In The Fitting Room: Catherines (Fall 2015)

 In The Dressing Room: Catherines - #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger
Images: Catherines

I'm back with another look in the dressing room featuring some of Catherines (0X to 5X) new fall arrivals.  The colors of the new fall line-up are so gorgeous.  I stopped in a couple weeks ago and was struck by so many pretty autumnal hues of warm reds, oranges, browns, and greens, along with great jeweled toned offerings!  I'm loving the plaid and animal prints and three-quarter sleeves.  Seriously y'all, when is the weather going to be cool enough for me to wear fall clothing???

Getting all of these photos in order took a lot longer than I had anticipated, hence this post going up so late in the week.  This weekend marks Labor Day Weekend, with lots of sales going on.  Catherines has $15 off of jeans and pants both in store and online, as well as online only sales that include 70% off of clearance, $50 off $100 and $100 off $200, and Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Jewelry! (Use code LABORDAYCA)

Check out photos and reviews of my recent visit below.....

- As per usual, this post contains my personal opinions of how these items fit my particular body shape.  They may fit you differently.  I like to be extremely picky on these types of posts because I want you to have as much information as possible.  Just like I tell my friends, TRY IT ON!!!  For reference, I am 5'9" and my measurements are 52/50/59. -

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Fiesta Pleated Blouse.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Fiesta Pleated Blouse - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24)
This blouse caught my eye on the hanger because of the vibrant pattern, neckline fringe, and sort of peplum silhouette.  The fabric is stretchy and pleated in a way that makes it fitted in certain areas.  It fit well and was overall cute.  But I felt the lines hit me at an odd tummy place and, because I have a smaller bust, the pleating at the shoulders stuck out funny when I moved my arms up.  If the features of this top appeal to you, it is definitely worth a try on.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Enamored Sueded Buttonfront.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Enamored Sueded Buttonfront - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24 Petite.  Below photo shows a regular 2X)
The fabric of this blouse is a nice, heavier, sueded material.  It is soft and looks really luxurious.  The gorgeous teals and blues in animal print called to me!  I am wearing the petite in the above photo.  I liked that length better on me, but the sleeves were slightly too short.  Below is a photo of the same top in the regular length.  If you get cold easily, this was a very warm top to wear.  In the end, I didn't love it because it was too warm for me, the bust had a lot of extra room, and I don't like shirts that cover my neck much anymore.  (I blame my banished throat monster.)

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Enamored Sueded Buttonfront.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Country Classic Cascade.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Country Classic Cascade - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24)
I was on the fence about this piece after seeing it on the hanger.  I love the plaid, sparkly silver threads, and crochet yoke in the back, but I wasn't a huge fan of the length of this piece.  Still, I love to try items on and live by the advice I give everyone.  So I tried it on.    It looked a lot better on a body than it did on the hanger.  The length was still really long and the sleeves were a tad tight on my upper arms.  I thought the sheer fabric would be cute tied at my waist.  Because there is a slit on each side though, it was impossible to get the back to cooperate with me so I could tie it.  I love the idea of this piece, it just didn't work for me personally.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Strikingly Stylish Top.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Strikingly Stylish Top - (Wearing a 1X - 18/20)
Seeing this top online, I loved the silhouette from the front, the persimmon color and pattern, and zipper embellishments, but was wary of the split in the back.  Then I saw it on Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy and thought it was super cute.  So I tried it on.  The overall material is a comfy knit and the fit from the front was great for me (even in a smaller size than usual).  If it had looked like that all the way around, I would have bought this top.  As I figured though, the "lady bug wings" in the back were not my thing.  I still think it looked cute on Liz, but I didn't like it on me.  Had the material been one piece and cut more like the front, or if the inset was much, much smaller, I think I would have liked it a lot more.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Pow Wow Top.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Pow Wow Top - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24)
Again, the colors and pattern spoke to me on the hanger.  I love the sueded shoulder insets and southwestern vibe of this knit top.  It is comfortable, generously sized, and pretty darn long.  It would be very cute belted or worn as a tunic with tall boots. It was perfectly fine, but it wasn't entirely me, which is why I didn't buy it.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the All In The Edge Top/Tee.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

