Christmas Day Fun!

Y'all know I am behind in posting events in a timely manner, and by now you know why.  I'm hustling to get caught up! - Christmas Day Fun!

Christmas Day was the first day I felt good after surgery.  I had energy and minimal pain and just felt happy.  Sean and I slept in a bit before getting up to prepare breakfast.  Christmas Day is also Sean's birthday, so we have a tradition of having cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  This year we bought gluten-free cinnamon rolls that turned out not to be that tasty.  Thankfully we had some gluten-free waffles (delicious) and some scrambled eggs as a backup.  After breakfast we opened presents and started getting ready for my mom-in-law to come over. - Christmas Day Fun! - Christmas Day Fun! - Christmas Day Fun!

We took it easy in the afternoon and just spent time together.  Right after my mom-in-law came over in the early evening, my friend Sami stopped by with a tasty gluten-free pumpkin pie.  She chatted with us for a few minutes before heading to her family gathering.

We ate a tasty meal that my mom-in-law prepared, opened presents she brought for us, and had dessert.  I started getting really tired around 6pm and needed to rest my neck.  At this point, once I used my neck to hold my head up for a while, I started to get this choking feeling, like someone's hand was tightening around my neck.  The rest of the evening I was on the couch with my ice pack. - Christmas Day Fun! - Christmas Day Fun!

The day after Christmas, my sister-in-law brought my niece and nephew over.  It had been a while since we saw them last, so it was fun to watch them open their gifts and take them on a tour of the house.  While my sis-in-law and I had a chat, Sean kept the kids busy by letting them play on the elliptical machine.  They had way too much fun! - Christmas Day Fun!

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday!  I am so glad I felt good enough to really be able to enjoy it.

Did y'all do anything fun or get a really great gift?  Catch me up on your goings on!

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