Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5th Anniversary Dinner

I can't believe I have yet to post about our anniversary fun.  June was a much crazier month than I anticipated.  So let me catch you up really quick... - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)

Sean and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary this year.  In an effort to do something different, we had a trip to the beach with the furboys all planned, but the weather was going to be chilly and rainy at the coast.  That trip was cancelled because who wants to go to the beach only to hang out in the hotel room?

What we normally do is stay the night at the hotel where we were married, drink wine, eat an amazing dinner, walk around the grounds, and just relax.  However, McMenamins Edgefield is quite the hot spot for weddings and other celebrations, so we missed out on getting a room in time.  Plus, they don't allow dogs and we can't leave the boys home alone for that long.

So we did the next best thing - we visited the hotel, ate that amazing dinner, drank that wine, and enjoyed a walk around the grounds before heading home.  It was a more low-key anniversary for such a milestone, but we are kind of buying a house right now.  lol  I suppose saving money is important. - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)

I know I have described this place before, but it isn't just a hotel and wedding venue.  They have a restaurant, pub, small movie theater, various bars, gardens, a winery, a distillery, a golf course, an amphitheater, and more.  It's a lovely place to hang out.  Mine and Sean's third date was spent there; and we became engaged under the arbor in the vegetable garden.  (We were sitting on a bench looking at the moon and stars when he proposed.) And, as previously stated, we hosted our awesome wedding there. - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)

It ended up being a lovely, sunny day.  When we arrived, we took some photos near one of the fields of grape vines.  Then we sat in rocking chairs on the big porch sipping wine. - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield) - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)

Dinner was fantastic!!  I have never had a bad thing at the Black Rabbit Restaurant.  I still think about the amazing salmon we had the night we got engaged seven years ago.  It was seriously that good.  On this occasion, we started with a Riesling and bacon-wrapped scallops in a lemon caper sauce.  The scallops were absolute buttery perfection.  All the flavors went together so well.

For the main course, Sean ordered the horseradish crusted salmon on a bed of cucumber and creme fraiche accented by salmon caviar.  I ordered the curry seared tuna with couscous and a sweet pepper green bean salad.  With my dish, the green pepper salad and the couscous were perfectly seasoned and so tasty, but I found the tuna lacking in flavor.  Sean let me try his salmon and I was so taken with the horseradish crust we switched meals halfway through.  It was fun to try both meals and all the flavor combinations.  Dessert was lattes and the dessert sampler of lavender cream brulee, whiskey bread pudding, and nocciola semifreddo (a chocolate mousse-like ice cream, basically.).  All three were very good, though I would have liked more lavender in the creme brulee. - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)

We took a long time to enjoy our dinner, so afterwards we headed home.  It was a lovely evening and I am glad we were able to spend it together. - 5th Anniversary Dinner (McMenamins Edgefield)
 We attempted to take our photo without sunglasses. LOL 


  1. ...still love you in red. I also like the brighter lipstick on that one of the Revlon balm stains?

    Sounds like you guys had a great anniversary, even if it was lower-key than you wanted. Plus, the money you saved will mean more fancy closet things for you (or accidentally buying a few 4th of July sale items). :)

  2. Good eye! It is one of the Revlon Just Bitten stains. I forgot the name of it, but it is the dark red one. I've bought 3 colors so far. I LOVE them. They stay on forever! They add a great amount of color and since I have been doing more natural eyeshadow, I try to add more color on my lips to balance my paleness. :-)

    I did end up buying a couple more Amber shrugs in the SWAK sale. They are only $15, which is a crazy good deal! I told Sean about it first though. However, I forgot to mention the leopard print jeans I bought from Torrid on clearance. oops. We are going to look at more paint samples and light fixtures today before the 4th festivities. Closing on the house in 11 days!


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