What I Wore on Vacation: Las Vegas

I spent a good month debating on my clothing options for our Las Vegas vacation.  I am a notorious over-packer for every trip I have ever been on.  My theory is - pack what you need and then bring three extra outfits and at least an extra week of underwear and maybe something for every climate JUST IN CASE.  So even though I didn't have to fit everything solely in a carry-on, I did want to challenge myself to pack lighter and smarter.  While I still have things to work on, I am proud of my packing job and the practicality of the outfits I chose.

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion

Having comfortable shoes was of the utmost important for all the walking I knew was going to take place.  I brought along my pink sneakers and nude/beige slip-on sneakers, a pair of brown sequin sandals, and a dressier but comfy pair of pewter flats.  The actual outfits were built around the shoes. 

Of course, I managed to forget a couple of days worth of outfit photos.  We got so busy running around Vegas that it just never dawned on me to pose while we were out and about.  Some of these photos will represent the outfit I wore that day.

Day 1

For traveling, I wanted something comfortable and not easily wrinkled that would look fine with my slip-on sneakers.  I find the slip-on shoes (that I can wear socks with) to be the ideal footwear for travel.  It makes the whole security process a lot easier, but also provides comfort.  Slip-on shoes also provide the opportunity to easily come off and on while sitting on the plane.  I wasn't sure how bad my feet were going to swell while in flight.  They used to swell to the size of sweet potatoes, but now that my thyroid is medicated I didn't have any noticeable swelling.  However, they did swell just a bit to the point my slip-on sneakers were just a little tight during flight and later on my dressy shoes wouldn't fit and gave me huge blisters.  Still, a vast improvement from the last time I flew.

Day One's outfit was very similar to this one from a year and a half ago.  Instead of this pink cardigan, I wore a peachy-coral one and replaced the sandals with my nude-hued slip-on sneakers.

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Genius Fit Capris and Leopard Tank - Lane Bryant; Amber Shrug in Vibrant Coral - SWAK Designs; 
Slip-on Sneakers - Skechers)

Day 2

The second day was a long one and heavy on travel (sitting in a bus) and walking around at the Grand Canyon.  I knew it was going to be a bit cooler weather-wise than Vegas as well.  Comfort and optional sleeve lengths, while still being cute, was the order of the day.  In the end, I went with distressed jeans and a tank, followed by my plaid roll-tab sleeve shirt, and sneakers.  I also brought my knit moto hoodie, but didn't need it because the weather was perfection!!

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Distressed Jeans and Grey Swing Tank - Lane Bryant; Plaid Top - Mossimo Supply Co. at Target; Sneakers - Reebok Outlet;  
Twinset Shoulder Bag - Liz Claiborne at JCPenney)

Day 3

The third day was lots of walking in warmer weather.  I brought my purple capris so I wouldn't be stuck in the denim ones all week.  I didn't want anything to get stretched out or too dirty, so I needed that back-up plan.  I love these capris, not only for the beautiful color, but because they are a stretchy, thinner material.  This equals comfort and me not getting too hot.  I paired them with a complimentary tank and my grey lace hoodie.  The sandals are Fit Flops that a friend gave me.  I wore them around at home before the trip to make sure they would be comfortable for all the walking in Vegas.  They were definitely comfortable, but I still don't think they are meant to walk eight miles in a day on concrete.  By the fourth night, I had bruises and scrapes on the big toe webbing where the shoe thong part rubbed too much.

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Purple Skinny Capris - Lane Bryant; Purple Floral Tank - Elle at Kohl's; Grey Lace Hoodie - Torrid;  

Our evening activity for Day 3 was attending the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson One show at Mandalay Bay.  We rushed to our hotel to change and then rushed back out to the venue.  As I said above, my feet didn't look swollen but after the flight and all the walking, the shoes I did so much research on (Due Ballet Flats by FitFlops - comfy, would go with dressy and casual stuff, but expensive) were very tight on my feet and gave me blisters halfway to Mandalay Bay.  It isn't the shoes fault; they fit me fine now.

