Q & A Monday: Taboo Topics

Hey y'all!!

I hope Monday has been kind to you!  I had a productive weekend doing house-related chores and projects.  Getting the craft room in order is top of my list this week, as I have a TON of crafting projects to work on and a new sewing machine to set up and learn how to use.  Totally excited about that!

Sean and I stayed home and worked on the house, so that is the extent of my eventful, yet not eventful, weekend.  It was gloriously lovely to have a weekend at home with no plans and actual energy!

It is time again for Friend Makin' Monday.  If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well.  Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing.  Then you can also leave a comment over at All The Weigh, so other folks can check out your answers as well.  It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

Taboo Topics

1. Are you a registered voter?  

2. Do you believe in God?
No, I do not.

3. How has your readership changed since you first began blogging?  
When I first started blogging, my posts were sporadic and very few people read my blog.  Through the years, readership has grown slowly but steady.  People have started to comment more and I've been able to develop some relationships with company's that allow me to be seen by a wider audience. I find communicating with my readers has been one of the most enjoyable things of the whole experience and I welcome that participation. 

4.  If you could choose between a serious relationship or $100,000, which would you choose?  
If it was between my relationship with my husband and $100,000, I would take my husband without a second thought. If it was between some random dude and the money, I would take the money of course.

5. Have you ever changed political parties?  
As a registered voter, no.  Overall, I was raised along the ways of thinking of the party opposite of what I believe in now.  So in my lifetime thus far, I have certainly changed my way of thinking.

6.  If you were put in a position in which you had to be in a room with someone that you can’t stand, how would you handle the situation? 
haha In my world, that used to be called family get-togethers.  I make it a habit not to be around toxic people, but when in a situation where I have no choice, I try to only focus on the people I like so I don't have to deal with the person I don't like.

7.  Do you ever eat in secret because you don’t want anyone to see what you consume?  
I eat pretty healthy these days and when I am naughty I am not eating alone.  My husband is my partner-in-crime. lol  I don't really feel like other people should be policing my choices anyway.  I don't police theirs.

8.  Do you use curse words in your daily conversations?  
Daily conversations with myself and my husband - certainly.  I have a major potty mouth.  However, I try to keep the bulk of my cussing inside my house with minimal witnesses.  I do cuss around friends I know, but not around people I don't know well.  And, of course, I have to remind myself not to cuss around kids.  I forget kids are there. lol  Mostly, I try to NOT cuss in public or outside of my house.....sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. 

9.  How much do you tip when you’ve had decent service at a restaurant?  
I'm not usually the one that pays the bill.  But when I do I try my best to leave a great tip for great service.

10.  How do you respond when someone confronts you?  
My years of living in houses where yelling, hitting, and countless verbal abuse was common place has made me rather shy of confrontation.  I don't like it.  I don't handle it well at all.  I guess it depends on how they come at me and what the subject is.  If they are being passive aggressive, I ignore them and walk away.  If they are aggressive verbally or yelling, I start crying and try to get away from them.  If they are accusing me of things that aren't true, I muster my strength and try my best to stand up for myself.  Usually whatever I am feeling - anger, upset, frustration, confusion - just comes out in tears, which is really maddening.

I hope you all have a great week filled with fun and no drama!!  Please feel free to link up with Kenlie and let me know your thoughts as well!


  1. Hey Ais! Thank you so much for the compliments! I hate straightening my hair on my own, so when my stylist does it I throw as much sass out there as I can. lol
    Belts are certainly a lifesaver in these situations. I am so glad I started hoarding a few when it first became a big trend (because I had NONE). I think the scar is going to heal rather nicely as well. As soon as I knew I was going to need surgery, the scar was really the last thing I was worried about. Then right before surgery I did worry about how it was going to look in the future. Now, mainly because it doesn't look terrifying, I really am quite confident walking around in public without a scarf and not caring what it looks like. I find this very interesting and very liberating. :-)
    But the consensus seems to be that people don't notice it much. They are actually looking at my face when I talk (lol) and seeing other things about me instead. Hearing people's opinions on it has been very intriguing to me because it never dawned on me people wouldn't really notice it all. Okay, I am rambling.... Have a great day!

  2. LOL Why am I not surprised to see you say you have a potty mouth? Loved your answers this week! We have friends who recently had twins. I think we have a little while before we have to start editing ourselves. :p

  3. Do I seem like I have a f**king sassy mouth?? LOL Obviously we don't have kids and I don't censor myself much. I forget kids hear stuff and listen to things and may repeat it without automatically knowing they shouldn't. I try really, really hard to watch my mouth, even when I have had too much wine. :-)

  4. LOL My BF has the worst potty mouth of all, yet oddly enough people are constantly apologizing for cursing in front of *him*. I usually start laughing when that happens, and then they realize who they are talking to. hehe

  5. You look FABULOUS! Scar isn't bad at all. Wear it as a badge of honor: you're a Cancer survivor!!! :)

  6. Fun set of questions! It's funny because I would have guessed most of these things about you just from your day-to-day posts. So apparently you present yourself genuinely! :-)

    Can I just say how ridiculous the choice question of $100,000 or a serious relationship is? I mean, make it tempting at least! A billion, maybe? Am I a horrible person for suggesting this? lol Assuming that for $100,000 I wouldn't consider it, but for a billion? So long, sucker! haha


  7. Well, I am certainly glad the real me is coming through in my writing. :-)

    hahaha I don't think it makes you a horrible person. I think maybe if it was enough money (like a billion dollars, for example), Sean and I would make some kind of deal where we would pretend to break up so I could get the money and then we could get back together. You know what I mean? He wouldn't want me to turn all that down. We'd look for loopholes! lol

  8. scar looks great for just a week of healing.