Moving Day is coming!!!

Hey y'all!!

I apologize for the lack of posts, but things have been very hectic.  I wanted to check in and update you on what is going on while I have a few minutes of downtime. (with photos via Instagram.)

As you may know, from the 8th to the 11th I was out of town on my long-awaited New Kids Adventure.  I saw two concerts (Tacoma, WA and Vancouver, BC) before returning home an exhausted but super happy diva!

We had 2nd row seats both nights and I will definitely be doing a post about the shows, trip, and include more pictures. I had one restful day before packing more boxes, running more errands, and all that fun stuff.

We closed on the house on the 15th and received the keys that evening.  We stopped in to look at the place that was now OURS and I started freaking out.  No one tells you that the previous owner doesn't clean up after themselves before you move in.  I'm used to rentals where things have been somewhat cleaned prior to me moving in.  From the surface, the house looked very clean when we went through it and such, but on further inspection I have discovered that the lady didn't clean messes she couldn't see.  I don't think she ever cleaned behind the fridge, under the microwave, in drawers or cabinets, wiped down walls, or what have you in the 18 years she lived in the house.  I have certainly had my moments of overwhelming stress and lack of sleep where I just burst out crying because there is so much to do and the lady left things so dirty.

Sean and I have been over to the new place every night since the 15th for at least a few hours a night to clean, paint, vacuum, and prep the house.  My mother-in-law has been a HUGE help in crossing off tasks on our "To Do" list.  In fact, she finished up some cleaning for me today while I work on changing the address on all of our accounts.  My friend Sami helped me clean the kitchen for SIX hours on Thursday.  We got about 85% of the kitchen in that time; it was truly that dirty.  There was even food splatter on the side of the fridge that faces the wall.  I was flabbergasted and confused.

We started paint prep (taping off the wall and priming) on Friday and spent eight hours on Sunday painting.  We plan to finish up all of that today.  (The Glitter Wall looks great!  I can't wait to show you pictures!)  We have a few more items on our list of things we MUST do before move in day on Thursday, but I am hoping they aren't incredibly time-consuming.  (Things like wiping down some walls, installing a new mailbox, spraying bug killer in the yard and around the doors, putting shelf liner down on the shelves until we can paint them, etc.)

Tomorrow is a crazy busy day of packing and hauling stuff over to the new place, followed by movers to move the big heavy stuff on Thursday, and more packing, moving, cleaning throughout the weekend.

- My stepdad was also in town this past weekend, so it was important to me to spend time with him in between working on the house. 
- Bunco is a monthly thing we do and is scheduled for this Friday. 
- We had to cancel our dentist appointments so we would have time to finish house stuff.
- AND I have jury duty next week. 
- Add to all of that the fact that every muscle in my body has been sore since the six hour cleaning day.  It hurts to move.  I am SO sore.

But the end of this madness is in sight!! And that makes me feel somewhat relieved.  I will continue to post photos to Instagram during this process and hopefully be more active on Twitter in between time.


  1. YOu have been a very busy bee! Can't wait to see the finished results!

  2. I can't wait to see your pics after all the work on the house! Try not to stress too much, girlie. If any of your muscles (like your back) are really sore, ice is better than heat. Heat feels good right away, but the ice relieves the pain longer. :)

  3. Thank you for that tip, by the way. I forget icing things is better. I was hopped up on ibuprofen too. lol I am SO happy not to be that sore right now. lol