Since we had a couple dressier nights coming up, I took my bright floral maxi dress with me.  It makes me happy, makes me feel pretty, is comfortable, and stands out in a great way. 

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Floral Raw-Edge Maxi Dress - Jennifer Lopez Collection at Kohl's; Violet Shrug - Avenue;  

Day 4

The fourth day was more walking.  We stayed close to our hotel because we were both exhausted.  Plus, we had an earlier dinner and show that night.  I kept it simple with capris, sneakers, and a fun t-shirt.  For our evening fun, I wore the same floral maxi dress pictured above.  Because of the blister incident, I had to go with the brown sequin sandals that weren't even visible because the dress is so long.  On the way to the show, I did have to stop and doctor the blisters with more Band-Aids and add Band-Aids to the toe web that was being rubbed raw by the sandal thong part.  Lovely, I know.  Wait til I tell you the whole story....lol

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Genius Fit Denim Capris and Floral Tee - Lane Bryant; Sneakers - Reebok Outlet)

Day 5

The fifth day was concert day!  Sean and I did sight-seeing and lots of walking during the day.  I opted for denim capris, sneakers, and my New Kids On The Block t-shirt.  We were back at the hotel in time for me to touch up my makeup and change clothes.

I wanted to be dressier but comfortable and not too warm for concert fun time.  I also knew I was going to get my picture taken with Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, so I wanted to look super cute.  The pictures are taken after the show, so I had my hair and makeup situation to worry about as well.  So many factors!!  I wore my new sandals I bought in Vegas (because of my hurt tootsies) and my sparkly crossbody bag I picked up at Charming Charlie that day.

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Genius Fit Black Skinny Jeans - Lane Bryant; Haven Faux Wrap Top in Crimson - Kiyonna; 
Flare Thong Sandals - FitFlops; Olivia Crossbody Bag - Charming Charlie)

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion

Day 6

By the sixth day, we were beyond exhausted but I was still high on concert fun!  It gave me some renewed energy for the remaining hours in Vegas.  This was another day heavy with walking, following by a flight back home.  I went with straight up comfort, but lucky for me this top is still totally cute!  I felt really sassy despite my bleeding blisters and toe webs and soreness from the bottoms of my feet to the tops of my thighs and itchy legs from the detergent they use to clean the sheets (or perhaps it was from the pollutants in the air or the constant shaving of my legs).  Who knows.....My hair was on point, which kept me feeling confident all day long.

What I Wore: In Vegas - DivineMrsDiva.com  #plussize #travel #fashion
(Genius Fit Capris - Lane Bryant; Striped Tee - Avenue; Sneakers - Reebok Outlet)

I still have three more days to blog about from our vacation, with lots of fun info and activities!  Look for those in the coming weeks.

What are your go-to vacation outfits?  Do you pack light or are you like me?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. i looooove the pink snakers. Like looove them!

  2. I do love that floral maxi from Kohl's. I waffled on buying it too long and then they were sold out of my size :(

    Due to all of my dorky speech travel in college, I'm pretty good at packing. However, I also tend to overpack a little because, duh, options. I do try to limit the pants and shoes. Most of the time, when I travel, it's to visit family, and they don't dress up, so I generally just bring jeans and t-shirts plus an emergency dress because you just never know. I pretty much wear my ugly-ass crocs at the airport, and wear them a lot while I'm out and about. They're the best shoes ever for schlepping around all day (with socks, and bootcut jeans, so you can't see them *too* much, lol). They're also lightweight. If it's summer, I'll probably take 2 pairs of sandals, but if it's winter, I limit myself to one pair of casual black shoes. I have a 24" upright suitcase, and I can make everything for a 5-day trip fit. I also usually doodle a list at work, just because writing it down helps me not forget my toothbrush and/or hairbrush (this is why I own like 5 hairbrushes...because I kept forgetting to pack one).

