Craft Warehouse Christmas Open House Sale!

Hey, y'all!

I wanted to do a short post about the Craft Warehouse sale.  My aunts, cousins, and I go every year.  The sale was this past Saturday and was a lot of fun!

Craft Warehouse Christmas Sale 2012

We got there at about 3pm, after stopping at Starbucks for coffees.  The weather was pretty chilly, although thankfully not raining.  We bought bagels at a nearby bagel shop and went to wait in line.  There were only two ladies in front of us, so we had a cozy little area near the front of the line.

This photo was posted on the Craft Warehouse Facebook page.

I definitely dressed for comfort and warmth. It was a jeans and sneakers type of event. lol

During our two-hour wait, we chatted and laughed and people watched.  The store closed up at 4pm so they could get ready for the sale.  Between 4pm and 5pm, employees handed out shortbread cookies and apple cider.  They also gathered the raffle entries and handed out sale flyers that included the special deals for that night only.

Mindy brought her baby, Lily.

Aunts Sue and Wendy chillin' in line.

Annie and Allison keeping warm in the car.

Annie and I cheesin'!

The lady in line behind us took our group photo.

The line about 10 minutes before the sale began.

The store opened back up at 5pm.  I had my cousin Mindy grab a cart for me while I ran to the other side of the store to get this specific wooden chandelier craft I wanted.  They didn't have very many on the shelf, so I am glad I did that first.  We all kind of lost each other in the store because it gets very packed very fast.  I'm always surprised at how nice people are during the sale.  The employees are great too, keeping things organized and running smoothly.

During shopping time, they pause every fifteen minutes to give away prizes.  There are hundreds of numbers taped all over the floor of the store.  At each fifteen minuted interval, you choose a number near you and hope they call it.  So far, I have yet to win a prize, but Annie won something last year.

Once our shopping was done, we stood in line to check out.  The line goes pretty fast.  They had at least 13 registers open in order to keep things moving.  We said goodbye to Annie and Sue before heading out for dinner.

A look at my shopping bag.

Of course I bought lots of shiny things!  Some are for decor and some are for various projects, hair bows, and the like.

I was pretty pooped at the end of the day.  Shopping always wipes me out.  But it was such a great evening!  I have some awesome projects to work on.  I just have to make time to get them done!


  1. Looks like fun...I love looking at crafty stuff, even though I pretty much suck at doing any of it. Except tie-dye. You and your cousin Annie look a lot alike!

  2. I did tie-dye once when I was a teenager. My sister and I made t-shirts and ended up putting them in the dryer. We got in SO MUCH trouble because the dye embedded itself in the dryer drum and put spots on my stepdad's work shirts for MONTHS afterward. lol
    I tend to stick to glue and glitter and the like now. :-)