Labor Day Shopping Spree

There were some great sales around Labor Day!  As I really hate to pay full price for anything, I jump at the chance to check out sales and find good deals.

I just wanted to share my purchases with you.  I hope to be able to review all of these items on the blog when they arrive.

First up, a couple skincare items from The Body Shop.  I LOVE their Seaweed and Tea Tree Oil lines.  Ulta is on Day 10 of their 21 Days of Beauty.  Each day offers new deals, so I would advise checking it out just in case! (I'm excited for Day 20 when the Stila Jewel Eyeshadows are 50% off.)

(Update: I love the Seaweed Toner and have used it before.  This is my third purchase.  I like to use it in between uses of my astringent as it doesn't feel as harsh on my skin.

The Tea Tree Pore Minimizer is excellent!  I have yet to wear it under makeup, but when I am at home during the week I have worn it.  It keeps my skin matte most of the day.  I usually need to blot a couple hours after I wake up.  With this pore minimizer, I don't need to blot until the afternoon.  It is really fantastic!

I have yet to wear the lipcolors out, but I tried tried them on.  They are lovely red colors.  I'm really happy with the shades I chose.)

And last up, Lane Bryant finds.  I have a grey shirt from Avenue that I love because I can add whatever colors and accessories to it to jazz it up.  Soon it will need to be put down, so I was looking for an alternative.  Hopefully, one or both of these tops will work.  The Dolman sleeve top has a hood, which helps to protect my hair from the rain here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am looking forward to the Spa Wrap because I am getting sick of my giant, dumpy t-shirt I wear when I get ready.  And the sparkle denim pencil skirt...well, it SPARKLES! lol

(Update: I returned the Active Top and Pencil Skirt.  The Active top was very cute, but a little too fitted for my liking.  The pencil skirt fit well and was very cute and shiny, but it was about an inch or so too short for me.

The Dolman Hoodie isn't quite as slimming as the Active Top, but it is comfortable and cute.  It will serve its purpose for me because I wanted a comfortable casual top.  The Spa Wrap is so soft and cozy!  The Velcro closures are strong and secure.  I am very happy with it!)

Did you find any good deals over the holiday weekend?

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