    Things I never leave out: a hoodie (because every time I haven't packed one, that was a stupid decision); a bathing suit (ditto); extra underwear; sunglasses; my prescription glasses in case I have bad allergies and my contacts fail me.

  3. OMG Sean would love that Bloody Mary. I will tell him about it! I am not a fan of them myself, but I would definitely taste the Caribbean one.

    Hash House had lots of tasty looking choices. I have friends that go to Vegas multiple times a year and they go every visit. It is a pretty big restaurant, although I imagine it is quite a wait for normal breakfast times. I look forward to going back.

    I am so glad you enjoyed reading the post and found it helpful. It really is crazy how massive and spread apart everything is. I really hope we can stay in a more central location on our next trip and have a more relaxing time. Plus, I want to see more Cirque shows!

    I hope you are recovering from your allergy attack. How awful that you had to go to the ER! I am glad my post brought you some distraction and enjoyment in the midst of all that. I cannot wait to read about your trip as well!! I have a couple weeks worth of your blog to catch up on.

  4. Thanks for your fashion run-down! Like you, I pack for all the necessary occasions and then throw in extra outfits, way too many extra panties, and pieces for climates ranging from blazing deserts to the frigid Arctic. lol

    I have the same issue with shoes and try to break in new pairs before we travel, but it's not always possible. Plus, I tend to go for fashion first and comfort second, and I usually end up paying for that. I bought a pair of black flats before I went to New York for the first time. After wearing them for one day, my feet were bloodied, blistered, and bruised. For the rest of the trip, I wore hideous black walking sandals that did little to cover the white athletic tape plastering my feet. It was not a good look, but I was in so much pain! Lesson learned. No new shoes on trips. Especially trips where you're walking 10 miles a day.

    I think you did a great job of balancing casual comfort with your peppy style. The purple printed maxi is my favorite look of the bunch, but I also really like the purple capris, printed top, and cardi outfit. I find that packing vibrant colors and punchy prints brightens my mood even if the clothes aren't my favorite. Packing for Mexico was loads of fun because I went crazy with color and print. It was a nice change from Scotland where I packed mostly black and earth tones. Oh well, I matched everyone else in the country at least! I was probably wearing MORE color than most everyone we passed on the street.

    <3 Liz

  5. What I've learned, from dealing with my back problems, is that heat feels better at first, but ice has a better long-term effect. Thankfully, they make hot/cold packs that you can either freeze or microwave.

    I think planning to a certain extent is probably good, but yeah, if I'm on vacation, I want to have some time to just laze around. :)

  6. Me too! I need to go get more colors. I found some black and pink ones on eBay, so I just bought those.

  7. I always make a list. I am such a list maker for everything. I have a giant checklist where I write in what outfits I choose for each day and every single item I bring, just in case. I had to buy a new suitcase for this Vegas trip because the wheel on my old one gave out. I think my new one is a 30" and I still had to put things in a carry on. Our trip visiting grandmas will be way more laid back so I won't have to overdo it. It will be a longer trip, but at least I will be able to launder things. I just need to give myself more time for planning. lol

    I only brought capri pant pajamas, so I did put on socks and pull them up as high as I could. My legs were itching so crazy bad. I haven't had too many issues like that before, so it drove me insane.

  8. OH wow, they don't wear much color in Scotland? I wonder why that is....Colorful ensembles definitely brighten the mood. I was so tired from all the walking and so sore that I needed bright colors to keep me going. lol

    I also typically put fashion first and comfort second, but I was trying to be so much smarter. lol Since the shoes fit at home, I didn't even think much of it. And I forget feet can swell from all the walking. I will definitely be more prepared next time. So happy I had the sneakers to cover all my Band-Aids and blister pads during the day; Although I was at the point where I just didn't care if they showed or not.