and ground sage.
- 1 Leek, chopped (reserve a tablespoon or so for rice)
- Half a fennel bulb, chopped

For the Rice
- Rice (I use Brown Minute rice)
- Vegetable Broth
- Fresh Thyme
- Seasoning (See above)
- Butter
- Leeks (about a tablespoon, chopped)
- Handful of parsley, chopped

- Cover a sheet pan in foil and turn oven to 350.  Put 4 tablepsoons of butter and 1/4 cup olive oil in the pan and place the pan in the oven, just until the butter melts.
- Bring pan out of oven.  Place sliced fruit all over the pan.  Sprinkle with minced garlic.  Spread all the shrimp over the citrus slices.

- Layer your veggies on top.  Add about 1/2 cup of vegetable broth to pan.  Sprinkle with seasonings, drizzle with olive oil, and cover with foil.  Carefully place the pan in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes.

- For the rice, follow directions for whatever rice you use, using veggie broth instead of water.  To the broth, add about 2 teaspoons fresh thyme, a couple pinches of each of the aforementioned seasonings, a tablespoon or so of chopped leek, and 2 tablespoons of butter.  When rice is ready to be fluffed, you can add the chopped parsley then or use it as a garnish on the plated meal.
- Once your shrimp and veggie mixture is ready, drizzle with agave (or honey) and toss.  Spoon rice onto your plate and top with veggie and shrimp mixture.  Make sure you use the tasty juice in the pan as a sauce.

Please let me know what you think if you decide to make this. This is a great base recipe to use while changing up the spices or veggies.  So many tasty possibilities!  I would love to know how you tailor it to you and your family.

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