What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday

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This month's theme is: Holiday.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print

I've  been doing a lot of holiday outfit posts lately.  It has just been really fun putting together looks for various functions and events.  Most of my holiday gatherings are very casual in nature, so I love having an excuse to get all dolled up.

We don't have any fancy parties to go to this year, but I wanted to put together a fancier look for a showing of The Nutcracker, an office party, a nice dinner or date, etc.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print

I've worn this Posh Ponte Peplum Top from Kiyonna before, though I never had a chance to try this pattern when it came out.  My bloggy friend Kelly raved about it, so I added it to my Gwynnie Bee closet immediately.  A year later, it finally came up and was shipped to me. 

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print

Despite the name of the top, this patterned version is not ponte but a polyester spandex blend.  I actually think this material fits better than the polyester/rayon/spandex blend of the solid colors.  My solid black top gapes a bit in the center of the chest, but this one lays down smoothly against my skin.  I chose this top in a size 3.  While the fit was really great, I do wish there was a little more room in the peplum area.  Just a couple inches more fabric would suit my tummy area just fine.

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print
What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print

I paired the toile print top with a black sequin pencil skirt.  The matte sequins add a bit of sparkle and texture, but aren't too showy for more conservative events.  The black velvet wedges have a little bow on top for something a little extra.  If you have plain black shoes, you can dress them up with shoe clips or even clip-on earrings to add some pizzazz.  Because I usually wear my hair down, I opted for a smaller bubble necklace over statement earrings.

A black clutch with sequin bow and sheer pinstriped wrap complete the look for attending a variety of festivities!

What I Wore: Sartorial Medley - Holiday - Kiyonna Posh Ponte Peplum Top in Toile Print
Posh Ponte Peplum Top - Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee
Matte Sequin Pencil Skirt - Lane Bryant
Black Bow Wedges - Avenue
Satin Bow Clutch - Torrid

What holiday events are you looking forward to this year?   Do you love to dress up or do you enjoy being casual?  Let me know in the comments!  And don't forget to use #SartorialMedley to participate!

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  1. I think peplum tops are a girls best friend. You look great in this one Hailey!

    I am going to my family Christmas party this Saturday and I am taking the chance to dress up. I posted about it today with a mixed pattern dress.


  2. Love that look, especially with the shawl, very classic and not at all over or under-dressed for the seasonal parties. A full year to get a top from GB? Hmmm. Well, for what it's worth, it looks great on you :)

  3. Thank you! Yeah, a whole year. I even emailed a request for it, but I think it has been a really popular style - for good reason....but still. lol I do like that this outfit could be good for a number of events, but can also be changed up with pops of color and different accessories. I think it puts things to good use. :-)

  4. I told you the print one was better :P

    Very classy looking. FYI, if you haven't sent the top back yet, it pairs very nicely with that chevron-pinstriped LB skirt (you wore it with a pink Kiyonna top on the blog).

    What's funny is I also own the top Ais wore in her holiday post!

  5. Oh nice! I don't remember seeing the red and black one she is wearing. It is gorgeous.

    I did send this one back already. I would have bought it, but we are running low on funds because of the Vegas Vacation, which I still need to blog about. So a very low key Xmas for us. I definitely love this fabric more and am making a mental note about it.

  6. Very chic! I can't believe you waited a year for this top! That's part of why I got frustrated with my Gwynnie Bee trial - I never got to try my favorite pieces or the brands I was most eager to out. But I'm impatient, so that's my problem.

    I think this is a great holiday look. But it's also a perfect dressy look regardless of the season. I love toile prints, so I just adore this top. It's so feminine and sophisticated, and I really love the cut of a peplum silhouette. Your simple accessorizing keeps things so chic. You look really lovely!

    I also love your idea about bedazzling a simple black shoe with a buckle or brooch. I love little embellishments, and while I add them to belts and headbands, I never thought to add them to shoes. Genius!

    <3 Liz

  7. Thank you, Liz! Sometimes I forget about the shoe clip idea. You could even make your own with old earrings or vintage jewelry, faux flowers, pendants and some glue. I was thinking too, you know those bib necklaces where the beaded or rhinestones is on a piece of felt? You could do a small version of that and glue it to a shoe clip. Boom!

    And thank you for the compliments. It is definitely a year round outfit. I adore peplums so much and hope it is a silhouette that will continue. I am frustrated by the lack of prioritizing on Gwynnie Bee. It is something they have talked about introducing, but haven't yet. I keep having to tweak my virtual closet in the hopes they send something I want really bad.