Review: Luster Premium White 1 Hour Tooth Whitening Kit

I am signed up with a website called BzzAgent that occasionally sends me products to try.  I really enjoy working as a BzzAgent and like to take the opportunity to tell you what I think of the products I am asked to review.

I received the Luster Premium White 1 Hour White Kit to try and review my experience with it.  The following review is my own opinion.  Aside from receiving the tooth whitening kit for free, I am not being compensated for this review.

I'm always skeptical about teeth whitening, especially at-home and relatively inexpensive options.  Aside from using Go Smile (which is expensive, but works), I haven't had very good results using any of the various at-home whitening kits you can find at the store.  And what's more, they would make my teeth and gums really sore.

When I received the Luster Premium White Kit, it promised no tooth sensitivity.  That promise alone made me want to give it a try.

The main Luster 1 Hour White kit includes the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, Super Whitener Gel, Activating Whitening Light, and batteries for the light.  It retails for about $32.99.

As part of my BzzAgent kit, I also received the Luster Power White Toothpaste and coupons for both the kit and toothpaste to give to people.  The toothpaste retails for about $6.99.

Now, I know the aspect of the light can seem a little intimidating, but it is definitely an easy system.  To use, you rinse with the mouthwash, brush the gel on your teeth, and point the light on your teeth for two minutes.  Ideally, you want to do this 10 to 20 times for big results.  You can break up these 10 to 20 treatments in increments of your liking for up to a week.  For example, you can do five treatments each day for four days, or you could do as many as you want in one day.  It's up to you.  They do advise that you not drink coffee/tea, wine, dark juice, eat berries, mustard, ketchup, or soy sauce, or use tobacco products for up to 24 hours after your last treatment.  Therefore, I broke my 10 treatments up over two days so I could still hit up Starbucks and have wine with friends over the weekend. :-)

To start, I brushed my teeth and flossed like usual.  I set up a mirror on my kitchen counter and laid out the rinse, gel, and light in order.  After the first run through, I realized I am one of the people with excessive saliva that they mention in the instruction booklet. lol  They recommend placing cotton balls or tissues under your tongue to collect saliva during the treatment process.  I gag easily, so I ended up taking sterile gauze pads (you can find them in the bandage section of your drugstore) and cut each pack in half.  I rolled a half gauze pad into a long tube and placed it slightly under my tongue.  I have a large tongue too, so it ended up pushing the gauze against the back of my teeth, which actually worked great.

Remember to breathe through your nose.

So then I did the process again.  Rinsed with the special mouthwash, placed gauze in my mouth, applied gel on each tooth, and activated the light.  The gel applicator is like a nail polish brush.  It goes on easy.  I made sure to apply a good amount to each tooth and kind of in between teeth as well.  Before activating the light, I placed the light between my lips and then pressed the button.  The light beeps when it starts the two minute process.  It beeps again when it turns off.  I then removed the light from my lips, pulled out the gauze, and rinsed with the special mouthwash.

It took me between 20 and 30 minutes to do five treatments.  This is definitely do-able if you are a busy person with not much time to spare, as you can do it while watching your favorite television program.

I did not have any teeth sensitivity in relation to the treatment.  However, I did get some gel on a certain area of my gums, which made that area sore for a couple days.

Now let's talk results!  The kit comes with this chart to help you determine your results. You hold it up to your teeth and decide what number represents your current tooth color.  I started at about a 10.

I did 10 treatments over 2 days and measured my success.  I ended up at about a 4.  It makes me want to do those other 10 treatments!  My Before and After photos are taken in the same room, with only slightly different lighting.  I tried my best to get the lighting the same.  But eh, I'm not a photographer.  And while I acknowledge that the results don't look much different via my photos, I can assure you that the results are noticeable to me when I look in the mirror.

Overall, I am very happy with the results and can verify the claims that it doesn't cause sensitivity like other whitening systems I have tried.  I will continue to use this for maintaining whiter teeth.  I have only been using the toothpaste for a few days, so I can't comment on its overall results.  It is a thicker toothpaste with a pleasant, minty flavor. I don't have any complaints about it thus far.

Have you used the Luster 1 Hour kit?  I would love to hear your opinions on it if you have.  And if you have any questions about this kit, I am more than happy to try and answer them for you.

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