In Order and Review

A couple months ago, I entered a giveaway from Jessica Kane and In Pink.  I won two gift cards in the giveaway (SUPER EXCITED) and forgot to share my order with you.

Each item was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in this silver and pink box with the company's logo.  The box is adorned by some cute beads on a stretchy cord.

Here is my order:

Rose Gold Tone Earrings with Large Rhinestones - $34

These are very pretty and sparkly in person.  They are a good size too.  I wore them for my birthday a few weeks ago.  I should also mention that they aren't extremely heavy, so they were not uncomfortable to wear.

Rose Gold Tone Set Stones Stretch Bracelet - $28

The stones are very pretty and sparkly, but the bracelet is very small.  If you have a larger wrist, this will not fit you comfortably.  (My wrist is about 7 1/2 inches.)  My bracelet was missing a stone when I received it.  When I emailed customer service to see about an exchange, they sent me another one free of charge.  That was really awesome of them and lucky for me, because I was then able to take both bracelets apart and restring them as one to fit me.  I made barrettes with the extra beads.

Multicolored Heart On A String Dangle Earrings with Rhinestones - $14

These are very pretty in person.  Lots of sparkle!  One of the findings that goes on the back of the post is a little loose, but otherwise, they are great.

Multicolored Delicate Leaf Necklace and Earring Set - $22

This set looks great in person.  The necklace is very long (which I love) and the different metallics are great.  It is very lightweight, so it doesn't pull at your neck at all.

There you go!  That's what I used my gift cards on.  I was thrilled to have won them and really appreciate the opportunity to enter the giveaway.  Thanks Jessica and In Pink!


  1. I'm green with envy, what a great box of goodies! Especially fond of the leafy necklace and earrings :)

    1. I bought a burgundy maxi dress from SWAK that I am looking forward to wearing the leafy stuff with. :-)