Q & A Monday: Random Questions

Hey y'all.

If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you already know what happened last week.  My sweet, 17-year-old fur child passed away on Wednesday.  I knew Rusty his whole life and his passing is very, very hard for me.  I'm still working on picking up the pieces of my broken heart and will do a post about him when I am able.  I am just not there yet. 

This week, I am trying to focus on staying busy and keeping my mind as occupied as I can.  So I will be working on some posts this week to make up for my lack of posts last week.

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at Losing Weight and Having Fun, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Random Questions

1. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? What was it?
It is more a recurring nightmare.  I don't have them as often as I used to, but through my preteen years and into my twenties I would have nightmares in which I was traveling in a plane and it crashed.  Typically it was flying over water, like an ocean, and I was usually the only survivor.  You can imagine how much of a mess I was when, at 28, I was actually flying to Hawaii for my honeymoon.  I should have just taken valium.

2. What was the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

As a kid, I was tricked into eating deer meat and frog legs.  I knew better than to try the rattlesnake or squirrel (yes, I grew up in the South).  I have eaten salmon eggs (yuck to all of these, by the way).  One thing I love to eat that people think is weird - I like putting peanuts in a Coke and drinking/eating it.  I hardly ever have it because I don't drink what Yankees call "soda/pop" anymore, but people always think it is so crazy when I post a picture of it on Facebook or something.  To me, it was always a fun road trip food growing up.

3. Can you comfortably eat in a restaurant by yourself? Go to movie?
I can definitely go to the movies by myself and I can certainly eat at a restaurant by myself, but out of those two things I would rather someone be with me at the restaurant.  I enjoy the company.

4. What would you leave in your will for the person you care about the most?
I don't think there is anything I could leave that would be worth money really.  It would just all have sentimental value.  I would just leave everything to my husband.

5. Would you rather…Go without television or fast food for the rest of your life?
Fast food.  I don't eat it anyway and haven't for quite some time, so this one is a no-brainer.

6. What was the best thing that happened to you this past week?
Nothing.  Last week was a shit show.  Just thinking about it makes me cry.  I guess I can say that my friends have been very supportive and thoughtful.  I finally left the house on Saturday to get a haircut.  We ran some errands and had dinner with the mom-in-law and then went to Bunco that night.  I drank too much wine and tried to get my mind off things. And Sunday Sean and I played Elder Scrolls Online and worked on house stuff.  So the best thing about this past week were the moments when I wasn't crying.

7. List the food items you take at a salad bar.
Preferably spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced peppers, garbanzo beans/quinoa, chicken, onions, celery, avocado, sometimes cheese, and usually balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

8. If you were in the “Miss America” talent competition, what would your talent be? (Note: both guys & gals have to answer this question)
I would probably do the goodbye monologue from Our Town.

9. What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

I don't own a car, so I can easily say nothing.  But there are various fabric grocery bags and the like in the back of our car.

10. How many rings before you answer the phone?

If I recognize the number, I usually let it ring three times before I answer it.  If I don't recognize the number, I don't answer it.

I hope you all have a good week.  Happy Monday.

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