All In The Edge Top - (Above Wearing 1X - 18/20 in tan. Below wearing the 2X in green.)
I loved the look of this tee online, but the tan sold out very fast.  My local store was all out of my size though.  I ended up trying the tan top in a 1X and the green (below) in my usual 2X.  Both tops fit pretty well, but the smaller was a bit more fitted.  The material is thick and stretchy and soft.  Because of the thickness, it doesn't really stretch out or lose its shape.  This also meant I couldn't manipulate the fabric to hide my tummy roll.  Personally, I don't like the outline of it to show through my clothes, so I bid good day to these tops.  They are really comfortable though, great for layering in the fall, and have a fun pattern.  It would be a very versatile tee for your wardrobe.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the All In The Edge Top/Tee.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Vineyard Lace Top.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Vineyard Lace Top - (Wearing 2X - 22/24)
I wasn't expecting to like this top so much, but I did.  The solid bits of knit have a worn in look with fading.  The body of the top is stretchy lace.  I wore a maroon lace-topped tank underneath to give a bit of contrast.  The length in the front was good, with the back being slightly longer.  I just loved the "casual but different" vibe of the top, along with the fall colors.  It was the most "me" of the majority of tops I tried on that day.  I did buy it and you will be seeing it on the blog soon!  This top also comes in a country blue shade.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Animal Print Tee.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Animal Print Tee - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24)
This tee was a great fit, with a thinner material than the other tees I tried on.  The sparkly silver leopard print was obviously what caught my eye initially.  The upper arms were more fitted and the neckline was pretty high.  Otherwise, I really liked it.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Canyon Stripe Vest.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Canyon Stripe Vest (Wearing 1X - 18/20)
I really thought this vest would be cute with the leopard tee.  It wasn't bad by any means, but I think I could have done better.  The vest itself was cozy and something different than I would normally wear.  I really liked it and considered it for great layering ideas.  Can you imagine how cute this would be with brown boots?!  I'm wearing it in a 1X, though I did try on a 2X as well.  It looked basically the same.  I do wish the sides didn't come to a low point, but otherwise the fit was great.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Paintbrush Plaid Top.  #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Paintbrush Plaid Top - (Wearing a 2X - 22/24 Petite)
By now you know I love plaid.  This purple and teal top was just hanging out in the store looking all cute, so I snatched it up.  It is a basic almost peasant tunic style, with open ties hanging down in the front.  The material is soft and sweater-like, but it isn't too warm and thick.  This one went home with me too and you will be seeing it on the blog soon.

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Girlfriend Jeans. #Catherines #fallfashion #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Girlfriend Jean - (Wearing a 24)
In addition to trying out the Right Fit Moderately Curvy Jeans (I am wearing them in most of the photos in this Petite, which were obviously too short for me lol), I finally had a chance to try the Girlfriend Jean.  Girlfriend jeans are supposed to be a little more loose and slouchy (like a boyfriend jean), but rarely do they fit me that way.  I am very hippy and have large thighs, so they just end up being comfy jeans that fit me great.  These reminded me very much of the skinnies I tried on at Target recently, except these were faded nice and didn't look weird.  They are crazy comfortable and super cute.  And my butt looked great!  Yes, I bought them.  Below are photos with the last two items together...So cute!!

In The Dressing Room: Catherines - Hailey is wearing the Paintbrush Plaid Top and Girlfriend Jeans. #fallfashion #psootd #Catherines #plussize #fittingroom #fashionblogger

Have you been into Catherines to check out the new fall arrivals?  What are your thoughts?  Do you like any of the items I tried on in this post?  Chat with me in the comments!


  1. As always, I love your review posts. I have been wanting to go back to Catherines to check out more items. Those girlfriend jeans are cute on you too. I love mine!

    I had not seen that Pow Wow Top. I know it did not go home with you, but I would love to give that one a try myself. I love the suede at the top of the shoulders.

    Designing From My Closet

    1. Hey lady! Did you make it in yet? I would love to know what you think about the new offerings. I'm still thinking about that vest and how to make it work. And I am currently obsessing about some of the ponchos as well. I tried on a lot of great stuff over the weekend as well.
      PS - Still LOVE the Girlfriend Jean!

  2. I totally guessed which items you'd get from the pictures before I even read your reviews. I'm bummed the tomato red top didn't work out for you, but you look great in the paintbrush plaid top, and it wasn't such a winner on me. That's why your advice of trying on is so important. Thank goodness Catherines has brick and mortar stores so we can try on. Most other plus size retailers are strictly online. My store still hasn't gotten the girlfriend jeans, and now I want to try them on even more! Thanks for your reviews, and have a great Labor Day weekend!


  3. I just saw this Mobile comment, so I thought I would reply back. I don't know why I no longer get emails when people comment. Arg. Trying things on is SUCH a huge thing! It is very helpful not only in determining whether the clothes fit or not, but I think it teaches you more about your body and preferences, about fabric and silhouette, about how clothes fit you instead of you trying to change your body to fit into clothes. I just think it is really vital.
    I just read the Girlfriend Jeans are coming out in a darker wash for fall. I am SO EXCITED!!