Q & A Monday: What's In Your Bag?

I am pretty excited about today's topic because I cannot wait to see everyone's posts.  My purse is big and HEAVY.  Mr. Diva gives me crap for how heavy it is.  And yes, I tend to have shoulder, back, and neck problems from time to time because of it.  I just believe in being prepared for any circumstance. lol  So what's in my bag?

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 Snap a picture and show us what's in your bag!

 FMM: What's In Your Bag?

- Pink purse organizer I found at JCPenney's a couple months ago.  It helps so much to keep all my stuff in order.

- Pink Cleo and Patek Paris wallet.  This is the only wallet I have ever had that has lasted more than a year.  I've had it at least 3 years now and it looks fantastic.  Hasn't ripped or broken.

- Glasses in a glasses case.

- Keys.  I found a cute chihuahua key cover for my house key.

- Primatene Mist inhaler, just in case.

- Altoids tin of Ibuprofen and Imodium, just in case.

- Shout Wipes, Tide pen, Travel Lysol spray, little wet naps, and Band Aids.

- Sephora Slim Pink Atomizer filled with Falling In Love by Philosophy.

- Mini Bath and Body Works lotion of Summer Vanilla Berry.  It smells like strawberries :-)  I have so many little lotions.  I am trying to work through them all.

- Colorescience Pro Glow and Go Travel Puff .  I got this in a Birchbox.  It is basically a little powder-filled puff bronzer that you can use to give yourself some color throughout the day.

- Sephora Tea Tree Blotting Papers because I have very oily skin.

- Mirrored compact, business car tin with cards, one pink and one black ink pen.

- Reusable coffee mug sleeve, zippered pouch with floss sticks, zippered pouch of gift cards, travel hair brush, nail clippers, nail file, and a pile of napkins.

- Movie stub from Prometheus.

- MAC powder compact.

- Smashbox anti-shine compact.

- Anti-bacterial gel in sparkly holder.  These are both from Bath and Body Works.  Current scent is Island Nectar.

- I have an issue with always carrying too many lip products.  In my bag right now: MAC lipstick in Lustering, MAC lip glass in Steal My Heart, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnish in Caught On Tape , Jouer Birchbox Pink mini lip gloss (from a previous Birchbox), Jouer Lip Enhancer Lip Treatment mini (from a previous Birchbox), FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 mini (from the birthday gift from Sephora).

- Diva purse holder.  This thing comes in handy constantly and it keeps my purse off the floor.

- Little plastic box filled with Altoids.  The picture on the box is of the hotel in Oregon where Mr. Diva and I got married.

- Sunglasses

And not pictured:
- Ipod
- Cell phone
- Water bottle
- Digital camera in case
- Mini handheld fan (because my in-laws' house is too hot and stuffy for me and sometimes so is the FIL's hospital room.)

I weighed my purse just now and the scale said 5 pounds, though it feels heavier than my 8 pound chihuahua.

So what do you haul around with you?? 


  1. lol Yeah, I could definitely stand to weed out some bulk. It would definitely benefit my shoulders and back.

  2. I posted my haul, which is somewhat smaller...mostly because I refuse to turn into my mother.